Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gazen in Little Tokyo

My last day as a Metro employee, specifically Metro Art, was participating in the Construction Phase Art Project for the Metro Regional Connector with the Japanese American National Museum. it was fourth of four workshops with very talented high school students from Boyle Heights High School. Afterwards, Clement and Lynn from the Museum and I went out to lunch across the street from the museum and the site of the future Little Tokyo Station. Compared to the handful of cafe's that have attempted to live on this corner, Gazen is refreshingly elegant and playful. The food was very well prepared and delicious. It's got a high end resonance to it but is affordable and still has that lunch rush vibe as well. I was pleasantly surprised and look forward to my next visit there. Izakaya Gazen in located at 362 E 1st Street LA CA 90012.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cake Monkey on Beverly Blvd

I was on my way to go see Todd Gray's exhibition on Fairfax and stopped by Cake Monkey. i've had their delicious cakes in the past. Once at Silver Lake Wine and another time at Tom and Paulines but this was my first time actually going to the brick and mortar; 7807 Beverly Blvd LA CA. Cuter, lush and sweet. The cakes come in regular size and these tiny sizes, which are very cute. I like their tinfoil wrapped mini's which remind me of the OG Hostess Ding Dong's but these are better. way. Today, I had the marshmallow and peanut butter. very wonderful.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Greyhound Restaurant in Highland Park

After an amazing milestone presentation by artist Camilo Cruz at the South Central LA Women's Detention Facility (I think that's what it's called?), some of us met up with Camilo at Greyhound. I had never been here. I ordered the Jerk Buffalo Wings and the hot dog special, the Adrian Gonzalez. It's a bar, basically and at 2 in the afternoon on a week day, i just could not order a beer, given that I had more work to do before the day was through. I think if I had a beer, the food would have been a better experience, so when i say the food was good, it was actually great. 5570 N Figueroa St LA CA 90042

Rod's Grill in Arcadia

As part of Angelene and Jax's training for the AIDS RIDE next week, we went on this beautiful ride from DTLA to Vernon to South Central to Montebello to Arcadia. They introduced us to Rod's, which is very near the Santa Anita Race Track. Rod's is located at 41 W Huntington Dr Arcadia CA 91007. The burger and fries were OG but the best part of the place is the interior, vintage Arcadia!!!!

Picnic LA in Culver City

I guess I can start telling the world that I am leaving Metro, after 24 years of employment. I was selected for the City of L.A.'s Creative Catalyst Artist Residency Program, which means for 2 years, I'll be working with the Mayor's Vision Zero team through LADOT. This is the national initiative to decrease the amount of pedestrian fatalities. I start sometime this month. Along those lines, my current Metro boss, Maya Emsden, treated me to dinner last week, a kind of farewell. We went to Picnic L.A., which i'd been wanting to to try for a while now. 9900 Culver Blvd Culver City CA 90232. I had the salmon dish, which was fresh and healthy. I think the place is a great addition to the plethora of eats on Culver. That place is hopping.

Bolivar 2.0 (Mar Vista?)

On the westside, I was going home from the Getty Villa but the traffic thickened around Cloverfield so I got off and grabbed some coffee and a snack at Bolivar 2.0, 1741 Ocean park Blvd Santa Monica CA 90405. The house blend was really delicious. They toasted up the Everything Croissant for me. unfortunately, the meter parking was only good for 20 min so I had inhale my treat and get out of there before the popo showed up.