Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yeya's in Boyle Heights

Like home cooking, Yeya's at 1816 E 1st St LA CA 90033, has a family vibe. Across from the Mariachi Plaza Station, this place is very accessible. My favorite thing about this place are the homemade tortillas. Hand made per order and they will always ask if you want more.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ido in Barcelona

Ido, Carrer de Viladomat, 43, 08015 Barcelona I stumbled onto this place while visiting this awesome flea market of used books, LP's, posters, game software and general memorabilia called the Mercat Nou. Ido is a brilliant restaurant dedicated to the foods of the Mayorca Islands off the coast of Barcelona. They also sell goods from there including salts, oils, beers and wines. They even have sculpture or art pieces made from there as well. The staff is welcoming and I believe most of them are from the island. There was this pastry, which i did not write down the name of that was amazing. Apparently, it's a typical Spanish pastry but this was like eating a fluffily, sweet cloud.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Food Trucks off the MALL in DC

Everyday, food trucks park in front of the administrative buildings for the Smithsonian. On my last day in DC and for my final meal for this trip, food trucks. I got a Kahlua Pig combo and a banana & Nutella crepe.

Pete's Pizza in Washington DC

Pizza, east coast pizza, is not like west coast pizza. Nothing left to say. This is one of Sojin's favs, Pete's. DEEE-licious!

Uncommon Cafe, Department of Energy Washington DC

Apparently, many of the "government buildings" around the MALL have amazing cafeterias. Sojin, being a government employee (Smithsonian Curator for Folkways), was able to get us in one of them. This one was in the Department of Energy. I chose the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which was pretty damn good! Go tax dollars!

Labenese Tavern, Washington DC

I am not sure I have ever had Labanese food before. We ordered appetizers and shared them but I got a bowl of chick pea soup for myself, which was amazing. The server also recommended a Lebense beer for me, which went perfect with the food. Again, it was cold so the soup hit the spot. That night it was in the mid 30's. Sorry for the dark images. My camera had died in Barcelona weeks ago so that evening before we made our way to Labaense Tavern, I bought a camera at the local Best Buys, so I was just figuring the camera out while shooting these pix. LT is located in Woodley Park, 2641 Connecticut Ave NW, DC 20008.

Sticky Fingers, Mount Pleasant, Washington DC

The first morning, which was in the 40's (that's freezing for a Angelenos), we walked over to Sticky Fingers, a bakery. Sojin told me the owner won a cupcake challenge on television. We shared two of the many choices. This is a vegan bakery but that doesn't mean a lot, it was decadent like any other sweets place. I really liked that Devil Chocolate bar-thing. It was an upscale Hostess Ho Ho kind of sweet. Really delicious and nostalgic. The danish was amazing. I microwaved it for 20 seconds so it was extra melty and sweet.

The Hamilton in DC

Sojin and I went to the National Art Gallery, which I was familiar with because of that DVD Kaoru let me borrow, Herb & Dorothy. If you haven't seen this film, you gotta see it. Anyway, Sojin's friend, curator Veronica Jackson, invited us to a talk at the Gallery (Museum) by Andy Goldsworthy, which was very fun and passionate. When we sat down for the talk, Veronica said she was starving, so two hours later, she must have been in emergency mode. We biked over to a place called The Hamilton, which they new as a department store back in the day but now it's a restaurant/ theater. Sojin and I ordered the brisket which is served on a bed of mac n cheese. The food was not exceptional but tasty. The place is posh and upscale and our server was odd in a way that verged on sarcastic? Veronica and Sojin said they always have a hard time with the waiters/ service but apparently they keep coming back. Is that a DC thing? I never return to places i have poor service.

Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC

The night I flew into DC, Sojin Kim brought me to the legendary Ben's Chili Bowl. President Obama ate here and ironically, the next day, Busboys and Poets owner Andy Shallal announced his mayoral candidacy here. I ordered the "Ben's Chili Burger Sub", which Sojin jokingly described as basically two chili burgers. The chili is wonderful, old school house chili, no beans and with a spicy kick. The bread was deli delicious and I just enjoyed it so much. After the very filling meal, Sojin drove us to the MLK Memorial. What a magnificent intro to DC that night. It was really cold, in the lower 40's.