Monday, June 25, 2012

Musso and Frank Grill in Hollywood

Hans Fjellestad directed a movie called Sunset Strip and my daughter and I were invited to the LA Premier. It is a wonderful documentary that playfully scants the history of the Sunset Strip in all it's glory, darkness and secrets. Since it was my daughters first time at the Grauman's Chinese Theater, I thought it would be fitting to have dinner before the event at the Hollywood classic, Musso and Frank Grill. I have always heard it referred to as Musso & Franks. I never noticed the Grill in the name. You learn something new everyday. She ordered the linguini and clam which she enjoyed. I ordered the Iceberg Wedges Salad and the Onion Soup. I really enjoy the Onion Soup here. It tastes so wonderful and has that baked cheese top in those extra thick restaurant bowls. We also shared a Tiramisu, which was good but had to scarf it down because we were running late. I felt like the server was anticipating me or us ordering some cocktails. It does have that old school vibe, with the bar centrally located in the dining room. I with my Sprite and she just had water. It ain't like it used to be. Musso and Frank Grill, (since 1919) 6667 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood CA 323-467-7788

La Canada Taqueria on Pico Blvd

Next to a car wash I used to frequent just west of Western and Pico is a little bitty taco stand. La Canada Taqueria is at Manhattan Place and Pico Blvd. We ordered a couple of Carnes and a couple of Al Pastor. Not bad. Small and wonderfully seasoned. My daughter brought them home and made a salad. Very nice quick lunch for a Saturday afternoon.

GO BURGER in Hollywood

Really nice people at this place! GO Burger is located on the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood,that really tall building that used to have that night club on the very top floor. This place is posh and is probably a great place for Happy Hour. I was there for lunch on a weekday. With limited time for lunch, I walked in and ordered a grilled cheese, waffle fries and a shake called Monkey Business. Monkey Business has bananas, peanut butter and a lot of fun. Oh, and little peanut butter cups. It was intense, especially because they brought it first, drank half of it and then had the sandwich and fries. My stomach complained a little bit but it was delicious.

Simply Coffee in Burbank

Meeting Rick Alpers at his record shop, Atomic Records, in Burbank last weekend. I was early and found this neighborhood coffee shop off of Magnolia. Simply Coffee is located at 940 N Lima St Burbank CA 91505, 818-841-0150. I wasn't hungry so i just got a coffee which was not great. I think their more sophisticated cups would have been better. they also seem known for their crepes, which I didn't order. I hope to go net time and order differently. I love the exterior signage, a very large cup jetting out of the wall. Nice!

Friday, June 15, 2012

La Mamma Burger at Grand Central Market

I am so thrilled that this is Cafelala's 800th entry. That's a lot of food. Thanks everyone for your support!!!! Today was bike to lunch Friday and the crew opted for Grand Central Market. La Mamma Burger opened about six months ago and several folks said I had to try it. Oh mann, this is a great burger and quite affordable; the combo is under $9. I ordered a cheese burger with bleu cheese, onions and lettuce with the regular fixings. Ordered my patty medium rare. The patty is large and they use some secret seasoning. They also have caramelized onions, roasted peppers, etc. I kept it simple for my first one. The bun was beautiful and had that egg shine on top. The house fries are steak-style with some seasoning. The person who ordered before me got onion rings and they looked incredible. There's also a breakfast sandwich and a breakfast burrito that sounded really tasty. La Mamma Burger, 317 S Broadway CA5, LA CA 90013.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Curious Palate on the westside

The Curious Palate is located at 12034 Venice Blvd, West LA CA 310-437-0144. I ordered the Curios Salad; lima beans, olives, red peppers, baby artichokes, beets and feta cheeses. I also had the Double Pork Chili and I washed it all down with a Buderise Ginger Brew. I'd passed this palace for years but never at "meal time", so finally, I found my chance. They grow all of their vegetables. The salad was one of the best salads I ever had. It was fresh, crunchy, sweet, refreshing and rich. The pickled beets were perfect. I was in a zone when I ate here. That's how good it is. That chili was amazing too but the salad overshadowed it for me. That's not a bad thing. Not in this case. I can't wait to go back there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Springbok in Van Nuys

Springbok, a rugby joint, was the goal of our bike ride a couple weekends back. it's located at 16153 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys CA. We got there right as it was opening and none of us ordered beer, which our server found odd, especially since we biked all the way from K-Town. TOO CLEAN, PEOPLE!!! The food was really good. i liked my Taco's, carne asada covered in cabbage. I would like to go back someday and have a beer. I was just getting over the flu and was on meds.

Cheviot Market in West LA on National

What a fun place! I am not sure what the name of this place is. It's attached to a restaurant and yet it has a cafe in the market. I saw a sign that said "New Market" but the signage outside said "Cheviot Market". The sign outside looked dated and from a previous incarnation. regardless, the market is cool. It's like Famima but inclusive to all Asian and Pacific Asian snacks. I ordered the Turkey Burger which was delicious. It had garlic mayo, very amazing. The Tamarind juice was sweet and rich and reminded me of the Mexican version that's sold in all the burrito places I enjoy going to.What I enjoyed the most was the sweet potato fries. Watching the regulars order, i realized there's a whole palate of food yet to be enjoyed here including those awesome Vietnamese type shakes with the colorful gelatin noodle things. Gotta get back there soon. 10433 Blvd LA CA

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot Link Grill in Watts

Driving around Watts after a very wonderful community meeting. It was a couple of days since I found out that artist Willie Middlebrook had passed away. It was a solemn feeling driving around Watts with this in mind. He was a great artist and awesome human being. I was beyond hungry and when my sugar level gets low, it's hard to make a decision. I finally decided to stop at this hot dog-hamburger place. Hot Link Grill is located at 10410 Broadway Watts CA. There are two windows, one is the grill and the other is an ice cream shop. The sculpture in front is hilarious. I asked the girl at the counter what she would recommend. I sensed she was the daughter but I could be wrong. They seem to advertise that their hamburger with a sausage on top is their trademark. This was mentioned by the older server further inside the store. But, to this, the first girl rolled her eyes. I took this as a secret advice. She (girl #1) said she liked the cheeseburger and that's what I ordered, with fries. It was a very good burger. However, my curiosity if peeked. I would like to go back and try their trademark sandwich someday.