Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Valerie at Grand Central Market

I love sitting at the counter. It's so nostalgic and communal. I like it better than a community table, although I like those as well. Valerie is located in Grand Central Market and has been opened for several months. Today's special was a tuna melt plate which included two slices of melt, sweet pickle, vegetables & blue cheese dip, and potato salad. The ingredients are super fresh and the flavor is just enough to be very delicious but nothing over the top, rather, this lunch transported me to a summers picnic. I couldn't resist the salty caramel croissant for lunch and they even ended the meal with a delicious chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. My goodness, I will go back because the chicken curry sandwich looked delicious and the chopped salad also looks incredible. Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway #E3-4, LA CA 90013. If you call in a order you can take it out by dialing 213-621-2781. I was also thinking they should advertise their lunch to Hollywood Bowl subscribes. This would have made the perfect box meal for the Bowl.

Atwater Boba Loca

Taro Boba. I'm not a big fan of boba but for some reason, i ordered it last night and the combo of boba and taro smoothie was really amazing. I mentioned that I wasn't into anything too sweet so they totally nailed it for me. it was perfect. They are located at 3121 Glendale Blvd LA CA 90039.

Viet in Atwater

VIET Noodle Bar, 3133 1/2 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90039, 323-906-1575. Highly reccomended. Went for a third time on August 19, 2013. Had the C-Shot (tropical fruits with ginger and red pepper) and the the Hanoi Style Chicken Pho. Delicious and reviving. The tender chicken, wide noodles and hot and not too salty broth is excellent. I between work and my 2nd sewing machine class at SewLA. A good time was had by all.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

G&B Coffee at Grand Central Market

So, the coffee revolution in LA started with Starbucks and the Pete's came then we got our own Groundworks followed by Lamill, Intellegensia, on and on. Now we got Handsome and all these amazing bakeries that carry these incredible roasts from the Bay Area, etc. etc. etc. Now it's coming down to aesthetics, experience, community-vibe, and maybe most important, proximity.So two stops from work is Grand Central Market and there is now a very cool place to get coffee there, G&B, 324 S Hill St LA CA. I hooked up with writer-musician-visual artist-voice recognition software wonder Joseph Tepperman, aka Mooey Moobau and his faithful canine, G. I've since been back a lot, most recently, Thursday. There's counter space. There's a lot of table space adjacent to the counter. It's an awesome place to chill. I ordered the espresso, which is also served with this carbonated refresher. I've had the Americano which I love. Thursday, I just sat, sipped and read a book and did some drawings. All was good in the land of OZ.

LYFE Kitchen in Culver City

Paradigm Shift. So painter Bryan Ida and I hooked up yesterday for lunch. I had been wanting to check out LYFE Kitchen, 9540 Washington Blvd, LA CA 90232. He heard that they were good and I had heard they were good so, hey, sounds good. On our way there Bryan says, "I think it's associated with McDonalds". Mann, I think that messed me up for the lunch because that's too big of a paradigm shift for me. The place is very cool in a non-descript IKEA kind of vernacular. It's got the hip clean and bright interior design so popular around town but the way the fast food counter with big menu spanning across was very mall fast food. BTW this is a natural food place. There's a shelf of herbs adjacent to the counter. I don't think they use these herbs. It's like interior design garnish. I ordered the Art's unfired chicken with brussels sprouts and butternut squash. I asked the staff, who's Art? And they said, "He's the guy who came up with the fried chicken". That was definitely a Wikipedia generation response. There's not much you can reply with after a statement like that. Amazing. My kale and banana smoothie was delicious. The chicken, well, this food here reminded me of the meal I had at the food court at LAX recently. This place reminds of that Twilight Zone, "Serve Man". You know the last scene when the protagonist is in the space ship and he is given that meal in Saran wrap?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Robata-Ya on Sawtelle

My dear friend and art collaborator Mona Kasra was in town a coupe weeks ago and we ended up at Robata-ya, which is really a kind of bar food-tapas place. The dishes were good but the fact that neither of us drank led to a mediocre culinary experience. We you expect your clientele to drink, you adjust the taste of the food to liquor so we probably should have gone to another place but they we were, having a great time catching up. Robata-ya is located at 2004 Sawtelle Blvd, LA CA 90025

Camacho's Cafe LAX

I drove my kids to LAX a week ago and had time to eat lunch in the food court. My daughter and I went to Camacho's Cafe. For two plates of fast food style and quality Mexican food we paid $40. Isn't that insane? I thought it would be nice to have lunch before they left but I regret feeding her bad mexican food in LA before she left for Japan. It just seems critically wrong. I was told that the renovation of the food court resulted in better quality food but this place certainly feel short. There's hospital food, hotel food and now LAX food. I hope they clean it up.

Soritos Papuseria at Grand Central Market, entry #1000

This is entry 1,000. Thank you to all my friends and supporters for encouraging me to continue this voyage. Entry one thousand is Soritos Papuseria El Salvadorian at Grand Central Market located at 324 S Hill LA CA 90013. I have been back twice since I first documented this place. The beef stew is incredible; "Carne Guisada". Oh my goodness, it's so delicious. Great broth, fresh cooked vegetables, chunky as heck and off course melt in your mouth beef. The papusas are fantastic as well. they actually make the tortilla per order. This is an incredible place and sure to push you in the right direction for the second half of your day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Roast To Go; Antojitos Mexicanos at Grand Central Market

This was my first time at Roast To Go at GCM. I was going to get tacos, which they are known for but the two women before me ordered burritos and they looked so good. I got a chicken burrito. It was delicious and full of flavor. The chicken was "roasted", the beans were delicious. This is the kind of meal that probably has lard in it. Oh well. i think i had a salad for dinner. Located at 317 S Broadway, LA CA 90013.

India's Oven on Beverly

The service was really good. The food was so so. The rice was under cooked, the Nirvana Chicken lacked substance and the coconut curry was weak. We wanted to like this place but it was very underwhelming. The best part was that I got to have lunch with my daughter and again, the service is great. really nice folk. I wish I was more positive about the food. 7233 Beverly Blvd, LA CA 90036