Monday, August 23, 2010

Coffee Pot in Echo Park

Coffee Pot at 2201 Sunset Blvd LA CA 213-483-3386. I've past by this place so many times and finally walked in this afternoon for lunch. At work, we have a new CEO and he's mandated us to wear neck ties everyday. Which I'm cool with because I like to dress up; got over thirty ties now, 12 dress shirts and am now in debt at the Cleaners. So I walk in with my tie and shirt and felt really out of place, like I was with the City Inspectors office or something but everyone was cool. I think and I could be very wrong but I think the woman running the place is Russian. She has a really sweet accent and there's Russian Dumplings on the menu, which I didn't order because she told me that the crepes were the most popular. I ordered an ice coffee which was very chill and a ham and cheese crepe. This was one of the best crepes I have ever had. The crepe was fresh and wasn't to eggy or too floury, a perfect balance and soooo tasty! I'm definitely going back to try those Russian Dumplings. Lot's of stuff on the walls, art, little hats and posters. It looks like the Weepies are going to be at the El Rey in a month or so. The chandelier collection is very fun too.

Ulysses Voyage; Greek Mese Cuisine at Farmers Market

I was with a very special friend having an angelic time, which is easy when you're with one. Ha! It was an extremely busy Sunday late afternoon at the Farmer's Market/ The Grove. We were hungry. Moving with the crowd on a weekend where you can feel the summer closing it's shades, I remembered the Greek place I'd never been to but was meaning to. She was into it so of we went. In front of the out door patio was a bunch of little ones in little one chairs surrounding a hip hop band. "B is for Broccoli, B is for Bread, B is for Balloon!!!". It was very adorable. Ulysses Voyage; Greek Mese Cuisine is at Farmers Market, 6333 W. 3rd St LA CA 90036, 323-939-9728. We kept it simple a "Pie" and the Gyro plate. Well, maybe not too imaginative but we didn't want to fall asleep during the movie. Anyway, the Gyro Plate was average but this "Pie" was awesome!!! You could get a vegie pie, a goat cheese pie, beef pie or a chicken pie. We shared a chicken pie. "Shared". Rich, chunky inside a flaky crust, hot and fun.

BCD Tofu House in Koreatown

24 hours. (I don't think you heard me) TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!!!! that's right! A Korean place open 24 hours, one day after another. This is serious STUFF! 3580 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010-2501 (213) 382-6677 is where it's located. Don't worry, they have a hudge parking lot in front of the place. Here's are some of the things I love about this place, outside from it's 24 hours dedication. Salty fish. Oh my goodness, happiness is when someone at the table doesn't eat fish. Oh Yeah! Then I get two of these delicious morsels. So tasty and a wonderful prelude to the spicy Soon Tofu (you did order it spicy, right?). Salty seafood dish. It's primarily calamari, so enjoy. Oh yeah, the rice. Let them do it. There's a whole process with the rice so even when it gets to your table, just wait. They'll hook you up.

Korea BBQ in Little Tokyo

At 323 East 1st Street LA CA 90012 213-680-1826 is Korea BBQ House. When you walk down the historic street in Little Tokyo during lunch or dinner, you can already smell that sweet aroma of smoke, meat and spicy sweet sauce. The sides are cool; kim chee, tofu dish, sauteed bean sprouts, you know what it is. The place is smokey and everyone's smiling. The BBQ here is fast, inexpensive and dee-licious sweet. Don't wear your white shirt and if so, no shame in wearing the napkin up to the neck.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mooi in Echo Park

What a funny name, MOOI. This is a raw and vegan place. I love the interior, so funky like the best of an hip vintage stores. The people are really cool too. The coffee was delicious. It's a special roast. We had an ice cream that was really odd. Of course it's vegan so there's no milk in it. It was called Turkish Apricot and Fig. It looked like ice cream but it had a texture like cake. I wasn't used to the oily aroma of it and it threw me off a little. I need to go back and try something off the food menu. The whole raw food thing is challenging for my pallete.

Miceli's in Universal City

Miceli's, 3655 Cahuenga Blvd West LA CA 90068 in Universal City. I highly recommend this place at night. The servers and staff will break into a classic or opera piece or sing a song from a musical. It's shocking and brilliant at the same time. However, we went today for lunch and there was no music. Oh well. The sauce is really sweet and filling. I ordered ravioli, which I always enjoy. The food is a little above average. I guess I was a little disappointed with no music but the company was great. I still felt hungry after my meal so I ordered the spumoni. Something about spumoni that makes the meal whole. I ordered it with an espresso and forgot about the fact that there was no music. I gotta go back one of these nights.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Johhny's in West Adams

LET THE TRUMPETS ROAR!!!! FINALLY, I am writing about Johhny's. This is a local legend in my hood. Located at 4331 W. Adams Blvd LA CA 90018, 323-734-6003. Pastrami!!!! I was in heaven on a hot afternoon yesterday. Eating my pastrami in my car, on my way to the next meeting. The pastrami here is thin and juicy. It's about as close to perfection as any sliced beef I've eaten. I'm sorry, this sandwich is perfect. That's it. No more to be said.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Carson

About two years ago, one of my Sunday basketball partners, Norm, told me about an amazing burger he had. I finally got there last weekend. It's in that mall mecca in Carson, visible from the Harbor Freeway. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is located at the South Bay Pavillion, 20700 Avalon Blvd. Carson CA 90746, 310-515-7700. On a chalkboard, they list which local farm the potatoes are from. The french fries are absolutely delicious. I loved em! The burger is fantastic! Old school patty, totally handmade and cooked at a slower than typical fast food grill. I couldn't believe it. This is now one of my top five fav LA burgers.

Delicieuse in Redondo Beach

Driving back to the 405 from my nieces birthday party at Redondo Beach, I caught from the corner of my eye "Goat Milk Ice Cream". What? I made a U turn and headed in. Delicieuse French Ice Cream Artisanale is a gem of a place. Located at 2503 Artesia Bl, Redondo Beach CA 90278. The owner is a proud and passionate master in French cuisine. She studied and apprenticed in France and has come back to CA to open a place that features French cuisine prepared in a fairly strict manner; Quiche Lorraine, Vegetable crepe, and soups. I ordered their original creation: "Diamond in the Rough Vanilla". It was a rich, creamy but not fatty and not too sugary. I need to go back to enjoy a meal and end it with some Lavender tea.

Cafe de Camacho at Olvera Street

When a new place opens up in a familiar neighborhood, it's hard to resist to check it out. In this case, the neighborhood is pretty "old", Olvera Street is suppose to be the first or one of the first cluster of buildings that started LA. On the southwest corner of the Olvera Street strip, there's a new place called Cafe de Camacho, 103 Paseo de la Plaza, LA CA 90012. The best part of this place is the artwork. There's a small collection of prints from the Self Help Graphics program that are wonderful. My Mexican Hot Chocolate wasn't very hot and was very watery. I also ordered the Albondigas or mexican meatball soup. That was very hot, which is good but the broth was watery and lacked much "broth" richness. I wanted to like this new place but maybe time will solve some of these problems. I hope so.