Monday, December 30, 2019

Highlight Coffee in Pasadena

Looks like there's two HC's in Pasadena. The one I went to is near my artist residency, Pasadena Buddhist Temple. The address to this fine caffeinated establishment is 2071 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103. I noticed it over a month ago but finally had a moment to go grab a cup with master woodworker Max Gelman of Side Street Projects. I ordered a delicious Ethiopian blend that was slightly fruity but filled with cacao richness and textures.

Taco Baja in Whittier CA

After we placed a ghost bike for the Whittier Tricycle Man, The GB crew met at Taco Baja, 13320 Whittier Blvd, Whittier, CA 90602. The hundred or so locals went on a bike procession but we hadn't heard that this was to take place so none of us brought our bikes. Whoops! While we ate our tacos inside, the procession passes by us twice. This pepper was delicious and hot. I did enjoy my tacos bu felt slightly guilty for now riding. However, hanging out with the GB folk is always an honor. I was overwhelmed with meeting so many locals who loved this man. He was an urban icon in the City of Whittier and will be sorely missed.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Mary Lou's Milk Bottle in Spokane WA

Mary Lou's Milk Bottle, 802 W Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205 popped up when I was looking for the "arts district" in Spokane. I tried walking there from Downtown Spokane but sort of lost track of time so about half way ended up taking a Lyft to Garland. I was interested in visiting a guitar shop there but couldn't resist grabbing a meal here. The milk bottle architecture is so funny. It was a great atmosphere and the burger was delicious but this blueberry shake was fabulous! Just a couple of shops down, I found Cole Guitar Shop. The guys in there are really cool and the guitars they make are amazing. On the plane ride over, I had watched the documentary, Carmine Street Guitars, so i was in a really great head space for handmade guitars. I got to talking with the staff and they introduced me to a pedal that they also hand made, hand wired, that i tried out, fell in love and purchased. It has become part of my pedal board and may be replacing two pedals i have. I was so lucky to find this place and Mary Lou's. I posted my visit to Mary Lou's BTW and found out that my friend Jeff Mohr worked at one of their stores decades ago making waffle cones. What a small world.

Kalico Restaurant in Spokane WA

Kalico Restaurant is located at 1829 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99205. The morning I met my son in Spokane, he brought me here. He told me it's a popular restaurant that recently moved to this new location. As we walked in, they had a big wall artwork of Gonzaga University sports. It looks like the students eat there regularly, although it's a bit far from the campus. I ordered waffles and a simple omelette. The service was cheerful and attentive. It was great to see my son. So the kicker was that back at my AirBNBN, I was speaking with the manager. i was staying in incredible Victorian house and coincidentally, the family that owns it also owns Kalico. I asked if they own other places in town and he said nope, just that Victorian house and Kalico. What are the odds?

Indaba Coffee in Spokane WA

I first went to this place two years ago. On my second trip to Spokane, I was amazed how the City had changed. There's so much construction going on and the streets are full of so many more retail spaces. I heard from a number of people that real estate prices have been steadily rising. One person told me in 2018, they rose 12%. That's crazy. Sounds like LA. How many folks are being priced out of their homes? Only there for two nights, I spent the morning walking around for hours; the Derive. I returned to this place at 210 N Howard Spokane, WA 99201, to sit down and collect my thoughts. The service here is excellent. They are very nice folks and the do an excellent pour over. i even bought some bags as presents for the Fam. I wondered how much more Spokane will have changed when I visit again?

Franks Diner in Spokane WA

Several weeks ago, I went to go visit my son in Spokane WA. For several months ago, he returned to Gonzaga University for a new job, as the Video Coordinator for the Men's Basketball team. (proud dad). It was great to see him, however short the trip. Of course he's busy working so I only got to see him a few times. The trip ended with breakfast in this beautiful train restaurant called Frank's Diner. On the menu, this popped out at me; Great Nana's Meatloaf Benedict. It was amazing. An eggs's benedict on a loaf of meat loaf with gravy. It was delicious and in the setting, really memorable. It looks like there are two locations. I believe my son took me to this one; 1516 West 2nd Ave. Spokane WA ?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kimmie's Coffee Shop in Fullerton CA

I took a short rip to Fullerton a couple weeks ago to visit an artist. he treated me to a meal at Kimmie's. He's a regular and lives just a block away. The neighborhood vibe is strong and the food is wonderful. 1605 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833