Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ramen-Ya Hiro in Gracia on Girona

Heard from several that this was a good place to eat or the best ramen in Barcelona so after the Barcelona/Spain futbol game (BCN won 2-1, oh yeah), I waltzed over to Ramen-ya Hiro, C/Girona 164, 08037. There was already a line of 12 and growing when I got there about 15min to 8pm. They open for dinner at 8pm. We waited and when the lights turned on highlighting the exterior signage, we were all welcomed in. They had Jurassic 5 playing over the sound system. I ate at the counter with a gorgeous young couple, who not only turned out to be regulars but actually had me try some of their order. WHAT? It was so cool. Hiro's crew was awesome and the menu is a simple solid ramen menu mixed with some fancy homegrown accents. I ordered the Shoyu Ramen with Chasu and a mugi-cha. Hiro spoke to me in Japanese and I was actually able to communicate with him in my broken Japanese. He seemed amused at my culinary enthusiasm. The ramen was awesome; hot, salty, all the flavors freshly complimenting each other, excellent noodles and that chasu was tender and extremely tasty. I could tell the couple next to me was amused at the voracity and sounds of my ramen eating technique. Learned that in Osaka. Finished it with a dry bowl!!! Judges? 10-10-10. The couple next to me recommended the mochi for dessert. How could I resist? When it came, I was underwhelmed. It was just one mochi in a dish. Huh? But when I took the first bite....WOW!!!! What the hell is this? It was amazing. Well, it turns out this is the one dessert on the menu they make everything from scratch. The mochi, totally fresh and so soft, the inside is filled with a sweet cream with hints of fruits. Mann, that was good. I'm going to try to go again before I leave for home. What a find!

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