Sunday, October 20, 2013

Forsan Josep a Bakery in Barcelona Spain

So, there's a kind of bliss, a unique state of mind, fueled on fumes called jet lag. You are sleepy, it's midnight, so you prepare and you go to sleep and then at 2am you wake up, wide awake and you try, you really try all the tricks to try to go to sleep but it only really makes you more awake so you give in and you go on the internet, or you start drawing or you read a book and all of a sudden it's four hours later and your nodding off a little so you think, oh good, maybe i can sleep, so you sleep for like two hours, deeply, with vivid dreams and then you awake and its 11:15am and the City is in full bloom. it looks you're way for just a moment and then it goes back to what it was doing. So you wash up and go out and you know your the lucky one because you don't have to go to work like everyone else but it's all like a dream, in full color and after walking around, fascinated with everything you see because it's all the first time, you smell something, it's chocolate, it's a chocolate croissant. In your patchwork of language and finger gestures you try to communicate that you want one chocolate croissant and you want to eat it here, because you are on jet lag, because you are not working, because you are the foreigner and it turns out the staff across the counter fully understands English and you laugh and she smirks. The chocolate croissant, is the greatest you have ever had. Not really, but it is, right? Because, in this moment, you are solo, in a foreign country, in a place you never thought you'd be able to get to and there you are, overwhelmed with gratitude, eating that melted butter flake with that crusty baked shell and that deep and slightly bitter chocolate and this is Europe, DUDE, you finally made it to Europe, you're in F%$#ing Barcelona.

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