Friday, December 17, 2010

Carousel in Little Armenia

Little Armenia is located primarily on Hollywood Blvd around Normandie. My co worker Bronwen recommended it. She lives around there and said it's her favorite. The food reminds her of her Great Aunts home cooking. When someone says something like that, how can you not feel compelled to go check it out? I did, that very night. I went with my friend, photographer Bill Short. I had never had Armenian food per se but I have had Mediterranean food. Bill was familiar with the cuisine so to his call we ordered Fool Mudammas, a fava bean based like stew and Beef Sharma, a mint and herbs drenched meat they broil on this rotating skewer. As the meat tenderizes in its own juices, you can slice it off the skewer and serve. This is actually the item that blew Bill and I away. In short (ha, ha), I couldn't stop eating. The experience, aromas and tastes were dancing in my memory for the next 24 hours. Amazing place and not too expensive for what you get. Located at Hye Plaza, 5112 Hollywood Blvd LA CA 323-660-8060

Kings Hawaiian The Local Place in Torrance

I was a little surprised that Kings Hawaiian The Local Place, 18605 S Western Ave Torrance CA 90504, 310-523-3233 wasn't on my blog yet. Well, this is a very satisfying place to get Hawaiian food. My daughter and I went for dinner this week after her teams game at West Torrance, which they lost. It was not a pretty game. To wash that ill feeling away, Lau Lau, I thought, would do the trick and it did. I love going out with my daughter. When I speak with her and watch her, I can't help but see that little kid she once was. There's lots of commercials that allude to that father daughter mode. Have you seen them? Anyway, I got the Lau Lau, Kalua Pig and Lomi Lomi Salmon plate. The only thing missing was Poi. I love this food. It's just so incredible. My daughter had fried rice, which seemed a little more stickier than it has been in the past. I wonder what happened? Still, a great place. They have Saimin too. This place if related to King's Hawaiian Bakery, so they sell all of the products there. I picked up a loaf of sweet bread. Brings me back to my child hood. The Lau Lau was pork with the fish and all that oily fat, so delicious. The Kalua pig was great. it's always on the salty side and it goes so well with the Lomi Lomi Salmon which is vinegary.

The Cobbler Lady in Crenshaw Square

There's nothing better than freshly made peach cobbler. This week, I began work on project along Crenshaw Blvd. I met with some of my new teammates and we toured the length of the project and ended the day by dropping by The Cobbler Lady in Crenshaw Square, 3854 Crenshaw Blvd LA CA 90008, 323-298-2144. They have several different types of cobblers, but we went with the classic. It was so rich, fresh, warm from the oven and made us all feel like we were in heaven.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mac and Cheeza in Downtown LA

Another place I finally made it to this week. Mac and Cheeza in Downtown LA, 223 W 8th St LA CA 90014 213 622 3782. When we arrived outside, I looked through the window and it looked closed. I got an odd sense about the place because it didn't exactly read like a place to get comfort food, which of course mac and cheese is. "The doors open" discovered my friend, designer Noam Maitless. in we went. There's a very sterile kind of interior at first but as you start to look around, the macaroni artwork, macaroni murals and they're very cool logo begin to raise the aesthetic bar. You choose what you want in and on your mac and cheese. You also have choices, lots of them. Elbow macaroni or rice penne type. I chose elbow, extra cheese, peas and chorizo. It was actually quite delicious. However, this is it. Mac and cheese is all they have and unless your going to eat a gallon of it, you're left with a sense of, where do we go next? Noam and I chose Baby Cakes, just three blocks away.

Threads Cafe and Lounge in Little Tokyo

There's a new housing project on the corner of 3rd Street and San Pedro in Little Tokyo. Well, it's practically new. The coffee shop on the street level on the corner is someplace I've been wanting to try out. Finally made it in this week. The menu is modest and the name of the place is odd. Threads Cafe and Lounge is located at 269 S San Pedro Ave, LA CA, 213-620-1057. I ordered the turkey panini and an ice cappuccino. The coffee was great. The sandwich was nicely pressed and the melted cheese and turkey was very good. I enjoy eating pressed sandwiches, something about it that makes it comforting. It also came with a corn salad which was tasty. It's a little expensive for what it is. Maybe that's for the internet charge because your really suppose to "lounge"", right? It was to go lunch for me so I missed out. I gotta get me a lap top. I feel like I'm missing out. Oh, almost forget, they have these cool looking mesh flower lamps.

Mom's Tamales in Highland Park

I had lunch with my long time friend, artist Dana Liston last week. Jeffrey James Mohr told me about Mom's Tamales so I took advantage of the lunch and headed over there with Dana. They are located at 3328 Pasadena Avenue LA CA 90031, 323 226 9383. Coincidentally, the moment we sat down to out 12:45 linch, someone had come in and bought all the tamales they had. So we had no choice but to order from the menu. Dana had a carnitas taco plate and I had the Chile Rellenos combo. The shredded beef in the carnitas tacos looked good. I think Dana found them to be just "ok". However, my Chile Rellenos was awesome. Fresh, tender and lots of cheese. I really enjoyed the salsa they served and my Jamaica was delicious. Can't wait to go back and actually have the tamales.

Heirloom Bakery in South Pasadena

Met up with baker Sandra Grazziani to check out Heirloom Bakery in South Pasadena, 807 Meridian Ave, S Pasadena CA 91031 626-441-0042. We had lunch, two sandwiches, tea. I had the Cubano, a modest portion of pork, good bread, pressed but it seemed to be missing something that I equate to Cubanos, a kinda down home fulfilling bulk of meatiness. It's as if the seasoning wasn't quite right. The tea was delicious. It was from a company called Serendipitea. I don't know, a friend had recommended it but maybe I was expecting too much. Great location, right in front of the Metro Mission Station. I'd like to go back next time and try the desserts. They looked incredible. My coworker said later that they make his favorite breakfast egg sandwich. Also on my list to try. I'm not giving up just yet.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pie N Burger in Pasadena

This place has been here for a long time. I used to go when I was taking a Saturday drawing class at Art Center when I was in high school. Those were fun days but I loved the chicken pot pie. Mostly, though, its the staff and the retro-spirit of the place that draws me here. Of course their hamburger is awesome too. Last week, we had the tuna melt which was not the greatest but decent. The root beer float was excellent. For me, however, it's that chicken pot pie. It's just so much fun to eat. It reminds me of my childhood when my brother and I would be by ourselves at night and we'ld pop two frozen chicken pot pies into the oven. Comfort food, consistent and heartfelt. The Pie N Burger is located at 913 E. California, Pasadena CA, 626-795-1123.

LA Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey

My daughters Asian league team had a holiday brunch Sunday. One of the families is a member of the LA Athletic Club, which gives them access to the LA Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, 4469 Admirality Way, Marina Del Rey CA 90292. Got lost getting there but evidently so did half of the families. One guard we met said there are about 12 yacht clubs in that immediate area. Well, when we got there, it was a very festive place with carolers and lots of staff. The view was awesome, the marina and hundreds of docked yachts. The food spread was awesome. I had the eggs benedict, smoked salmon and a bunch of the desserts. Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tomato Pie in Silverlake

How could you not try out Tomato Pie in Silverlake, 2457 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles (323) 661-6474? It's such a cute , orange, pop little building. The interior is pretty cool too. I love that they have a counter at the kitchen. That's pretty awesome. I learned later that the Marguerite is award winning. Next time. This time, I ordered the Blanco, spinach, onions and grilled chicken. It was delicious and reminded me of a pizza I had in Queens NY one summer. They also have pastas and desserts. I'd like to go back again soon. The servers and chef were super friendly and happy to answer any of my questions. They also have that water in the paper carton.