Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pollo Abrasa on Western Avenue

Believe it or not, I finally went to Pollo Abrasa since they moved into their modern-looking building. I guess they owned the entire triangular property. Sadly, the old iconic shop was torn down to make way for parking (perfectly logical), so the address is the same I think; 764 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005. The chicken is the same deliciously fabulous-ness it always is and maybe more importantly, that green sauce is still as bold and spicy. It looks like the same staff too, same family. In these tumultuous times, it's comforting to have something consistently nourishing and accessible.

Mo's Seafood in the Portland International Airport

Perhaps one of the best airport experiences I've ever had. Leave it to Portland to have a cool airport. Not only did I enjoy a clam chowder at Mo's, I got to see really wonderful short films in the Hollywood Theaters experimental venue. we need one of those at LAX. Concourse C, Portland International Airport Concourse C, 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218

Milford's Seafood in Spokane Washington

So, after the game, my son brought me to a seafood shop that many of the Gonzaga Men's Basketball Team and staff frequent. Milford's Sea Food House is a festive and OG restaurant in Spokane Washington and it's basketball season, so when you walk in with team forward, Rui Hachimura, you are with a star. Everyone wants to say hello, share words of encouragement and yes, even a selfie and autographs occasionally. Co-owner and chef Jerry Young joined us too and had warm and friendly things to say to Rui about his support for the team and its legacy. The food was superb!!!! I had a Chilean Bass, which Chef Jerry recommended to me. It was so good. I can still taste it. When the chef recommends something on the menu, even though you wanted to try the Steelhead because it's local and you've never had Steelhead, it's best to take the advice of the chef. I was only in Spokane for a day, enough time to see a home game and have some rare time with my son. It's easy to see how the town appreciates this magical basketball program. Everywhere I went, there's Gonzaga basketball memorabilia and gear. Not everyone is a basketball fan but it feels like everyone is a fan of the the team and with that comes a special type of City pride that is hard to quantify but it's tangible. Major shout outs to the team and staff and the coaches. Like most who know a thing or two about the program, I have so much respect and gratitude toward Coach Dan Munson. Clearly, his vision for the team, even though he's not on the staff anymore, has flourished. Coach Munson is with the CalState Long Beach Men's Basketball Team and is directly the reason why my son is at Gonzaga now. There's nothing I can do to ever repay Coach Munson and his crew for the doors he's opened for my son. It's unbelievable.

LALA's on Melrose Avenue

One of the occasional joys in my life is to have a Friday night dinner with my daughter. Last week, we drove to Melrose and found this place. On the signage, it read Argentinian so that sounded great to us so we decided to give it a shot. LALA's is located at 7229 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Tumbs up from my daughter and I. The service was excellent. The food is fresh and filled with those amazing spices Argentina is known for. The flan was over the top. They make it there and it was amazing.

Kohii in Little Tokyo

Kohii is a newish coffee place in the building my doctor's office is located in Little Tokyo; 420 E 3rd St #107, Los Angeles, CA 90013. I asked my doctor if the coffee was good and she said she liked Starbucks so I changed the subject. It was indeed a good cup of jo. They have fairly limited hours (because it's a medical office building). The folks working there are really great; friendly and warm but are serious about their coffee. The roast they use is Common Ground, a local roast that has been in LA for decades. Actually, I think, their original shop is on Rose in Venice Beach and they roast in Marina Del Rey. That's pretty local. Kohii is the pronunciation of coffee in Japanese. Their icon is a pineapple so I suspect there's some Hawaiian connection there.

Jack and Dan's in Spokane Washington

I brag all the time about my kids. That's one of the fringe benefits of being a parent. My son is the Graduate Manager of the Gonzaga Men's Basketball Team. He's been there since the summer of 2016, so yes, he was on the management staff during that magical year. However, it wasn't until this past weekend that I finally made it to Spokane to see a home game. Even though it was during winter break and the student body had gone home, the stadium was packed with adults and families, it was glorious and loud and more importantly they won, albeit during overtime and against a non-ranked team. Afterwards, my son brought me to dinner, along with Forward Rui Hachimura. That was wonderful. After that, we dropped Rui off at his dorm my son brought me to Jack and Dan's, a bar owned my John Stockton's family. Unfortunately, Stockton's father, who owned and ran the bar, passed away last year, so major shout out's to the legendary point guard and his family. At Jack and Dan's, we were joined by Assistant Coach Tommy Lloyd and Team Analytics Coordinator, Riccardo Fois. Coach Lloyd and Riccardo are indicative of the amazing family-like persona of the Gonzaga family and to think that my son is part of that is overwhelming to me. The beer was smooth and delicious. The evening was super-real and surreal and deeply heartwarming.

Hush Puppies in Las Vegas

There are two locations of Hush Puppies in Las Vegas. I've been to this one about four times now, 7185 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117. I've been to the other location zero times. I need to alleviate that the next time I'm in Vegas. Still delicious, still awesome but their hours. I was on my way to Utah to do a art project at the Wendover Hangar. I was excited to have lunch there and introduce this place to videographer Weng San Sit but it was closed?! Ahhhh! Luckily, it was a roundtrip so we caught it open on our way back. I love this place.

Cakery Bakery in La Cañada

After a brief visit to Descanso Gardens to see my installation "Mudsling" one last time before the group exhibition; ELEMENTAL MARKING closes (curated by John O'Brien), I wanted to pick up some sweets to bring to Commonwealth & Council/ Visitors Welcome Center galleries in Koreatown. Director of Commonwealth & Council had just had his birthday, that was the impetus. All of a sudden, Cakery Bakery appeared! It's located at 1119 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011 and cup cakes, splendid cup cakes became the solution. When I arrived to the K-Town galleries, I had just missed Young by a few minutes. Oh well, luckily, friends and gallery visitors were there and so we took a group shot of the cupcakes with candles and sent it to him. It was virtual for the birthday boy.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Yume Sushi in Santa Barbara

Sushi to quench our hungry but not slow us down cause we had a photo shoot to do. Well, Elon Schoenholz had a photo shoot to do, I was just there for primarily moral support (ha ha). It was the Chicano Secret Service at the Santa Barbara City College gallery. So fun and political and classic CSS. Anyway, the sushi we got before the performance was great and we got to see some a little bit of a NBA game too. 428 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Giovanni Pizza in Montecito (near Santa Barbara)

A late night ride home after a photo shoot by Elon Schoenholz at the Santa Barbara City College Art Gallery. It was an entertaining performance by the Chicano Secret Service in a space by artist Rafa Esperaza. We were tired but hungry so we stopped by this pizza place. A little salty but really nice folks, good salad and GREAT pizza crust. 1187 Coast Village Rd #3C, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Economy Old Fashion Fountain in Ely CA

Super nice people here in a small but cool town we stopped by for lunch on our way from Wendover Utah to Las Vegas. located on Downtown Ely at 696 Aultman St, Ely, NV 89301-1555, the Fountain houses also a toy store, convenient store and pharmacy as well as the small counter and seating area for the old fashion fountain. I had a root beer and meatball sandwich. I wish I had room for ice cream or a float but that was not the case this time. Hopefully, we'll stop by again in the future. great find.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Confection CO-OP on Hollywood

Confection CO-OP, 1200 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038 is a place that does it's own baking. In frontier of coffee places exploding all over LA, it is rare to find a place that bakes it's own snacks. This chocolate cupcake was a non-gluten snack that was very delicious. Not overly sweet, it went well with my coffee. It's a small place, frequented by the staff of the surrounding Industry studios.

Pasadena Fish Company

Dinner take put from the Pasadena Fish Company, 181 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91103 was a wonderful treat. Fried catfish with sides was tender, juicy and luscious. I'd like to go back and try the sand dabs.