Monday, May 22, 2017

LA Brisket in Artesia

WOW!!!!!! I stumbled into this place. Minimall-suspicious but I was intrigued. This was during the FAR Bazzaar at Cerritos College earlier this year. The weekend I got to meet Jonathan Gold. Well, I drove around a bit during lunch and found this place. WHOO HOO!!!! 18189 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

Lao Tao in Chinatown

Fun Place! Lao Tao has some really great eats. It's in the complex that also houses Enforffeine, Chego and that friend chicken I haven't had yet because the line's always too long. Lao Tao is on the second floor, 727 N Broadway, Unit 207, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mo Better Burgers on La Brea Avenue

Now located at 901 S La Brea Ave #2, Los Angeles, CA 90036, It took me a while to catch this place open and be around while I was hungry. Ha ha. I believe they used to be on Fairfax at Pico Blvd. It was there when i remember one of the most delicious hamburgers i have ever had. While the burger here was good, it's nothing like the one I had on fairfax/ pico. For starters, it was cheaper and bigger but isn't that common? There is a familiarity about his location which is heartwarming and welcoming. But, it's about the burger and the burger is good but not "Mo Better".

Sunday, May 21, 2017

OB Bear on 7th Street in Koreatown

Some places in LA are on my list for a long time. Maybe there's too many, yes , but also, timing is important. One weekend, Ms. Lea and our buddies Elon and Ivan went to the art openings at Visitor Welcome Center and Commonwealth and Council. We enjoyed seeing everyone, the incredible art and mayhem but found ourselves hungry. This was the moment! It was crazy busy at OB Bear which is downstairs from these galleries. Ms. Lea had been there before so she orchestrated the dinner. it was fabulous and that chicken is highly memorable. 3002 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Salumi in Seattle

Years ago, artist Jeffrey James Mohr came back from Seattle and touted Salumi, a small but unique sausage place headed by Mario Batali's Father Armandino Batali and family members. It took me a very long time to finally get to back to Seattle but I was so happy to be there for the ArtPlace Summit last week. In between sessions, I was graced by the company of Phoenix art phenom Greg Esser for a lunch adventurer. We were not dissapointed. We shared the meatball sandwich and mole sausage sandwich. My goodness! it's good to be king! 309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

The Fish Spot on Pico Blvd

I've been eyeing the newish fish spot on Redondo Blvd and Pico Blvd. It's on the Pico strip that has all of those eateries. It's abundant. So I went with my daughter and she ordered the salmon dinner and I the catfish sandwich. They were packed! My daughter ended up treating me to dinner. SCORE!!! They warned that it would take time. It took 30 minutes but that gave us time to catch up. The staff and customers we struck a conversation with were awesome. So when the food came, it was in styrafoam boxes. Open the box and BOOM! it was huge! I actually ended up taking 1/3 of it home. So GOOD. the breading is wonderful. lot's of spices and the catfish was really meatty. Also the roll was quality.5101 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

The Good Coffee Shop in Seattle WA

It's a privilege to travel for work. I was in Seattle last week and had a great time at the ArtPLace Summit. On one of our breaks, I had to get out of the hotel ballroom and walked around. I found this place a couple of blocks away. it turns out to be a roaster and not a coffee shop. Xtreme OG place called the The Good Coffee Shop, 818 Post Avenue, Seattle WA. I was the only person in this rather long shop filled with coffee goods, bags of beans, a huge roaster and STUFF. It felt more like a warehouse than a store. After a short while, someone in the back realized i was standing there and came out. I asked them which is their most popular roast that's on the mild side. Antigua. When I came bac to LA, I poured cups for Ms Lea and I. We liked it. It reminded me of the generation of coffee I grew up with but a deeper scaled version of it. I remember Yuban, Folgers, Cock-Full-of-Nuts, the coffee at the Apple Pan or Phillipes. 818 Post Avenue Seatle WA 98104