Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bread Lounge in Downtown LA

\ Bread Lounge is located at 700 S Santa Fe LA CA 90021 next to that building that is formerly a fire station. This is a fantastic but a bit expensive place to grab a delicious baked good a good coffee. i had a Americano and Foccacia with eggplant. This was a really delicious meal, little meal but rich and full of fresh flavors.

Shiki Sushi in San Bernardion

Shiki Sushi, 1706 S Tippercanoe Ave, San Bernardino CA 92408. Well, I don't think SB is known for its sushi. I really REALLY enjoyed the Sapporo Kuro Nama Beer. Perfect after talking for two hours straight to a bunch of audio enthusiasts.

Sundowners in San Bernardino

Last week, Philip Mantione asked me to speak about my sound work to his Acoustics class at the Art Institute in San Bernardino. SB is far from K-Town. I guess I didn't realize how far till I looked on a map right when I was about to get in the car. I kept thinking about Frank Zappa and how he called it "Sanberdu". I got there faster than i thought i was going to take so I looked for a place to eat. In one of many mini-malls was a place that seemed to have more character than the other places, i.e. Subways, Panda, Del taco, pizza... What a colorful place the Sundowners Family Restaurant, 1131 South E Street,San Bernardion CA. I ordered the friedn chicken with a ice tea. It was really delicious, with that juicy oily inside, tender meat and flavorful fried crust.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rincon Chileno in Downtown LA-Angelino Heights

I had the pleasure of having dinner with artist Jennifer Moon a couple of weeks ago. I thought we were going to see Weba Garretson at the Ukraine Cultural Center on Melrose but it turned out the gig was at the Croatian Cultural Center in San Pedro. That's quite a difference. Lately, my mind has been slipping more than ever. I believe that's partially the life decline I'm on, I admit it. It may also be the result that i am constantly thinking about the three solo projects I'm working on , in addition to Ear Meal and Metro. Regardless, we had this amazing meal at Rincon Chileno, 4354 Melrose Ave LA CA 90029. The homemade sausages were delicious. I loved the bread they served, still hot from the oven. The food was excellent. What the heck took me so long to try this place? You can catch Jennifer on KCHUNG, Sunday nights at 7PM on her show, Adventures Within.

Reggies at the LA ZOO

Reggies Bistro is a better than expected restaurant right past the entrance at the LA Zoo. When our friends, Marta Perlas and Kipp Kobayashi and girls said that we would eat there before we checked out the zoo, I was a bit apprehensive but it turned out to be a fairly delicious meal. Portobello Burger and a Chicken Cesar Salad. I was used to pre-packaged, plastic-wrapped or boxed food but this place really has a feel of a cafe.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baco Mercat in Downtown LA/ Gallery Row

WHAT A LUNCH!!! That was amazing. So, I got my clips sharpened at Ross Cutlery on Broadway and since I was in the area, I wanted to eat at this place I've been passing by on my bike to work for apparently a year and a half. Baco Mercat is located at 408 South main Street, LA CA 90013, 213-687-8808. I strolled into the dining area and sat at the bar. I like sitting at the bar for some reason. It feels like you're more involved with the backstage culture or something. Not knowing anything about this place, I ordered the Bazole; spicy broth with homemade noodles, pork chile, pork and beef carnitas (fried little squares) and a fried egg. i had no idea it was going to be as spicy as it was. it made it a fab experience. I told the server/bar master it was like "Good Theater" and he seemed to enjoy that. The Baby Beet salad was a great intro with yogurt, sumac and hazelnut. What a great place and if I ever start dating again, this will be on the list. in the meantime, it'll be the bar counter for me and I am very cool with that. What a FIND!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

K Bakery and the BIG PARADE

This past weekend was the BIG PARADE, a downtown to Hollywood Hills multi loop/phase two day urban hike with guest speakers and experts educating us about the City and it's hidden treasurers. I only made it to the first loop which included Water Court, Grand Park, Angelino Heights, etc. I left the pack of enthusiasts for K Bakery, where I re-cooped by eating a chili relleno, cactus taco and a juice of beets, carrots and oranges. It was DELICIOUS!!! Especially after that hike through Downtown LA. I hope I get to go again because there's a lot on that menu and that juice was rejuvenating. They are located at 1258 W Temple St LA CA 90026.

No Jodas Cuban Kitchen at Grand Park

Grand Park is one of the newest hot spots in Downtown LA. Perhaps the antithesis of Pershing Square, in that it's welcoming, safe and navigable and perhaps most important, used. The grand Heidi Zeller, Ms. Ciclavia, invited me to go check out this salsa band that was playing at Grand Park for lunch. There were a good number of folks but not as much as you would expect for a Grammy-award winning salsa band. Food trucks circled around the center of the park ad we picked No Joas Cuban Kitchen. The portions was huge. We got a meat and rice dish that was pretty good and a side of crunchy plantains, that were huge as well. They gave us generous portions at what i felt was a very reasonable price, like $9. I really like Grand Park, especially the pink furniture.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cafe Viva at the Museum of Latin American Art in the LBC

My friends Angelene, Wayne and I went on a bike ride from Little Tokyo to the LBC. We stopped at the Museum of Latin American Art and got lunch at their cafe, Cafe Viva, 644 Alamitos Ave, LB CA. I had heard the food was pretty good at Cafe Viva but never had an opportunity to try it out until this day. We were all pleasantly surprised at the quality, service and ambiance of this restaurant. They have an interior and exterior seating area and it looks like they have a canopy system on the days that ot gets hot. There was a little bit of what looked like mold on these canvas canopies, which was a little off putting. The woman who took our order is also a bicyclist, which of course warms our hearts. I ordered the Torta de Pollo con Mole and an ice Yerba Matte. The food was really good and i would love to order another meal again soon here.