Monday, October 21, 2013

Betlem in Barcelona Spain

The other night, I was out with curator, Montse Romani and we passed by this one place and she said that it was a great place for sandwiches so naturally it was on my list this week. Betlem is located at Girona 70 08009. Their website is The advertise that they've been around since 1892. That's when Gaudi was pluggin away on his projects. Wow. I ordered the Catalonia Sausage Sandwich which is a hot sandwich. The bread was toasty and crisp but not anywhere near hard. The sausage was deliciously unique, not rich but mellow with a bit a spice. I also ordered the tapas, Steak Tartar, which the server said was their most popular. This was mix of a ground steak mixed into a raw like patty with herbs and breading. A medium serving is sculpted onto thin crunchy crackers. The OJ was fresh squeezed. About $30, this was a little expensive for lunch but extremely satisfying experience.

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