Friday, April 15, 2011

Don Chente in the LBC

Don Chente Restaurant, 101 West Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach CA 90806, 562-218-0500, is a bag of contradictions. They have staff that makes homemade tortillas, this is always a good thing. The interior looks like a fast food place, you place your order at the counter? Nope, if you're eating there, they want you to sit down and place your order. Once your order comes, you have to get up and go to a station to get your own forks and napkins like a fast food place. I ordered the fish dish which was great, full of garlic and sauce.

M Cafe on Melrose

Quite a few people recommended M Cafe. Located at 7119 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, CA 90046, and another in Beverly Hills, I was told that M Cafe is a must go, of fresh, macrobiotic cuisine with really well prepared aesthetics. I was happy to see that they sell desserts from Baby Cakes, very nice. I ordered the tuna tataki salad, cream of broccoli soup and a ginger lemonade. The meal was exceptional but it cost $25 for lunch for a salad, small soup and drink. That's quite a bit if you think about it. Not sure if I will go back but it was very good. The soup was thick like a paste but was refreshing. The ginger lemonade; don't forget to mix it, the ginger lays on the bottom, the salad was great, the tuna was excellent!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ajisen Ramen in the Century City Shopping Mall

Ouch! Maybe its a tall order to expect ramen to be excellent at a mega shopping mall in Century City but if the Mitsuwa Market Food Court can deliver why can't this place? The short ribs were pretty good. The soup was way too salty. Wow, it tasted like they dropped the salt bag into the pot. I remember when my grandmother was in her final years, everything she cooked was super salty. We didn't say anything, we just smiled and ate. I was devastated one day when she admitted to me that she couldn't taste anything anymore and possibly the meal was a little too salty. Nope, its great grandma! Well, I didn't see any grandma types in the kitchen of this place so I don't understand what's going on. One other thing, what's up with the noodles? That's pasta, that's not ramen. Sorry to be so bitchy but I hope they fix this stuff, otherwise, there's going to be a lot of people who think this is what ramen is suppose to taste like and that's just wrong.

Little Belize in Inglewood

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Look what I found!!!!!! Little Belize is located at 217 Nutwood Street, Inglewood CA 90301. They have this chicken dish that is so tender and flavorful that you get really happy and tranced. The rice is sauteed with red beans and a mysterious spicy kick. The plantain is chip like and there's this onion garnish they serve in a jar that adds a wonderful pickled like accent on everything. I also really enjoyed the Jamaican Cream Soda. Totally awesome! I am so there the next time I'm in Inglewood. Also, down the block on La Brea, there's the Beacon Arts Building that's really an amazing place. Check it out!

Redcat in Downtown LA

The Redcat is located at 631 W. 2nd St. LA CA 90012 or the southwest corner of the Disney Concert Hall. This is a venue that presents a lot of experimental performances and film and they have a cool gallery space as well. For quite sometime, their coffee shop was touted as the best coffee in Downtown LA. Back in the day, they were using a well known coffee system/bean company but they changed so I wanted to go check it out. Bravo coffee. It was delicious and smooth, not too acidy but full of deep bean flavor. The show up is by Geoffrey Farmer and I highly recommend it. It's up till April 10. It's a kind of robot-seance-mini-opera-happening-installation-theater-found-object-stream-of-consciousness-artwork.

Lemonade at MOCA Grand

I'd be lying if I said I walked in with no expectations. Mines were low. How could a place inside MOCA be any good? Well, this place wasn't half as bad as you might think. The lemonade was pretty interesting. They have an assortment but I picked cucumber mint which was really refreshing. The salads were decent but not super fresh. Brussels sprouts, mozzarella-tomato-basil, and a really good chicken mix. I didn't have any desserts but they looked really good. I'll have to go that route next time. I was at MOCA to check out the William Leavitt exhibition. I'm joining the wulf folks on a project in conjunction with this exhibit. Should be cool; June 5 and July 3, MOCA's at 250 South Grand Ave LA CA 90071