Friday, December 27, 2013

Porter Junction Downtown LA

Porter Junction is located at 2350 Porter Street LA CA 90021. The sandwich was delicious and the service is great but I am just proud of this family run place because when they first opened in this really weird location off the freeway, I wasn't sure they would last but there they are!

Bludsoe on La Brea

Bludsoe's has a new place on La Brea at 609 La Brea Ave LA CA 90036. I hate to sound snobby but I highly recommend the Compton store over this place. I think the BBQ is transported from the Compton store because the rib meat was stripped from the bone and the brisket seemed soggy like it had been sitting in a pan for a while. Also, it's too loud in there for me. i couldn't hear my friend at all. Sorry, I was so excited that Bludsoe's had palace closer to my house but it just wasn't happening for me.

Thai Taste in Silver Lake

The great Banetoriko introduced me to a wonderful Thai place called Thai Taste 2328 Fletcher Drive LA CA 90059. As we approached the mini-mall, I had my doubts but she assured me that the food was fresh and authentic and it was. The dishes are fresh, spicy and dreamy. I hadn't had Thai food for a while so the meal left me with a nostalgic feeling in that it rekindled that love I had for Thai food when I first was introduced to the food at Ocha in 1986. I highly recommend this place. it's affordable and absolutely delicious.

Francelli's in Long Beach

Whenever possible, I try to schedule a meal with my son when i have a meeting or some reason to be in Long Beach. This time, we hooked up for a very early dinner or late lunch. I chose Francelli's, a long standing Italian restaurant at 3404 E 4th St Long Beach CA 90804. I ordered the Chicken Ricotta. Because it such an odd time for a meal, 3:30pm, I believe, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was great to hear about what his classes were like. The food is good. Now that we have had the pleasure of eating handmade pastas around town and around the world, we can appreciate the old school American style Italian food. Mostly, it was fun to have a meal with my son, chick seems to have become less frequent as time marches forth.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bludso's BBQ in Compton

My friends Tamaki and Yuko had never been to Watts Towers, so I drove them there this morning for a tour. We had a great time and when the tour ended, we were all hungry. I had never been to Bludso's BBQ, 811 S. Long Beach Blvd, Compton CA 90221, so we decided to give it a try. Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I found my favorite LA BBQ. I hadn't had one since Bad To The Bone and Leo's closed. The brisket was perfect, melted in my mouth and was extremely flavorful. The ribs were incredible, the meat just fell off. The peppery coleslaw was fabulous!!!! I especially enjoyed the BBQ Beans. Those were really tasty, smokey and baddass!!!!

Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Rainbow California

I had to go to Rainbow California for work last week and on my way back to LA stopped by this multi-store complex off the freeway which included Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, 4815 5th Pl. Rainbow CA 92028. The place was packed with several large groups waiting in front of the entrance. I walked in and asked the hostess if i could sit in the bar and of course "BOOM" I was sitting at the bar with a menu in the hand. I ordered the pull pork sandwich. Now, this isn't a fancy place but everyone there seemed to be positive and very busy. The server recommended the pull pork. The sandwich was Au Ju away from being a French Dip. The meat was tender and the bread a good deli quality. It's not a fancy sandwich but it was filling and yummy.

Mama Mia's Pizza in Long Beach CA

Another place I have passed by many times without stopping in. Finally, I was in the neighborhood and more importantly , I was hungry. Mama Mia's Pizza is located on a corner at 4403 E 4th Street, Long Beach CA. They have huge signs on the corner that read various pizza's and sandwiches. Although they had recommended a pizza, I asked the cook what his favorite sandwich was and he said the ham and cheese, so i ordered it. it was actually really great, basic and fresh. The bread was awesome, a deli roll, with just enough give and go. The cheese was melted and the ham tasted like deli ham. The fries were mediocre, however. I am now curious what the pizza is like. Hopefully, i'll have another opportunity to check this place out.

Go Get'em Tiger on Larchmont

I finally made it in to Go Get'em Tiger on Larchmont at 230 N. Larchmont Blvd, LA CA 90004. This is the same folks who have set up shop at the Grand Central Market with G&B Coffee. This time, the owner, Kyle, introduced himself and we talked a bit. Super nice guy. I was so glad to see the line there. It was Sunday, Farmer's Market day, and Larchmont was cooking. The shop is more neighborhood but still clean and well designed like G&B. I ordered the espresso and enjoyed sitting in one of the high rise chairs to the side. I love the astronaut drawing on the wall. This was the day I got really "homesick" for Barcelona, so that's why I went to have an espresso. What cool life it is. I am extremely grateful.

Egg Slut at Grand Central Market

On the weekend, I rode my bike to Larchmont and finally had that coffee at Go Get'em Tiger and the owner, Kyle informed me of a new place to eat at Grand Central Market called Egg Slut. Egg Slut, I recalled a food truck with the same name parked in front of Handsome Coffee on Mateo. Kyle said it's the very one. The GCM site is it's first brick and mortar and Kyle swore it was delicious. The next day, I was in line at Egg Slut. The menu is very focused. A burger, a salad and a egg salad sandwich. There's also ice coffee in bottles by G&B. I ordered the egg salad sandwich which was really delicious. The eggs had that deviled eggs kind of taste and texture. The bun was round and perfect. I'd like to try the burger next time. I have to say, the big surprise was the ice coffee. That was delicious. It's amazing to me what's happened to GCM. They've really stepped it up without losing the OG charm. There's a healthy mix of vintage and new hip. I for one love it! 12/31/13 My last lunch of the year. Mission accomplished, 2013 did not end without eating the AVO Burger at Egg Slut!!!