Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bounty Hunter

Allegedly placed #1 at the recent Napa Valley BBQ cook off and man was the brisket tasty with a vinegar based sauce. Yummy!!! Bounty Hunter is at 975 First Street, Napa, CA 94559, 707-226-3976. The BBQ sampler was paired with a Seurat. It brought out the sweetness in the meat. They had 3 types of sauces, which reminded me of Nashville. it was absolutely delicious.

Pinecrest Diner


Pinecrest Diner in Downtown San Francisco is a trip. Old school diner with a hint of Pinesol in the air. The cheese burger was fine but not earth shattering (like the 5.2 the other day). I do like the interior. Classic downtown diner.

Iron Wok

You know you're in trouble with a place called Iron Wok, in the seedy part of Downtown San Francisco with nothing else open but a bar in a four block radius. Iron Wok, 1420 Market Street, San Francisco CA 94102, was a rough place but the server was very friendly and happy. The food was smothered in sauce. I don't know, too much sauce makes me suspicious. What are they hiding? Well, it wasn't half bad and I did enjoy the spiciness of the Kung Pao. It reminded me that there's very little Chinese food at Chinese food places.


I had never heard of Inverness CA, have you? It's a lovely place just west of Napa Valley. I really liked it and saw the most awesome bus stop there. We'll about two, we were pretty hungry from all that driving around (we certainly did our part for the OPEC nations that day). Priscilla's, 12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Inverness CA 94937, 415-669-1244, had a great crab salad. Dungeness crab seemed to be at a lot of places this past weekend. Delicious, light and perfect from all that wine we drank the day before. The sausage sandwich was hearty and filling with a lot of red sauce.

Mitchell's Ice Cream

Artist Megan DeArmond told me about this place. "ALAN, you gotta go to Mitchell's!!!! It's my favorite ice cream in the whole wide world!!!!".... Alrightee, well, I guess I gotta go to Mitchell's, 688 San Jose Avenue, San Francisco CA 94110, 415-648-2300. I was still comatose from the Lori's B-Split so I had them make me a two ice cream banana split with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Indeed, awesome, indeed...velvet chocolate, like gelato. it was fairly cold and breezy but people where still lining up to get their fix.


Max's is actually the dinning place for the Max's Hotel in Downtown San Francisco. It's three blocks west of Powell Station. It's just old school and awesome. Lot's of dark rich colors in the interior. The music is funk jazz versions of old 80's pop tunes. The servers wear old school high end uniforms with good size collars and pleats. They have eggs Benedict on the breakfast menu and a rich variety of cakes. I think the awesome thing was the size of their home fries. Damn! Why cut it?

Lori's Diner

The thing about being a tourist in the summer is you can allow yourself to be a little more goofy than usual. Lori's was smack dab in the touristy part of downtown San Francisco and reminded me of places like Jerry's, Mel's, or Johnny Rocket's. We'd been walking quite a bit all day and I couldn't resist the fact that the banana split was on the menu. The scoops of ice creams where as big as soft balls. I ate the whole things and felt it for the next 24 hours or so. This turned out to be bad planning on my part because we went to Napa Valley the next day.

Neptune's Place

The sound of sea lions echoing off the pier seeps in and out of the tourist field dinning rooms. The good news is that the seafood wasn't half bad here. I ordered the seafood platter which came with crab and lobster. There's a lot of butter but I was on vacation and so it's all good. Neptune's is at Pier 39 San Francisco CA 94119, 415-434-4208

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake, there stands a wonderful cafe call Millie's. it is the quintessential breakfast spot for the area and they have some of the yummiest breakfast potatoes with rosemary. Meg had a Eggs Benedict and I had the Eleanore which is basically the potatoes piled with eggs and salsa. It is so delicious and filling. I love this place.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cactus Tacos

A staple to the Hollywood night scene is Cactus Tacos, 950 North Vine Street, Hollywood CA 323-464-5865. As you can imagine, they are open until late, just in time for that after concert or club munchy attack. My son and I went to Amoeba last night around 9PM. We spent about $70 bucks on DVDs and CDs. I got KIDS (i'm in the Harmony Korine phase) and the original Breathless plus cds by Stockhausen, the Pretenders and Ornette Coleman. Ken got a movie with Steve Corell in it. On our way home down Cahuenga, I asked Ken if he wanted to eat some tacos. He gave me that slightly long teenagers pause and said "ok". I mostly get single word and often single syllable answers from Ken but it's alright, he's still really cool. At least he still smiles at me sometimes. I ordered two vegetarian tacos (by then it was pretty late) and Ken had two carne asadas (ahh, youth). So good and filling. I love the assortment of extras and salsas. The place always brings back memories for me of "my" adolescents.