Sunday, October 20, 2013

Daniela Bakery off of Girona on Consejo de Ciento

Following my sweet tooth, I could not resist entering this place. It was after three hours of walking around with only a sip of bottled water. What is it about cupcakes? So, my buddy in Brooklyn, Megan DeArmond emailed me and said I HAD to try a Cafe Cortada, a style of coffee special to Spain. Well, there i was, so it was time to try this out, with a cupcake. I ordered their Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. The Cafe Cortada came in a little cup and saucer but this time I decided to put a little sugar in it (like you're supposed to). Oh my. This is good. it reminded me of the UCC coffee I loved in Japan. I wonder if the Cafe Cortada is what inspired UCC to go that direction of coffee flavor? The cupcake was yummy. The cake spongy and the frosting creamy and not too sweet, just sweet enough. Roberto, the man in charge was awesome. We had a very nice conversation and he seemed interested in my art so I gave him my info and he said he'd check it out. (didn't see that coming, cool)

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