Sunday, October 20, 2013

Luciania II in Barcelona Spain

Lately, I've been hearing a few folks complain about Facebook, leaving Facebook, etc. Attrition. I'm fully utilizing it; it is my diary. What otherwise would never have been written down or image not catalogued or contact never made or event never posted, FB has help me collect my thoughts. As an artist, with no gallery or official bandwagon, it allows me to extend my reach beyond my friends (and I have many, I'm lucky), extend the reach of my voice and friendships, as an artist, this is priceless. Case in point, a friend of a friend of a friend was kind enough to "friend" me and offered to give me a little tour of her Barcelona. It was awesome to talk about history, commerce, vocation, politics with a new friend. She had a more personal view of the Catalan history and emotion that seems to not be in the hearts of most I've spoken to so far, who tend to not actually be from Barcelona. We met at 3:30pm and walked our way up to the Gracia neighborhood. My jet lag, still infused, wanted food but it was siesta so only so many places were open. We chose Luciana II, a pizza place. We shared two big pieces, one with "jamon" (ham). I also got a coke, which reminded me of L.A. It wasn't the best pizza but it was a memorable conversation.

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