Monday, September 27, 2010

Greek Fest in the Latin/Byzantine District

Once a year, the Greek Festival emerges off the corner of Pico and Normandie (yes, across the street from Papa Cristos). I finally went this year and had a great time. It was unusually chilly that evening but we ate a ton and enjoyed the music, booths and desserts. I highly recommend this if you get a chance to go next year. The guest of honor this year was Tom Hanks but we didn't see him around the night we went. I also had Greek beer for the first time which goes so well with the Greek food. You know, when in Rome...oh that doesn't quite work here.

Pierce College Farm Center in Warner Center

I was tired of traffic on my way to Camarillo and decided to take the next exit off and just rest a bit. The exit was DeSoto Ave in Warner Center and I found myself driving past Pierce College. This is where I saw a pig for the first time in Elementary School. It was field trip through the Memorial Library and a bunch of us went. The pig was at least six feet long and nursing little ones in a muddy pen. It was awesome. I had no idea they could get that big. Anyway, I'm driving down DeSoto and at DeSoto and Victory Blvd, across the street from the Orange Line Station, was this amusement park like place with a petting zoo, a huge corn field which they turn into a Halloween maze in October, and a very cool little store they sell local goods and produce called the Pierce College Farm Center. People were very cool and explained to me the connection with the college, etc. They had delicious strawberries, peaches, vegetables and preserves. I got a jar of special salsa and a bunch of strawberries. Everything was delicious and made me feel refreshed enough to get back in that traffic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spankys Donuts at Citywalk

Citywalk is located at Universal Studios in North Hollywood off of the Hollywood Freeway via Lankershim or up the hill from the Metro Universal City Station. Here you can find a lot of places to eat, bowl, go air diving, see a movie, see a concert, shop, see a magic show, go dancing, check out Universal Studios Tours and eat freshly made mini donuts at Spanky's. It's a very touristy thing to do. But it's the City's bread and butter, so why not. Besides, the "Donut Robot Mark V" is kinda fun to watch.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Donahoos Golden Chicken in Pomona

This is the find of the year for me. Deep fried chicken, great quality poultry with a fried crust that's absolutely spice-delicious. The serving is amazing. $8 and you get this big box filled with fries, a huge bun, salad and half a chicken. How-they-do-that? I was solo so I ate it in my car in their big parking lot. Henry Rollins was spinning Curtis Mayfield on KCRW FM. It was the perfect soundtrack to my feast. I felt so lucky to have made this find. There was so much food, I couldn't even finish it and I was hungry too. They are located at 1074 N. Garey Ave, Pomona CA 91767 909-622-3213. It's take out only if you don't count the parking lot. One note, I was not expecting a place run by a Chinese family. That was kind of a shock. The chicken was juicy to the max and lastly, Snapples seems to be the drink of choice.

Buonos Pizza in San Pedro

My daughter and I took my son out for lunch Sunday. He's in the dorms at CSULB and we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks. We had lunch and checked out a group show at Angels Gate Art Center in San Pedro. On our way back to CSULB, I wanted to get my son some pizza he could eat later so we went to Pizza Buono's at 1432 S. Gaffey St., San Pedro CA 310-547-6138. The pizza here is straight forward with that bready crust many love. We ordered a large pepperoni and mushrooms to take home and a Margareta for my son to take back to the dorm. Our pizza was very meaty, chewy and gooey. We got back home in time to watch the last of the FIBA World Championship, USA VS Turkey. It was a perfect pizza to watch a game, not gourmet pizza but more like neighborhood no nonsense pizza. The leftovers were delicious too. (this morning)

The Pho Shop in Little Tokyo

It was 10 am, we were hungry and nothing was open at the mall in Little Tokyo yet except The Pho Shop, Little Tokyo Galleria, 33 S. Alameda St LA CA 90013, 213-617-8533. I'd been avoiding this place for a while because my friend told it wasn't that good. Oh well, we walked in. I ordered the Ox Tail Pho, Bill Short got the Bun with beef, and his photo assistant John ordered the Chicken Katsu. First of all, huge servings. We could easily ordered to plates and shared them. We were all pleasantly surprised at the quality and freshness of the food. Maybe it wasn't the greatest Pho I ever had but it was really good. I'd definitely go back. I wasn't exactly sure why the Ox Tail was in its own soup bowl. The fried spring rolls were magnificent. This place was a pleasant surprise.

Tea Forest in Culver City

Tea Forest is located at 8686 Washington BL, Culver City CA 0-232, 310-815-1723, is across the street from the Historic Helms Bakery Building. The baked goods at Tea Forest were from LaBrea Bakery and a place called Jackie's. I had never heard of Jackie's Bakery so I got their Chocolate No Nuts Brownie. It was super rich and smooth. The tea I ordered was called the Flu Fighter, sounding like the Foo Fighters, which consisted of elder flower, lime blossom, fennel, licorice root, cinnamon, and marigold petals. This is a quite and lovely place. A great alternative for the winding down after a day at work. Staff was sweet and chill and made me feel welcome.

Corkys Place in Azusa

It's a different world in Azusa. I got the sense that, although there seemed to be buildings from the 50's or 60's, much of it is industrial and new. Amongst a cluster of auto repair shops, auto and truck part shops and tattoo studios is a small place called Corky's Place, 10050 W. Foothill, Azusa CA 626-969-7861. The salsa and chips were very smokey and delicious. I ordered the Chilie Relleno and Enchilada Special. This wasn't the greatest Mexican Food meal ever but what an adventure. The staff was very friendly and I would consider going back again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Los Toros in Chatsworth

Los Toros in Chatsworth is located at 21743 Devonshire Street Chatsworth CA 91311, 818-489-6423. I'd been there quite a few times in the early 90's. It sure had changed. It's a lot larger and more pink. There used to be a horse post in the back but it was gone. Horses still roam the city but not as much as they used to, I suppose. The food was pretty decent. My favorite part was with the chips, they bring salsa AND bean dip. It was divine and very Chatsworth. You know, the cowboy west part, not that other part...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hungry Cat in Hollywood

The Hungry Cat, 1535 N Vine Street Hollywood CA 90028, 323-462-2155, is a hidden little place off the corner of Sunset and Vine. We ordered deliciousness. Scallop with plums and arugula; white watermelon and heirloom tomatoes; oysters on a half shell; and we drank grenadine and sparkling water. I don't like the name of this place (I'm allergic to cats) but once you get passed that, this is really a fantastic place. The fish is ultra fresh and the care in the prep is choice!

MVP's in Long Beach

MVP's, 3701 E 4th Street Long Beach CA 90814, 562-439-0809 was recommended by artist Josh Southwick. It was the day my daughter and I helped my son move into the CalSate Long Beach dorms. We were hungry so made our way to Josh's suggestion. I had the Michael Jordan, a grilled Cajun chicken with pesto and cheddar cheese. The coolest thing was the chili cheese fries. Huge portion with a very meaty chili. The burger was good, the Duke sandwich and my Michael Jordan was cool but the fries topped the meal.

Algoberto's in Joshua Tree

Algoberto's, 56143 29th Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley CA 92284, 760-365-6651 (Joshua Tree). After a sound bath at the Integratron, I was hungry. Found this place on Palms and ordered the 5 Taco Special. I ordered 2 Al Pastor and 3 Carne Asada. The meats were juicy to the max. It's a hole in the wall place but they make a mean taco.

Izakaya Haru Ulala in Little Tokyo

I was talking to artist Robert Crouch one night and he was going off about this place in Little Tokyo named after a famous Japanese race horse. We were supposed to go at some point but Kio and Peter bet him to it. It had been a while since I drank that much beer. I had a mild hangover the next day. Not smart. Anyway, the food was excellent. Old school izakaya feel (Japanese style bar food). We had stingray jerky, blue crab sushi rolls, Spanish mackerel sashimi, Spanish mackerel fried head, tako yaki, the list goes on. It's a great place I'd like to go back to soon. It's a good date place.