Thursday, October 17, 2013

Store Cafe near Parc Güell in Barcelona Spain

On my way to Parc Güell, that hill top park designed by Antoni Gaudi, I stopped by a place to get a snack. These sandwiches that are so popular looked good. It's a delicious bauguette with perhaps some cooked ham, cheese and peppers or no peppers. You see school kids walking around after school munching on one. It's like the okonomiyaki of Spain. I ordered the baguette with pork loin, cheese and red peppers. I also ordered a coffee. The server, who seemed in charge as well, happened to have visited LA and San Diego once upon a time. She was a very attractive woman with amazing eyes. I was grateful to hear English, myself. We had a lovely conversation and then it was time to check Parc Güell.

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