Sunday, October 20, 2013

P. Doctor Andeu SN for coffee

Mireia wanted to show me a grand view of her Barcelona so we took a subway and a bus up to this area with a Trolley but the Trolley was closed. We had missed it by 30 min. There was a bar right there with this overwhelming view of Barcelona so we got coffees there, "cafe". She wanted a decaf on ice and said it's good, try it, so of course. It was delicious. I would like to go back and take that trolley, though. Way on the side of the hill was this several tier dog shelter and you can periodically hear the dogs barking. I thought, if I lived here, that's where i would get my dog. I also thought, oh, this is what everyone kept telling me about ordering a coffee in the middle of the day in Europe. Finally, I got to experience it. Sweet; kind of like a culinary rights of passage.

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