Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trejos Tacos on LaBrea

First of all, I am a Trejos fan to some degree. i want to see him succeed and I did enjoy his donut shop although I think I've only been there twice at this point. The first time I went to Trejos Tacos, I couldn't find any parking in a two block radius so I left. This time, however, I was determined so i paid the valet parking fee. Remember, this once was a Taco Bell. Now it's this upscale taco place. One of these tacos was $6. Most of them are $4. So three tacos and the valet is something like $20. The tacos were good but you know, this is LA so I can get ten tacos for $20 and they're amazing. I think this is sort of more like the Hard Rock Cafe or the RIP Planet Hollywood type of eatery. I almost already made up my mind that it was going to be delicious because of how much I spent on this little brown bag of tacos. They were good. I am afraid that all the other taco places will raise their prices because of Trejos Taco's prices. It would be taco gentrification. Yikes!

Yolk Cafe South Loop Chicago

Yolk On Michigan Ave, in between the hotel and the Art Institute, I grabbed a quick breakfast at Yolk, 1120 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605. There are several hotels on Michigan so you feel like it's a meal with all your fellow travelers. Some folks even have their rolling suitcases with them. It's a thing. I had a good bage and lox here. They're quick, friendly enough and the food is fresh and reliable. Perfect for those on the move.