Thursday, November 20, 2014

POT in Koreatown at the LINE Hotel

Roy Choi's new place is POT inside the Line Hotel at 3515 Wilshire Blvd LA CA 90010. I went with artist Haruko Tanaka of Krystal Krunch. The portions are huge, the price is huge and the place is huge. The interior design is cool-cool. The tables look like the Ms. Pac Man tables. Remember those? I think you should go once, just for the interior design. It's awesome. It's like K-Town meets Vegas, Baby!!!!

Inside Scoop, Overton NV

Aandrea Stang and I decided to let Hikmet sleep in so we went on a morning adventure. Off to Downtown Overton and we came across a little ice cream diner called Inside Scoop, 395 S Moapa Valley Blvd Overton NV 89040. After figuring out the menu and given that we were still full from the night before, the server, who was a young semi-goth girl (Awesome!!!!), mention that the boss liked to put the Kona Coffee ice cream in her coffee. That's a no brainer. We topped it off with a homemade Brownie. GOOD MORNING OVERTON!!!!!

Sugars Restaurant on Overton NV

Small town, Overton Nevada, with two awesome women, each a force in the art world and we had just seen Michael Heizer's Double Negative. We were hungry and Sugars Restaurant was the perfect place. I ordered the chili burger, which was like three burgers in one huge pile of deliciousness. We shared the carrot cake, which must have been about 2 lbs of cake. 309 S Moapa Valley Blvd, Overton CA 89040

Navajo Tacos in Overton Nevada

So there we were in nevada and Hikmet told us about these Navajo Tacos. We gotta try it!!! She kept saying so luckily it was the annual Native American Festival at the Overtone Lost City Museum, which is a very cool museum. it resembles a tostada but the fried part is very different, not crunchy but chewy. It was quite awesome.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Guisado in Downtown LA

Guisados is all over the place now. it's kind of exciting. Ms. Jen asked if I'd been to the one on Spring. I hadn't. So off we went. This one is located at 541 S Spring Street LA CA 90013. It's in a part of Downtown LA that's getting hip-per, a lot of new places to eat around there.

Myungdong Kyoja in Koreatown

An evening to be remembered!!! It was the first annual Document Coffee Bar Halloween Pumpkin Carving Night and I asked artist Rafa Esparza to join us. Afterwards, Rafa and I went to Myungdong Kyosa down the block, which was highly recommended by the good folks of Document. Turned out Rafa had been there before but it was my first time. They are located at 3630 Wilshire Blvd LA CA 90010. We ordered the Cold Cicken Arrowroot Noodles, Manduguk (dumplings) and Dumpling Soup. The food was very affordable and extremely delicious. The great thing about LA is that it's a huge territory. The bad thing about LA is that it's a huge territory. Rafa and I met for the first time two months ago but had heard about the other for a long time-ish. So now we know each other because we spent almost two hours in this place just talking about life, the art world and current projects. It was awesome.

Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not a place I frequent often but there I was with to fabulous friends, on our way to see an earthwork, Double Negative by artist Michael Heizer. I think it was Aandrea Stang who suggested the Jonathan Gold favorite, Lotus of Siam located in a very un-ritzy part of Vegas; 953 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104. We waited about 40 minutes to get a table. The place was packed, filled with the beautiful people of Vegas. The wait wasn't a big deal. There's a lot of people watching opportunities and Hikmet Loe and Aandrea are super fun to hang with. Between the two of them, there's a lot a great stories about the art world. Spicy Catfish with basil leaf, Drunken Noodle and Som Thum (Thai Papaya Salad), mann, that was an excellent meal. I am so going back to this place the next time I am in Vegas. Ah, there lies the challenge.