Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kaffee Haus in Koreatown

Artist/musician Daniel J. French asked to meet with me about a big project he's involved with bridging international music musicians throughout the US. We met at Kaffee Haus, 700 S. Western Ave LA CA 90005. it's always a pleasure to meet this young artist who is so full of positive energy. We had a great time talking about the community, art and future projects. We both had an ice coffee that was delicious. This place is a great location with it's own parking lot. I'd like to go back another time and have a cup of jo someday.

Don Day in Koreatown

I was invited to have dinner with three designers, Sharleen Yoshitome, Sang Park and Nathan Ota. We met at Don Day, 300 S Hobart Blvd LA CA 90020. Great conversation and wonderful stories. These guys have seen a lot of design history in LA. it's really great because it's a genre I know nothing about but absolutely respect. I especially loved the server, a BBQ matriarch, straight shooter and funny, although because i don't understand Korean was at the mercy of Sang's translations. It's all you can eat with set menu's. We ate a decent amount but probably nothing they are used to. I just so appreciated hearing the stories and insights of these three artists.

Alta California Fonda on Pico Blvd

I met with artist Guan Rong several nights ago to talk about composing some music for her next film. After our meeting, it was dinner time so we drove down Pico and much was closed. I had always wanted to go to that chicken place west of La Brea but it had closed and a new restaurant was in its place, Alta California Fonda, 5303 W Pico Blvd LA CA 90019. It seems like a family run restaurant, Mexican food but kind of fancy. I love the counter. i am a sucker for counters. We ordered the Talapia dinner and the Fajita. My cucumber fresco was outstanding. The fish was delicious and the fajita was hearty and fun to eat.They are open for breakfast and lunch too. The level of presentation is well done but there's a familiarity about this place that makes it 100% comfortable and homey.

Union Restaurant in Pasadena

We were walking around Old Towne Pasadena the other night and came across this place called Union, 37 E Union St Pasadena CA 91103. It turns out to be a very coveted restaurant including thumbs up by Jonathan Gold. We quickly realized why. The food is local, fresh and the attention to detail is practically precision. The presentation, the culinary IQ and the dynamic taste experience is unique and majestic. Every dish was Excellent. One note of importance was the coffee at the end. It was a delicious local roast from Ferndell Roasters. The coffee was so good, I ordered two cans the next day.

Cafe Marsilia in Monrovia

An incredible find!!! Cafe Marislia is in the old downtown of Monrovia but on a side street, 110 E Lemon Ave Monrovia CA 91016. We ordered the escargot, pasta dish and salad. Everything was delicious except for the ice tea. i recommend not ordering the ice tea. But, it doesn't matter because the food was incredible!

Red Hill in Echo Park

There's a film series right now at the Echo Chamber. This night, Aurora Tang was opening up a series of films by the late Nancy Holt. Of course I had to go. Had time for a little dinner before the event so I found a place that occupies the restaurant that used to be the Pioneer Chicken stand that Midnight Ridazz used to gather at. Now it's called Red Hill and serves really great eats. I had the cold corn soup that was very tasty and the grilled trout, perfect, healthy and not too heavy.

Nirvana Bar in Little Tokyo

Nirvana Bar 314 E 1st Street LA CA 90012. Bar culture is very much alive and well. Karaoke, great folk, delicious beverages and a very charming host.

Scoops Chinatown

Several weekends ago, during Perform Chinatown, my friends Alessandra Moctezuma and Celia Ko came into town. We stopped by the newly opened Scoops Chinatown and got a scoop for everyone. It's great to see Scoops expand throughout LA. There's also one in Highland Park now too. 727 N Broadway LA CA 90032

Bánh Mi Che H & J Deli in Chinatown

I ordered a Vermicelli Spicy Crab Soup and a Rainbow Shake. It was amazing. I've ordered the shake before, many times. It's a dream. This was the first time I had the soup. Wonderful array of noodles and vegetables. it wasn't as spicy as I am sure it could have been. I think they were being easy on me. I felt so welcomed. i hadn't been there in a really long time but the vibe her is like walking into a family kitchen. 426 W. College St Suite E LA CA 90012.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kokekoko in Little Tokyo

With friends at Kokekoko, 203 S Central Ave LA CA 90012. The owner/ chef is very particular and detail oriented. I absolutely appreciate his focus. It's a spirit the permeates everything that's presented to you.

Antequera Oaxacan Mexican Food on Melrose

My son and I went to find a place to eat dinner the other week and came across this place, which I had passed many times. it turns out to be a Oaxacan restaurant. We ordered the Tlayuda, Tejate and a Pozole. One was like a pizza on a crunchy large tortilla. The Pozole was a traditional drink that was amazing. It's extremely refreshing. This is a wonderful place.