Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tinga on La Brea

Thank you to P Knitty and Tom for recommending Tinga located at 142 South LA Brea Ave, LA CA 90036. I was disappointed with my short rib tacos but the Tinga chicken tostados were amazing. The tacos had this potato paste on the bottom and it overshadowed the ribs. The Tinga Chicken tostado was super delicious with spices and great flavor. The Elote Special, roasted corn mix of chilies and spices, was delicious with the tacos and chips. The chips here are excellent. They even sell them in bags. The frescas are yummy. I got the blueberry ginger and artist Megan DeArmond got the watermelon. I think the item that took the prize for me was the coconut macaroon which they poured a homemade caramel on. This kicked butt!!! It's pricey Mexican food. I left feeling full and good but later I thought about it and felt $35 for tacos and a tostado lunch is a bit much. Not sure if I'd go back although I sort of would like to try the Adobo Burrito.

Scotty's in Whittier

My first lunch in Whittier. Had a meeting at the Central Library. I asked artist Jane Gillespie Pryor, who lives there, what would be a good OG Whittier place and her husband recommended Scotty's. Located at 8426 Laurel Ave Whittier CA 90605, the exterior is no nonsense but the interior is classic. The servers were totally awesome. You can tell they we're determined for you to have a good eating experience. I enjoyed deciding what to eat with their input. It was fun. So Jane and I shared 1) Sourdough Roast Beef MElt with Au JU and Onion Rings, 2) Chicken Sandwich and 3) Banana Split. Robert made the B Split, the servers were specific with that info. It was in a bowl and huge. I liked the O rings, crunchy and thick. The roast beef was thinly sliced but not really flavorful but it was saved by this awesome roasted green chili and butter toasted sourdough. The chicken was also on a delicious bread and the avocado/chicken combo was great. Jane said it had too much mayo but I like mayo, I was fine with it. It was a great experience. I would love to go back someday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

L'Angolo Cafe in Downtown LA

L'Angolo Cafe is located at 101 W. 9th Street, LA CA 90015 in Downtown LA. I eyed this place many-a-times. it's right on a corner and it looks interesting but I had reports that the food was just so-so. We took a chance and ventured in. A. Campuzano and I shared a skirt steak salad and the five cheese ravioli. The salad was delicious with a creamy vinaigrette dressing. The greens were fresh but not quite bouncy. The skirts steak was a little too fatty for a salad and chewy but it had great flavor. The ravioli was good. Five cheeses is hard. I couldn't taste five cheeses, it tasted more like three. I guess once it's popped in the boiling water and melts, five cheeses begin to morph into a hybrid cheese. I suspect if the pasta skin were thinner and you placed the cheeses separately in each pouch, you could dip the pasta for a minimum of time and preserve each of the five cheeses as five cheeses. There's gotta be a better logistics to punch up the fact that there are five cheeses. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lola's in Long Beach

Drove to the LBC last week for a performance at Open with my peeps, Southern California Soundscape Ensemble. This was for International Day of Listening. I got there early and decided to get a bite to eat and found Lola's at 2030 East 4th Street, Long Beach CA. Cute interior and very friendly service. The chips came with a red and green sauce. The green sauce was awesome. It sort of tasted like it had pumpkin seed or something like that. I ate a lot of that. I decided to order the chili relleno burrito, which was awesome but the chille relleno was not cooked completely like chili rellenos usually are, in fact, it was still fresh and crunchy. You know, it wasn't bad. It was like eating a burrito and a salad at the same time. I was alright with it.

Ryan Brothers Coffee in San Diego

After a tour of Chicano Park, Artist Alessandra Moctezuma and I went to a coffee place about a block or so away. Ryan Brothers Coffee roast there own and have eats to boot! I The interior was very warm and colorful. I wish we had more time to spend there. They had a wonderful array of pastries and cookies. Maybe next time. I did purchase some coffee beans to go.

Cafe Moto in San Diego

I was in SD two weeks ago and visited Chicano Park for the first time. It was an amazing visit. They recently received major funding for restoration of the murals there. There were several crews out there at work. About three blocks away is Cafe Moto, 2619 National Avenue San Diego, CA 92113. I was first taken by the design of the place; slick, clean and slightly mod. I ordered an ice mocha with a shot of espresso. It was delicious. I especially enjoyed watching them chill the coffee in a cocktail pot before they poured it into the cup with ice, NICE! In the back is a market of teas and coffee as well as a huge coffee roasting plant.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A1 Burger in Leimert Park

I was talking to a fellow foodie at work this week. He said the best burger in LA is A1 Burger, 2915 W Vernon Ave, LA CA 90008. Now, favorite burger, that's personal. I ordered the A1-Burger with a fried egg. The burger was like a homemade patty, chunky and full of spices. I loved the burger configuration, sloppy, juicy tomato, fresh lettuce and a decent bun. The fries were mediocre. I also loved the take out facade; bare bones, bullet proof window. Nice!

Trail Cafe in Griffith Park

Another thanks to artist Megan DeArmond for turning me onto a really cool place. Trail Cafe is at 2333 North Fern Dell Dr. LA CA 90068. It's in one of the many entry roads into Griffith Park. It's a snack bar looking outdoor place with outdoor seating but my my my what amazing food, especially the vegan baked goods. They have a delicious vegan chili which Bill Short ordered and I got the avocado sandwich. We shared a lavender short bread cookie and a lemon poppy seed scone. It was so good, I went the next day with Megan. I got the Ranger Pie, a delicious vegetarian pot pie with a delicate crust. Everything here is amazing, homemade and intimately presented. Note: the food is rich and fresh so the portions are misleading. It may look small but it's very filling.

B.H. Chung in San Diego

Last weekend, my daughter and her teammates, the Culver City High Varsity Basketball Team played at the San Diego Classic Tournament and nailed it, (5-1). During the four day stay, we took the coaches out for a little lunch. near our hotel was this colorful neighborhood of Asian restaurants. Blindly, we chose B.H. Chung, 4646 Convoy St. San Diego CA 92111. Nailed it! Hot Pot Mixed Rice, the picture in the menu looked good and when it came, it was even better. Hot, yes but fresh and delicious. Homestyle rice, vegetables and man it was great. The bancha was good but dwarfed by the Hot Stone Pot. I'd never had this before. What a wonderful surprise.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cafe Bistro at the Nordstrom in Fashion Island

So we were shopping in the OC and asked the sales person were he would reccomend for lunch. He said believe it our not, the Cafe Bistro is pretty good. It's a cafe in the Nordstrom. Was I skeptical? Of course. BUT, the salad with pears, blue cheese and pecans was amazing. The bread pudding was so rich and delicious..... I'm sorry, it was a while ago but we were amazed. It was a rare OC moment for me.

Pho Palace in Chinatown

Directly across the street from the Metro Chinatown Station is the Pho Palace, 861 North Spring Street, LA CA 90012. The folks are very nice. The menu is actually fairly extensive but I went with the obvious, Rare Beef Pho. I was talking with my friends the other day, how we used to go to Pho cafes all the time and then all of a sudden we stopped. Once upon a time Pho was awesome, exotic, healthy and new. Well, it had been a while so I sat down and ordered. It was wonderful, brought back the steam bath effect, the noodles first experience and drink as much of the soup as possible ending.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Y Las Tortillas in Hyde Park

We went bike riding Saturday around Baldwin Hills/ Hyde Park and coming down we bumped into 740 East Hyde Park Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90302. Steve got a breakfast sandwich and I got the huevos rancheros. We also got a couple of bottles of Jarritos. The food was good. I asked the server if the tortillas were homemade and she said, "Oh, would like the homemade ones?" She brought us a batch of steaming tortillas. Oh, so warm and fresh and nothing like their store bought counterpart. First, I thought it was odd that they didn't serve us this from the get go but then I realized that the name of the place is, and the tortillas? Great marketing. Looks like a new place for tortilla happiness.