Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Counter in Santa Monica

The Counter in Santa Monica, is one of three locations of this burger place where you can customize your burger with a multitude of fresh and yummy toppings. I ordered a 1/3 LB beef burger on a bun, cooked medium, topped with herb goat cheese spread, dried cranberries, sauteed mushrooms and horseradish mayo. I had a side of fried dill pickle chips with apricot sauce and a Racer 51 IPA. (Note: the Racer is an excellent burger beer) At the end, I ordered an apple crumble, which comes with two huge scoops of vanilla ice cream and a new drink, a cold glass of Mr. Pibbs. The burger was delicious. The bun was sub-par. All of these hamburger parts have lots of options. For instance the bun; I could have chosen a ciabatta, a multi-grain bun or an English muffin. The bill was over $40.00. Well, I have the next day off so it's alright. The place was packed. I really enjoyed the combinations on my burger. Very fun, well done and the service was excellent. The Counter is located at 2901 Ocean Park Blvd Santa Monica CA 90405 310-399-8383

Friday, February 11, 2011

Farm Stand in El Segundo

I had about three people recommend this place so I finally made it this afternoon with three of my workmates. Farm Stand prides itself on fresh, local, fair trade, multi-ethnic food. Located at 422 Main St. El Segundo CA 90245, 310-640-FARM, this place kicks butt. We were totally floored at the quality of the food. When it's this fresh and well prepared, food has that magical tendency to uplift. I had the stuffed mushrooms and the pumpkin ravioli. Also ordered were the tuna salad sandwich with Southwest salad, a burger and the meatloaf sandwich. We shared a chocolate mint dessert that comes with biscotti/choco-chip cookies. I also had the ginger lemonade that was refreshing and had the ginger kick.

Dude Sweet Chocolates at l.a.eyeworks

Got new glasses this week. I splurged and went to the local but internationally celebrated l.a. eyeworks. I got glasses that are a kind of new look for me. It reminds me a little of Jeff Pocaro of TOTO. Anyway, after we got them fitted, we were talkin about Valentines coming up and they gave me a box of chocolates. These chocolates are from Dallas Texas, a small company called Dude Sweet. They were really unique and mind blowing. First I thought, oh how cute, so small potions. I ate three and had hallucinations. The combo I had were 1) Depression; roasted beet and Texas olive oil, 2) Parique; Louisiana tobacco and cognac, and 3) CB & J; cashew butter, blackberry jam and balsamic gel. I'm gonna have some more this weekend. What a trip.

Donut Man in Glendora

Driving West on Route 66, I came across a very cool looking donut shop and went against my very full from breakfast self and pulled over. I'm glad I did and so where my office mates. Donut Man is located at 915 East Route 66, Glendora CA 91740, 626-335-9111. I got a dozen and ate two of them at the office. Fresh, fluffy, silky, heavenly and luscious donuts. I couldn't believe it. They are famous for their Peach donut and Strawberry donut. I asked that the server decide what to put in my dozen but she didn't include the two fruit styles. No matter, the donuts she included in my box were amazing. I also like the fact that next door is a fitness gym. Kinds funny.

Roady's in San Dimas

I was put on a new project at work and had to make a meeting in Glendora at 7AM. Traffic was light so I got there quickly but it was too early to really eat. Once the meeting ended, I was starving so I started to drive south and found myself in this historical district in San Dimas. I parked on this street called Bonita Avenue and walked around. They have one the best hardware stores I'd ever been to, San Dimas hardware. Across the street is an old train depot and the next block one of the stores was a place called Roady's, 160 W Bonita Avenue San Dimas CA 909-592-0980. It felt like I was traveling back in time. The counter with swiveling vinyl chairs, the servers and their hairstyles, the vintage signage, etc. The people there are super nice and really welcomed me. The dining area was packed so I opted for the counter, where I was the only one. I asked what was the most popular breakfast and they told me the "#A Polish Sausage and Eggs." It comes with has browns or home fries and your choice of toasts. I ordered English Muffins. I really love this place. great neighborhood vibe and solid American breakfast. Can't wait to go back someday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sun Ha-Jang in Koreatown

Sun Ha-Jang in Korea town is located at 4032 West Olympic Blvd, LA CA 90019, 323-634-9292. This used to be a North Korean Noodle place but now, with new owners, it's a BBQ place. We ordered the Kim Chee Beef, a thin cut with a BBQ sweet sauce. The sides were fresh and delicious and the rice was unique and tasty. The food overall was good, nothing extraordinary but I'd go back. I guess I was so looking forward to the North Korean noodles. It's not good to be inflexible when dealing with eateries in LA.