Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snooknuk Cafe on Larchmont

Snooknuk Cafe is located at 506 N Larchmont Blvd LA CA 90004. From the outside, it looks like a really fun cafe but when I walked in, I was taken aback at the childrens indoor playground. This is a place where you can bring your kids to play. Like a park but you have to be a member. Interesting. BUT they do have s tiny cafe. I ordered a latte and a rasberry danish. They are pouring a coffee roasted by Cafe Luxxe in Brentwood and their baked goods are from Susina on Beverly.

Cassel's Hamburger on 6th Street

Tuesday, we were working on a project and were driving through Koreatown when through the corner of my eye I caught it, a hip version of the Cassel's Hamburger joint. First, it was like seeing a ghost. They closed a number of years ago when they were on 6th but closer to Vermont. It was real. They are now located at Normandie and 6th St, 3600 W 6th Street LA CA 90020. The burger was very different but delicious. I forgot to ask them to put it on rye but they didn't ask which was interesting. The cream soda was made to order. The chocolate pie was absolutely delicious. What made me beam for joy, however, was the potato. It's basically a mashed potato with horseradish but it's so good. That tasted just like it did before they closed.

HMS Bounty on Wilshire Blvd

An LA Classic, HMS Bounty is connected to a hotel just across the street from what used to be the Ambassador Hotel. It's located at 3357 Wilshire Blvd. LA CA 90010. I am a fan of the Baseball Steak, which comes with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. I went with my friend, photographer Elon Schoenholz, to Jennifer Moons installation a block West of HMS. We were starving, as good art will almost always do to you, and we decided to go to HMS. We both hadn't been there in a very long time. What do i like about this place? 1) The history, especially in the hotel lobby, there's all this memorabilia. 2) The baseball is always so delicious. Tender, juicy and full of flavor. and 3) My friend Jeff met drummer Meg White there once who was super nice. What more could you ask for?

Noodle Boy in Rosemead

When I started this blog, is primarily based on my discoveries while driving from this meeting to another but since then, I've made new friends who are foodies while getting recommendations from friends whose "foodie" addictions rose to the surface of our friendships. Ms. Jen is one of the newer friends who is herself a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eating out in various parts of LA. Noodle Boy at 8518 E. Valley Blvd Rosemead CA 91770, it turns out is one of her all time favorites, so much so, when she comes in, they know her. I felt like I passed some sort of test in our friendship when she finally invited me. We had a noodle and broth bowl that had these incredible dumplings inside. The vegetables where super fresh. What was really memorable was their proprietary hot sauce, which you scoop into a small bowl, add some vinegar, and dip your dumplings in. This was addictive and spicy-hot. As I've mentioned this to several friends afterwards, it was nice to hear so many who were already aware and a fan of the place. How about that?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yun Chuan Garden in Monterey Park

My friend and audio engineer/musician Eddie Rivas wanted to introduce me to a Chinese restaurant he is a regular at. Yun Chuan Garden. First, you go to the walk up display of delicious specialties. You order three on a plate and bring that to a table. At the table, you order two more plates and between 2-3 folk, you are set. The spice-hot level of this beef dish was intense. Eddie said he's not a soda drinker but he has to have a soda when he eats here. it cuts through the spice. 301 N Garfield Ave Monterey Park CA

Hungry Pig BBQ in Angelino Heights

The Hungry Pig, 2920 W. Temple Street LA CA 90026 is a BBQ joint that I kept going to but catching it closed. Synchronicity, I was hungry and the place was open! The baby backs were excellent!!!! What blew me away was the spicy coleslaw. My goodness! We'll be back!

Classic Coffee in DTLA

Classic Coffee is in the heart of the Garment District. I have several routes I bike to work and this is one of the places I've always wanted to stop by but hadn't had the time. It's on the corner of Main and 9th Street. There's a sale room for garments and the first floor is the coffee shop. They serve Intellegensia. I had the Costa Rican, a medium blend. They also get their baked goods from the Bread Lounge. i had the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread and a granola bar for later in the bike ride. Lovely establishment!

Danny's Truck in front of Radio Korea on Wilshire

Saw this truck parked along Radio Korea (Wilshire and Serrano) the other day so i stopped for a burrito. That's my meal of choice when I am driving between one appointment and another and have to eat in the car. This was a s shrimp burrito. Very tasty and filling.

Bronzed Aussie in DTLA

I work with an Aussie, S Gray, and she was very happy to report that the pies at this new place were excellent Aussie pies and far superior to any American pie. Ha! Well, of course, you either never want to set foot at such a place after such a statement or your curiosity becomes heighten. I was the later. (or maybe a little of both). An excellent lamb pie. The coffee was pretty good and I enjoyed the service. For staff, all from Australia. There are so many pies on the menu, I need to return to continue my research. S Gray bakes often and between her goods and the Bronzed Aussie, I am sensing a trend of chunky, hearty and bulky crust. Not delicate for sure. The gravy is a kind of in your face assault of rich juicy goodness. The experience is a little like being teleported to the Land of down under or something really close to it. It's unique, perhaps authentic and filling.