Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walter Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach University

My son is a Student Manager for the CSULB 49ers Mens Basketball Team, so he's been getting me tickets to games. Last night, I ordered a hot dog. They serve Nathan's but the skin didn't snap. Why is this? I only ate one. A Kobayashi I am not. A chili cheese dog is something I do not often order but when I do, I always recall eating chili cheese dogs with my little brother from our local Der Weinerschnitzel (yes, it was long ago). Now they're known as Weinerschnitzel. A chili dog is a double whammy. There's the oils from the dog and the oil and fat from the chili. It was delicious. The chili had beans. Long Beach beat Boise State, 72-62. A funny thing about these games at the Beach, because there's no NBA right now, Clipper Darryl is there in a awesome Long beach inspired suit. That man is awesome!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Museum of Jurassic Technology, Tula Tea Room

One of my favorite places to visit is the Museum of Jurassic Technology, 9341 Venice Blvd. LA CA 90232. David Wilson, the founder and company have created this amazing and darkly aesthetic experience. Yesterday, it rained rather hard (for LA) and so it was a perfect day to visit the museum. I enjoyed the exhibit celebrating the dogs used in the Soviet Space Program, the 3-D film experience and ghostly music bell tree. What made the visit perfect on such a wet and "gloomy" day was the Tula Tea Room on the second floor; a complimentary glass of hot tea and cookies. In some ways, this museum reminds me of the Munsters or the Adams Family. Black and white or sepia toned, tugging at the Goth era but with a sly sense of humor. in fact, I was in one room where a girl with her parents started crying and asking if they could leave. If you have never visited this place, I highly recommend it. While you are there, please visit next door, the Center of Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), which is equally intriguing and gem-like but highly hidden.

Tom's Five on Pico

Well, Tom's Five is a neighborhood hang. I get the sense that after school, a lot of LA High School students grab a munchy there. I ordered a chili burger, onion rings and curly fries. I have to say that the curly fries out shinned everything. they were golden, crunchy and had some delicious seasoning on them. They are located at 4497 West Pico Blvd LA CA 90019

Big Boys in Northridge

Last Friday, I coordinated an event at Big Boys, 8876 Corbin Ave Northridge, CA, with artist Danny Heller in celebration of his Metro poster. In his illustration of Chatsworth, is a classic car and so we decided to have a poster signing at the Northridge Classic Car Night, a weekly event, in their parking lot. We had over sixty folks show up to get an autographed copy of the poster. Before the event started, I got there earlier and ordered the classic combo; cheese burger, fries and a drink. The cheese burger is a no nonsense burger with a 1,000 Island style sauce and shredded lettuce. The bun is toasted and the patty is a good size. The fries are golden brown; crunchy on the outside and tender in the inside. Big Boys brings back memories. My mom used to bring my brother and I to the one on Wilshire when we were growing up. The event Friday was awesome and we also got to see a lot of beautiful restored cars.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente

The City synonymous with Richard Nixon. It's a very posh little beach town, like a tiny Carmel. My daughter and I were coming back from San Diego and it was lunch time. We got off the freeway and started searching and came across a cute little cafe called Cafe Mimosa. I was driving and my daughter is a teenager so no mimosas for us. I ordered the eggs benedict and she ordered the chicken panini. I also had the fresh squeezed orange juice. The food here is a little bland for my taste but it's super fresh and my daughter really liked her sandwich. The oj was delicious. Maybe if we had mimosas, it would have been better?

LA Burger on Pico Blvd

Located at 6001 W. Pico Blvd, LA CA 323-938-4300, LA Burger is an old school burger joint. Artist Steven M Irvin and I were on our way to the Getty to see Carl Stone play last weekend. Not having time, and cutting across LA from Crenshaw, we came across a place we both had seen all our lives but never went to, LA Burger. It's across the street from the MINT. I ordered the LA Burger, naturally with chili fries and a root beer. The burger was good but was overshadowed by the chili fries which was fabuloso! The chili had little chunks of steak. I loved it but paid for it later at the Getty. They also have fried chicken, which is what I'd like to go back for.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Buffet Soul on Pico Blvd

Ribs. A tricky business in LA. Where do you get great ribs? It's an individualistic pursuit. I ran out of time Tuesday and had to make a quick decision on my way back to a special dinner at home. Ribs, I'll buy ribs. I had remembered my kids saying they loved the food at this tiny place on Pico. It's called Buffet Soul, 5068 W Pico Blvd, LA CA 90019, 323-931-3879. If you look at the images, you can see how smothered they are in the sauce, which I really enjoyed; smokey and with a little bit of bite. The meat literally fell of the bones. It was made for a great evening of eating.

Pie Hole in the Arts District

Traction Ave has seen a lot of change while consistently being a staple for the arts. A new store has emerged, Pie Hole, 714 Traction Ave LA CA. A pie shop but not just some typical pie shop, this place is amazing. We ordered the pecan pie and the mushroom. The pies are small but highly rich and beyond delicious. The ingredients are heartfelt , fresh and thoughtful.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Di Carlo Woodfire Pizzeria on Hollywood Blvd

It looks like my daughter and I found our newest favorite pizza place. My friend Angelene told me about this place long ago but it took a trip to Frank Lloyd Wrights Hollyhock House this weekend to finally eat at Di Carlo Woodfire Pizzeria 4518 Hollywood Blvd. LA CA 90027, 323-644-9760. Oh man, it was perfect weather for pizza too. it had rained a lot that morning, was on the cool side with light wind, chilly for LA but maybe early morning summer for most place. I ordered the Arugula salad which was fresh, crisp and full of flavor. My daughter ordered the Salisiccia pizza; garlic, rosemary, Italian sausage, olive oil, tomato, and mozzarella. The moment my daughter and I bit into out first slice, we both smiled at eachother. I think that's all I want to write about this. I hope you get to go to this place.

Silverlake Juice and Tea

Artist Megan DeArmond wanted to introduce this juice place to me last week. Oh, it turns out to be connected to Cowboys and Turbans at 2813 West Sunset Blvd LA CA 90026. The great thing about this relationship with C and T is they share that awesome outdoor dining area. The juice place is totally laid back but serious about their ingredients. I got a shake called "First date" which was a cold slush of dates, almond milk plus I ordered goji powder. Goji Power! Megan told me that the goji is helpful for people my age who's eyesight seems to be slowly fading away. Megan ordered the "Happy Hippie", bananas, raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds, hemp milk and honey. Visually, these aren't interesting to look at but they are absolutely delicious and filling. Not lunch-time filling but filling for like "two hours and I'll be ok" filling.

Sea Minor in South Hollywood

I had a guest from Japan last week, a dear friends associate at a public art organization in Tokyo. I gave her the LA tour and we found ourselves around Hollywood for dinner. I had eyed this place before. Mostly because through the windows, you can see an array of custom heavy-metal-ish guitars on the wall. Sea Minor, Pescetarian Restaurant is located at 5784 Melrose Ave, LA CA 90038, 323-464-2345. Well, it turns out, but not surprisingly, that the entire staff is made up of musicians from Asia. The menu is extensive and has a multi-Asian spin in every dish. We ordered the Spicy Seafood Platter; a mix of calamari, fish, shrimp and scallops. It was fresh, delicate and spicy. The second dish was a garlic shrimp dish that was delicious. I highly recommend this place for a casual sea food lunch or dinner. The interior is casual with this sort of clean, modern and metal feel with a prevalent mini-mall vibe.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mels Fish Shack on Jefferson

OG!!!!!! Mel's has been around for decades although not necessarily where it is right now at 4525 W. Jefferson Blvd LA CA. I got the fried catfish lunch plate with greens and hush puppies. It's fried fish heaven at Mel's and the greens where awesome. There's an oddly designed counter and the seating is tight but it's cool. I really want to go back and try some other items on the menu. Maybe I'll see you there?

Ramona's in Gardena

The final game of the Serra High School Basketball League was last Saturday. Wasn't sure what we would go get to eat but I remembered a taco place I used to go to back in the early 80's and wondered if it was still around. It was and it sure brought back a lot of memories. Ramona's is a manufacturer of Mexican food but they also have several little snack stands including this one at their factory, 13633 South Western Ave Gardena CA 90249. The place was packed and as we stood in line, I couldn't help but think this is a place only locals know about. The tacos were exactly how I remembered them. It's stewed beef with diced potatoes with cheese and two kinds of lettuce in a crunchy tortilla. It's really good and they've remained consistent for decades. Much respect for this place.