Monday, October 24, 2011

Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at Westfield in Culver City

My daughter's basketball ball practice this Saturday ended at Noon and when I went to go pick her up, the coaches asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch. Yes, i do. The coaches are foodies and they love BBQ. They had already decided where to go and neither my daughter or I had been there. Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at Westfield in Culver City or Fox Hills Mall is a chain restaurant, which is usually suspect but I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the Ribs and Chicken lunch special, which was awesome. The ribs are very good but the chicken and it's smokiness blew me away. There's a smoker in a glass room in the middle of the restaurant. How cool is that? I found that to be fairly impressive. For dessert, we shared the Snicker Ice Cream Cake with chocolate cookie crust. Also, I like the size of the iced tea, the sweet biscuits and the hot and spicy house BBQ sauce.

influx in San Diego

I decided to trek down to the SD to check out the exhibits down there that are part of PST. I went to the PHENOMENAL exhibit about the CA light movement at both their La Jolla and Downtown SD spaces. I loved it and highly recommend these shows. I also dropped by the Mengei Museum in Balboa Park and saw the SD Craft Revolution exhibit which was a pleasant surprise. The exhibit was well curated and presented and the pieces are amazing. The only meal I had while in SD was in between these spots. I found influx at 1948 Broadway, SD CA 92102. It's a clean, modern but modest coffee spot with a solid menu of salad and sandwiches. I ordered an organic Guatemala medium roast coffee that was very good, the Arugula Salad (arugula, balsamic vinegar, grapes, walnuts, baked tofu, bleu cheese) and a toasted Everything Bagel with cream cheese. This was a very comfortable and cool looking place. If in the area, drop by and get a decent cup of jo.

Chucks in Long Beach

I was in the LBC to check out the exhibit at the Long Beach Museum, part of the PST. Got there a little early and decided to get some breakfast. I like eateries of all shapes and sizes but I have to say that I have a higher level of excitement when I try out places like Chuck's, 4120 East Ocean Blvd Long Beach CA 90803. It's got a counter as well as a bunch of tables and chairs as well as an outdoor seating area. Chuck is actually there and says "good morning" to you when you walk into the bustling breakfast crowd. There are a lot of regulars. The servers are very sweet and helpful. I ordered the "Weasel", which seems to be a staple or a must order for first timers like yours truly. The Weasel is eggs, homemade chili, cheese and onions. It comes with a side of toast (they have Knotts Berry Farm jams), potatoes and coffee. It's a delicious, OG breakfast but I had to slap Tabasco on it and then I was very happy with it. Lastly, there's something wonderful about eating breakfast so close to the ocean.

Vees Cafe in West Adams

I was presently surprised with Vees. I had eyed this place on the occasions I was at Basswerks art center or Fai Do Do. it's got a interesting sign and a small fenced sidewalk seating area that is not common for this neighborhood. I simply ordered a croissant and a coffee. I heard that their sandwiches are really good and they get fresh desserts from a Glendale bakery, daily. I think they have salads as well. They are located at 5418 West Adams Los Angeles CA 90016

Gram and Papas in the LA Garment and Flower District

During CicLAvia several weeks ago, artist Clement Hanami pointed to Gram and Papa's and said I have to try this "slow food" spot. Recently, a bunch of us packed in my car and headed out there. I ordered the Banh Mi, a Vietnamese pressed sandwich. others ordered the Ahi plate, Cicken Pillard (salad), and chicken Sandwich. The food was absolutely fresh and delicious. We were all very pleased with our choices. I wanted to mention the potato chips. These homemade fried chips were really amazing. The challenge with this place, if you are driving, is parking. We found parking for $7, which makes this lunch a little expensive. It is a great place if you take public transportation or ride your bike. They are located at 227 East 9th Street Los Angeles CA 90015.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pizza N Such in Claremont

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with my friends Marta Perlas and Kipp Kobayashi and their two amazing daughters. I had given a short presentation at Cal Poly Pomona for an architecture class and bumped into Marta on campus. Marta and Kipp teach in the architecture program. They, all four, decided that since I had never been to their favorite pizza place, that this is where we should eat. Pizza N Such is located at 202 Yale Avenue Claremont CA 91711. We ordered the meat special and shared a large salad. It was delicious and equal to the yummy dinner was this unusual building the pizza place occupied. It used to be a bank a very long time ago. The owners, who also own the art gallery next door bought it and restored it. The design decisions are subtle and respective. I had a great time, especially spending time with the kids, who are awesome.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Farm Stand at Cal Poly Pomona

What was this? It felt like I was in another world. In the south east corner of Cal Poly Pomona, Farm Stand exists. The address is 4102 South University Drive, Pomona CA 91768. In the market they have all of these preserves, syrups, salsas, candy, vegetables, etc. Outside was a huge selection of gourds and pumpkins. Directly outside the parking lot is a huge pumpkin patch. Awesome place with a Cracker Barrel vibe.

Clementine in Century City

Clementine, 1751 Ensley Ave, LA CA 90024, LA CA 90024, 310-552-1080, is known for it's awesome desserts but unfortunately I got full with half a sandwich, chili and drink so I didn't order any dessert. The drink was awesome, fresh squeezed ginger lemonade. The chili was tomato based with beans but not very spicy but on the good side, no heartburn. The sandwich was the Chipotle Chicken. This also was not very spicy. The food was fresh but I was bumped I couldn't have any dessert.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Uptown Market and Deli in Whittier

Recently, I finished a project in Whittier so I treated myself to a lunch at this deli I eyed the last time I was there. Uptown Market and Deli is clean looking, cool looking and very no nonsense. They don't go overboard on the fluff or decorations, it's all about their fresh sandwiches and what was highly recommended to me was their Cashew Chicken Salad Sandwich. I think it's on pumpernickel bread and has chicken, cashews and raisins. What a delicious meal! The sweetness of the raisins counters the meaty nuttiness of the cashew and the saltiness of the chicken and sauce. I also was told that the corned beef sandwich as well as the breakfast burrito are fantastic.

The Standard Downtown LA

It was a rainy day in LA and I umbrella-d it to the Standard. There's a cool little restaurant on the first floor across from where the pool table is. I ordered a hot bowl of mac n cheese with lobster. This was a $25 lunch, so it's not cheap. The mac n cheese was soupy but hot and delicious and not overly fatty either. I felt the cheese was just subtle enough so that you could really taste the lobster, which of course is mostly why this cost so much, I suspect. The Standard is such a great place to hang out. If you have time, check out the roof pool bar which is fun day or night but not when its raining.

Parks Barbeque in Koreatown

Parks Barbeque in Koreatown is located at 955 South Vermont Ave, LA CA 90006, 213-380-1717. A new co-worker, Jihyong introduced this to us. It's a lot of fun to eat with new co-workers at a good Korean BBQ place because there's a informality to grilling the food in front of you that melts the ice. We decided to do ribs and tongue. The sides were yummy and Jihyoung ordered a spicy soup that was sort of like soon tofu but without the tofu. She was also worried we'd smell like Korean BBQ back at the office so she brought a bottle of Fabreeze, which I thought was hilarious. The twist to this lunch was the dessert. They had these fancy ice cream dishes including Spumoni. At a Korean restaurant? I could not resist but I have to say, it was delicious.