Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Franky and Johnny's Seafood Outlet

Franky and Johnny's Seafood Outlet is located at 1633 Riverside Drive LA CA 90031. It's in Frog Town. What a wonderful place. They've been opened for about four or five months. I finally went yesterday. Everyone was so friendly and generous. They are really proud of what they do, which I quickly was a attracted to. The grill is outside and seating outside. It feels like you're at someone's house for a BBQ and the conversations with the staff add to the family-like atmosphere, regardless if it's in front of the 5 Freeway. I guess it's very Frog Town to me. You got Dodger stadium on one side up above and to the north you have the LA River. There's just such a vibe there that's cool. I ordered the combo because for a buck more you can have both fish specials of the day. Yesterday they had trout and orange roughy. Mega fresh and the spices they marinate the fish with is outstanding. I told Johnny and Noah the chef afterwards, "You really don't need the sauce (on the side) or lemon." The two sides are also excellent, red cabbage salad and potato salad. Inside, they have a full fledged fish and seafood market. Let me just say, it's a pleasure to find a place that really loves seafood and has a respect for seafood in LA. It ain't asy to find for some reason in our City but this is mos def the place.

Bonnaparte in Manhattan Beach

Bonnaparte Cafe, 37 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, was a small place we went to a couple of weeks ago during a bike ride down the beach path. I ordered an energy shake filled with bananas, cranberries and peach. It was delicious. I also had a onione bagel with cream cheese which was toasty and filling. My friends ordered various forms of coffee. Unfortunately, we were riding and didn't feel like pastries but they looked delicious. It would have been counter to why we were riding I think. Although the one time I went on that Wolfpack Ride, we did eat a lot of chocolates and energy drinks at each stop. Here are pictures of the pastries at Bonnaparte. If you ever go, tell me how it was.

Fish Taco Express

Fish Taco Express is at 5144 East Beverly Blvd. off of Atlantic Avenue in East LA. It was highly recommended by three people I know. In fact, when I went for lunch, one of them was already finishing eating their order. This little stand has been there for years, in fact, next door is a banana split place I've covered last year. However, the fish taco folks are new and they've become really popular with the local folk. The taco was excellent. It's been a while since I had a fish taco that made me so happy I laughed. The other thing which I haven't mentioned yet is the chili. It's a side condiment that blows everyone away. It's a slow burn but it actually has an amazing pickled chili taste. It's not that spicy but you'll probably only be able to eat one.

Alameda Catering Truck

As part of the barrage of catering trucks selling "Cuisine" across our City, I felt compelled to go visit an on going (?) Friday collection of them on Alameda between 3rd and 2nd Street in Little Tokyo/ Arts District. It was fun. They have a section gated for seating. There were three trucks. One was a fuffy LA cuisine of hybrids, there was the pizza truck, a dessert truck and an Italian truck called Vesuvio. I ordered something called an Arancini, which was fried balls filled with rice, cheese and tomatoey spices. It was really delicious that melty mozzarella cheesy chew with the hot fried thing, yummy. How could I resist the meatball sandwich. This was spectacular. The meatballs were chunky and monumental with a really good quality toasted roll.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where Beverly Blvd. meets Westmoreland is a taco place that seems to always be open. Two nights ago, I was driving back from having tea with friends in Silver Lake and finally dropped in. I ordered four tacos from their menu and paid less that five dollars. Talk about a sure thing. I had one pollo, two al pastors and one carnitas. I wanted the chorizo but they were out of it. Next time. These tacos were vry yummy and hit that spot when your appetite needs a hit before midnight.

Mi Zacatecas

Mi Zacatecas is located at 12808 Inglewood Avenue, Hawthorne CA 90250. It's in a mini-mall but has some delicious food. We ordered burritos to go but while waiting, clearly the shrimp cocktail, wet burritos plate and fried dishes are the way to go. I gotta get back and enjoy those one of these days. What caught my eye was the mural in this small place. It's an intense scene in Zacatecas Mexico. it's really one of the best restaurant murals I've seen.


I went to two lecturers last week at Farmlab and each time, they had this amazing spread for lunch; Garbanzo beans in a tomato sauce, fresh salads, rice and corn. So healthy and delicious. The first lecture took was about Wilshire Blvd and last Friday it was Anne Bray mostly talking about her amazing project LA Freewaves but sort of also commenting on the billboards and electronic billboards and public policy. Farmlab stuff is available at They're located at 1745 N Spring Street, Unit 4, LA CA 90012. They are basically in a concrete bunker, under the Spring Street Bridge, and across the street from Not a Cornfield.

Ear Meal; a webcast

Ear Meal is a webcast I am producing through Collage Ensemble Inc. and it's supported by United Art Scene.

Every Wednesday night at 9:30 PM Pacific Time, for a half hour, Ear Meal will offer a little slice of live experimental sound from the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Just log on to

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