Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tofu Village

Tofu Village, Weller Court in Little Tokyo,Los Angeles. Their phone# is 213-613-0996. Good service and the food was really good at lunch. So much so that even at 8:30 PM, I am not hungry. I'm still in food coma. Soon Tofu was delicious and the barley tea was really clear. it was odd to drink clearwater and taste barley tea. How do they do that?

Mitchell Donuts

Mitchell Donuts, 10039 Valley Blvd., El Monte CA is an old school and a bit odd drive through donut shop. The donuts were a little spongy but good. It's just a fun way to get donut.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aladdin in Pomona

I was with friends yesterday at Open Sesame in the LBC and we were commenting on the stereotypical use of Aladdin's lamp at Middle eastern eateries. Our friends were from Saudi Arabia. It's so "Disney" they said. There such a rich cultural history across all of the various regions and countries there, why is Aladdin's Lamp the only resonating icon of interest? Anyway, today we were in Pomona and stumbled across a place called, "Aladdin" 296 West 2nd Street, Pomona CA 91766, 909-623-4333. It was too easy. Anyway, we had the buffet which included two types of rice dishes, fava bean stews, stewed beets, chicken kabob, lamb shanks, and various sides like falafel, hommos, and stuffed grape leaves. It was really delicious and fresh. The service was great. The servers really made us feel at home and the open architecture of this place really lended to today's warm weather. We had an awesome time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bert and Rocky's Cream Company

I really like going to Claremont. The colleges are awesome, great galleries, there's Some Crust, the Harvey Mudd at the Claremont Juice Company, Walter's, the way-cool folk music shop and of course, Rhino Records. I was introduced to Bert and Rocky's last week. They are located on that main strip off of Indian Hill. Yes, of course, B-Split. I don't know her name but the server customed my boat of heaven; dark chocolate fudge with oreos ice cream, white fudge macadamia nuts ice cream, chocolate malted crunch ice cream topped with caramel, raspberry and hot fudge. I was going to share with my friend but I think she was only able to get one small spoon full. I'm sorry I didn't get her name but my server that day is an angel.

Watson Drugs

Have I ever been to Orange? Nope, never been to the City of Orange, so I was so pleasantly surprised at the quaintness of this place. Driving down the Old Downtown area adjacent to Chapman College, it's so all-American, Little Town USA. Because I'm such a jaded Hollywood-born person, it felt like a movie set for Back To The Future. Watson drugs, 116 E. Chapman Avenue Orange CA 92866, especially caught my eye because painted on the store window was "FOUNTAIN". That word has so many memories and expectations attached to it. I was dropping my friend, painter Celia Ko, off at her friends from Chicago. They were watching a Cubs game when we arrived. We walked to Watson from their cool house and had lunch. I had already ate, conveniently, and ordered a Banana Split. They ordered a burger, onion rings and an egg salad sandwich. I heard the egg salad sandwich was excellent. Celia said the rings were too crunchy but not for me. I liked them. The B-Split was hefty and yummy. They use Thrifty Ice cream, which always brings back memories. Thrifty uses a lot of air in their ice cream. It's tasty but deceiving. In other words, you can eat twice as much as your gourmet type and not get crazy-full. This is a good thing since I had a B-Split just a couple of days before. That's way above my quota.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

El Toreo Cafe

El Toreo Cafe, 21 South Fairoaks Avenue, Pasadena CA 626-793-2577 is old school Pasadena Americanized Mexican food. I hadn't been there in a decade so I decided to stop by for dinner on our way to a movie. First of all, what the heck happened to Old Town Pasadena? It used to be so bustling and energized. The economy has really hit it hard. Closed shops, just a few theaters, very little foot traffic. Anyway, we used to go to El Toreo Cafe in the 80's when I was in college. It was cheap, great home cooked feel, cold beers and opened till really late. Maybe I should have not gone and just held onto those great memories. The food is no longer great and the prices are no longer cheap. My enchilada and taquitos had that freezer burn after-taste. The rice was delicious but the beans were not fresh. The iced tea was watery (yes, I should have ordered a beer). They still gave you a huge serving but it didn't make up for that freezer burn after taste. The place is still cozy and comfortable but it's sad that they cut corners now and the quality has really suffered because of that. It ain't like it used to be.