Monday, February 17, 2014

Take A Bao at the Century City Mall

My daughter and I went to go see the LEGO Movie at the Century City Mall and afterwards we ate at Take A Bao. We had never ate at that place, in the Mall's food court. Unfortunately, it wasn't the steam Bao, it was the wrap style Bao. So, we both gat the Thai Beef Salad, which turned out to be very wonderful.

Murakami on Melrose

Last night, my daughter and I were driving around, trying to figure out were to eat for dinner and I had remembered Angelene telling me about a Japanese place on Melrose off La Brea that she's been going to. They have sushi and other typical Japanese dishes but they also have "Bowls" that you can decide what you ant in them. My daughter was happy about this because when bowls are on the menu they often have something in them she doesn't like. I ordered an assortment of side dishes and the Sashimi Pate. The Miso Eggplant was fabuloso! They also have the Murakami Roll, which they substitute the seaweed cover for thinly cut cucumber. The Salmon Skin Salad was exceptional. I remember when they used to be on Hollywood, was in Hollywood? The staff remembered me when i walked in. It sure is nice to be remembered. I was so surprised. I had no idea that they had moved.

Crown of India in Hollywood

During last week, artists Jeffrey James Mohr and Wayne Perry and I went to grab some lunch at Crown of India, which I was told was one of Megan DeArmond's favs when she lived in LA. The food was delicious and we left full and sleepy. It's in a mini-mall that's near the corner of Highland and Santa Monica Blvd, 6755 Santa Monica Blvd, LA CA 90038

Sugarfix Desserts in Pasadena

Another joyful Fatherhood moment this past week. My daughter texts me at the end of the day that she was stopping by a bakery and did I want a cupcake. She got one for everyone who was participating in Ear Meal that evening. Sugarfix is located at 63 S Raymond Ave Pasadena CA 91605. I had the red velvet cupcake that was very good. I especially liked the cream cheese frosting.

Saffron and Rose Ice Cream in Westwood

Went to the Hammer Museum with artist Vivian Sming but before we got there, we decided to stop by Saffron and Rose Ice Cream. 1387 Westwood Bl, LA CA 90024. We tried rose water, saffron, coconut and an unusual sweet ice rose water dish with frozen thin noodles, which I really liked. It was delicious and I liked the texture of the frozen noodles.

Gus Jr. Restaurant in Riverside

CSULB was at Cal Poly. I wasn't planning on going but I awoke from a late afternoon nap, looked at the calendar, saw the game was on and instantly got ready and left. I forgot how far Riverside was and was on the freeway for a good 90 minutes in traffic. I missed tip off but got there at decent time, considering. Beach won. it was a good game and always fun to see my son working in back of the bench. I was starving after the game so i drove around and decided to go to a fast food place I wasn't familiar with. Gus Jr. Restaurant is located at 1666 University Ave Riverside CA 92507. Well, it wasn't half bad. I got a bean and cheese burrito. I think there was lard in the beans, which made it tasty and when it's that late in the evening, i just want to quench the thirst for the drive home. All was good.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chynna in Little Tokyo

Was it last year or the year before? I got the news that my friends were getting a divorce. What a shocker. Did not see it coming. I guess you really don't know what couples are going through behind the front door. That week, I called each of them on the phone and said I wasn't going to take sides and that my intention was to continue being both of their friends and if they had a problem with that, they should let me know. So one of was in town, David, and we went to go check out this place people had been telling me about. Dim Sum in Little Tokyo? We walked around the three story mall and finally had to ask a security guard were's this Dim Sum place? The entrance is from the first floor plaza not from the inside of the mall. Well, David is now a vegetarian/ pescaterian so we ordered accordingly. They have a great beer selection on tap. The Dim Sum has no MSG so it's el natural. I enjoyed it very much and so did David. I'm going to go back and have me some pork, though.

Chimney Coffee House just east of Chinatown

I was driving back to work, taking that back way, the Alameda that leads to the Brewery Art Studios. This caught my eye so earlier this week, my friend Elon and I went to check it out. Chimney Coffee House is located at 1100 N Main St LA CA 90012. The coffee was great but this Chimney Brick Toast was fun and amazing. I'm definitely going back soon. A very cool, albeit hidden place.