Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rumor Mill in Culver City

The Rumor Mill is located at 11739 West Washington Blvd LA CA 90066, 310 397 5400. I was early for my Tuesday night B Ball game so I stopped at this place, which I sort of had eyed for a while. It's only been there for a year or so but they have a following for sure. It's connected to a coin laundry and they have free wi fi. I especially enjoyed seeing that they had a breakfast dish named the Bukowski. How can you not like a place that honors that eccentric genius poet? I had a Yerba Matte and a danish. The heated up the danish for me and it was so delicious, melty and all. I look forward to returning to this place and actually ordering the Bukowski. They also have live music at night and of course, poetry readings.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bento Man on Western Ave

There's an old skool Japanese snack shack called Bento Man that I pass by near my house just south of K-Town. It's always closed so I never got to check it out until this week when I was driving on Western after a meeting. I believe I ate here a really long time ago like maybe 20 years ago but since then, not one visit. Bento Man is located at 1500 South Western Ave LA CA 90006, 323-733-5316. I ordered the combo which has both teriyaki beef and chicken on hot rice with that awesome pasta salad. It was very old school. It reminded me of the bento's we would get at my Saturday Japanese School back in the 70's. They also have udon, mabo rice and sushi's. Nostalgic and awesomely authentic LA.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simply Wholesome in Baldwin Hills

Simply Wholesome is in Baldwin Hills at 4508 West Slauson Avenue LA CA 90043 323-294-2144. OH MY GOD!!!! The servings are hhhuuuGGGGGEEEE!!!!. We couldn't finish our two orders; Shrimp Marasala and Vegetables with Mac n cheese. We also ordered fruit shakes that were really delicious. I think if you're into natural and organic foods, you should visit this place. They even have a market.

La Villa Basque in Vernon

La Villa Basque in Vernon just southeast of Downtown LA, is located at 2801 Leonis Blvd Vernon CA 323-583-1696. The exterior and interior is so retro, it's too cool and may in fact overtake the food experience but on this day, we had a great lunch. First, their signature onion soup was ordered by Sandy as was the grilled cheese. I guess the grilled cheese is Basque because it has Basque cheese in and so the menu goes. I had the Basque stew, which tasted a lot like most beef stews I've had but in fact it had meats and cheeses that were basque. The dessert was very nice, Gateau Basque, a cheese cake like but not really kind of yummy dish. They also have themed evenings and a great looking bar. I was very impressed with the food and would love to go back to try the Basque pizza.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Eureka Cafe in Mid Town

Last weekend, Sandy wanted to surprise me with a place for breakfast. She told me the address and to my surprise, I had never heard of the place and it's five blocks away from my house. She was totally pleased. She loves to stump me. Eureka is an unusual place. It's only open Saturday and Sunday. It's family run and I think they might live upstairs. 4053 Washington Blvd LA CA 90018, 323-732-8600. Inside is amazing. I feel like I'm in a special place. Great coffee, awesome eggs benedict and the feta cheese omelette was awesome. I had toasted rosemary bread, soooo good.

Rosa Mexicano at LA Live

Baker Sandra Grazziani and I were on our way to see singer songwriter Teresa Parodi perform at the Grammy Museum. We got there early and were hungry. Walking around LA Live, we saw so many options but decided to slip into Rosa Mexicano. It's pretty fancy and price wise a little on the higher end. The food was delicious. The fish was cool. It comes on a little butcher block and has red sauce on one side and green on the other. They're well known for their pomegranate drink. I think it was margarita but I could be wrong. It was delicious.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Huston's BBQ in Hollywood

I've always wanted to go to this place. Huston's in located at 1620 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood CA 90028, 323-464-3972. It's a cool little building in the center of this recently hipped up portion of Cahuenga north of Amoeba records. I ordered the BBQ Plate which included bread, salad, brownies (end cuts of beef chopped) and mac n cheese. I was there with photographer Bill Short and his assistant John. We were less than impressed with our BBQ. When BBQ is chopped in little tiny pieces and drenched with sauce, it's really hard to taste the meat and smokiness of the meat. This to me, is the main point of going to a BBQ place. The meat. The sauce should enhance the meat, not devoid the meat. I think if I were to go again, I would ask for the sauce to be on the side and then I could make a fair comment. Otherwise, the BBQ at Huston's was camouflaged.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kuma Sushi in Los Feliz

I know this is a new sushi place but what caught my eye was "Kobe Burger" on the sign outside. Not our Laker deity but the Japanese beef. Everyone in the posh place was eating sushi but I ordered the burger to go. Behind the sushi bar, I saw this old school hot sake dispenser. It just warmed my heart (excuse the pun). I used to go to this yakitori place outside the station in Shin-Tokorozawa, Saitma-Ken and they had the same machine. I love that place and making this connection today in Los Feliz was sweet. The burger? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! I think I was in a zone back at my cubicle, eating the burger. I had to stop twice thinking I may have grunted? I was on my A game.

Torta Spot in Lincoln Heights

Maybe across the street from the LA Coroners office is not the best location for a tortas place so maybe that's why I ordered take-out. The Torta Spot is located at 1145 Mission Road LA CA. I ordered the Torta de Cubano which was just amazing. They don't press the sandwich but it was awesome. The pork slices and bean spread was choice. The bread is really good and wafty. It was really incredible.

Marielas Restaurant #2 in Echo Park

Marielas Restaurant #2 by the name is a chain, I believe. In a Echo Park strip mall, it might be a place you would easily miss. It was an oddly rainy afternoon and I had come from a funeral that morning. I felt solemn and introspective, probably a perfect state of mind and weather to have Cosido. Mariela's is located at 2501 Sunset Blvd LA CA. Cosido is basically beef soup, but what a wonderful bowl of soup and chunky portions of tender to the bone beef and vegetables. It comes with warm tortillas and I think you're suppose to try to make little tacos but everything is so hot you end up burning your fingers and lips. I guess that's good, right? i mean it burns the gloom away.

Le Pain Quotidien on Larchmont

This new place opened on Larchmont and I finally got a chance to have breakfast there. The exterior caught my eye, rustic and not impending. I like the fact it says community table in big bold letters. Le Pain Quotidien is located at 113 N. Larchmont Blvd. LA CA 90004 323-461-7701. It's an international chain, started by a dude named Alain Coumont in Brussels. There's a long wood community style table in the center of the cafe with smaller tables to the sides and a pretty street level seating area as well. LA baker and new "friend" Sandra Grazziani and I ordered the toasted ham and gruyene croissant and roasted asparagus and goat cheese omelette (organic eggs). Topped off with tea for me and coffee for SG, it was a perfect breakfast for a Saturday morning. It's always nice to share dishes. The croissant was delicate and full of flavor. The asparagus and goat cheese omelette was surprisingly different in attitude, fresh, selective and hearty. I liked that the asparagus was not over cooked and the egg was slightly more than fluffy. Overall, thumbs up and wonderful. Oh, the apple strudel was sweet and timid. Maybe it was too much food or maybe we should have had a more leisurely breakfast.

Rib Company in Joshua Tree

I had this amazing opportunity the other week to go visit the Harrison House in Joshua Tree. This is the hay architecture structure built by Lou Harrison towards the last part of his life. Harrison's longtime friend and filmmaker/dancer Eva Soltes was kind to let me watch her Indian Dance rehearsal with live musicians. The ambiance and acoustics were incredible. It was an amazing experience. Two hours of ancient movement and sounds later, I packed up my stuff and drove home. All that magic made me hungry and I had eyed this rib place that morning so I decided to stop and get a bite to eat. It may have been a little sacrilegious to eat "cow" after Indian dance and music but, oh well. The Rib Co. is located at 72183 29 Palms Highway, 29 Palms CA, 760-367-1663. The Prime Rib was on special so that's what I ordered. It came with a salad and mashed potatoes. The prime rib was dreamy, so tender like butter, melting in your mouth and heavenly juices with the :good" fat oozing. It was awesome!!!! The mashed potatoes were homemade and scrum-scious. What an amazing dinner. it gave me so much energy, the ride back to LA was cakewalk. Driving out of the parking lot that night, ZZ Top was blasting on my stereo and my little Yaris felt like a GTO (don't judge me).