Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Montana Cafe in Barcelona Spain

I found the joy of Hip Hop in BCN today. Montana Cafe, Comerc 4, 08003, Barcelona. had eyed it the other day and on my way from the Picasso Museum, realized i was near it again. I stopped by for some coffee. The store/gallery has been there since the mid 90's but the cafe opened four years ago. It's a multi-dimensional collection of four spaces/ storefronts. The cafe, a restaurant, a store and a gallery. Very impressive. I love the format, the representation and the coffee. I've used their fabulous spray cans before, great colors, a bit pricey, nice tips. Reminds my of Man One's former store Crewest back in LA. There's a Montana shop on Sunset in Echo Park/Silverlake. 10-25-13 Went again this time for an early dinner. A salad with Bao (a thin cured beef), duck confit with potatoes and raspberry sauce. Finished it off with a melon. My my my...delicious.

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