Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chego in Chinatown

My friend Erina Hong has been telling me to see the Anthony Bourdain show on K-Town, which I finally watched this weekend. It reminded me to go to Chego, which moved to Chinatown at 727 N Broadway, Suite 117, LA CA 90012. I never did get to go to it when it was on the Westside. I went early for lunch so there was a tiny line and I didn't have to wait very long. I ordered the ooey Gooey Fries, Sour Cream hen and the Pina Krackalada for dessert. I'm definitely going back. This is my kind of eats; hearty, familiar and colorful.

Cafe Gratitude in Venice

Our dear friend Jihyoung was recently cleared of her cancer and we celebrated with her recently at (appropriately) Cafe Gratitude, 512 Rose Ave Venice CA 90291. Cancer. What a horrible disease but it seems like more and more folks I know are being diagnosed with it. Hearing about the treatment, I am amazed at the advancement that has been made in it's treatment. I ordered the kale-based drink called "I Am Healthy", the "I Am Adventurous" which is the raw soup and the "I Am Warm and Heartfelt" which is grilled polenta and ricotta cashew dish. It was all fantastic! I'd been to the one near my house on Larchmont but this one had a very different vibe inside. There were three birthdays being celebrated so there was a consistent singing of anything but the Happy Birthday song. it was nice to make new friends and I had some great conversation but most of all, it was awesome to see a friend healthy again.

Sushi Enya in Little Tokyo

It seems like over night but it's not, when I became a veteran or an elderly statesman in the arts. of course, my mentors, most of them, are still alive and very active. No, it doesn't mean you're the oldest, it means that there are a hell of lot more younger artists than you in the community than there used to be. So I was asked to meet a recent graduate of a local university who wanted to pick my brain about working in the arts while continuing your art making. That's something I have been blessed to be able to do. We decided to meet in front of JANM for lunch and walked over to Sushu Enya, 343 E 1st Street, LA CA 90012. I ordered the sashimi lunch plate and Iris ordered the sushi lunch plate. The meal was very decent. i enjoyed eating sahimi. It always makes me feel healthy and revived without that over eating sensation common to cubicle lunch.

Tropicana in Downey

After this event I coordinated for Metro, artist Ramon Ramirez recommended we go have lunch at the Tropicana, a Cuban place located at 10218 Paramount Blvd, Downey CA 90241. INCREDIBLE!!!! I had the Ox Tail. That made me so happy. I was smiling mightily for the rest of the week.The chocolate cake we share, myself, Ramon and Erina Hong, was fantastic but I was already in a food coma so I don't remember much of that cake.

Top Round Roast Beef in West LA

I really like the way this place is designed, so it drew me in quickly. Up until two months ago, it was a doughnut shop. Top Round Roast Beef is located at 1000 S La brea Ave LA CA 90036, corner of La Brea and Olympic. They have an incredible selection of shakes with funny names. I just got a traditional chocolate and a strawberry, one for me and one for my daughter. I also got the dirty fries. this is amazing, cheese, gravy and caramelized onions. The roast beef, not so much. The roast beef had little flavor. Cut thin, the meat was moist but lacked any UMFFffff. I'ld go back for a shake and those fries, though.

A Frame in West LA

Located in a former iHop International House of Pancakes, A Frame is a wonderful mix of Asian and Western aesthetics with fresh ingredients i.e. local and a fantastic staff; pro, attractive and kind. I hit the place right when it opened for dinner yesterday at 5PM so it wasn't the rush that I am sure A frame is energized with at night. I ordered the Island Farmer Market Salad with shaved Maui onions, tofu, sliced fried garlic, strawberries (picked locally) with splashes of ginger shoyu vinaigrette. DEEEElicious!!! Man, that was a great salad; refreshing, crunchy and full of deep flavor. I love sliced fried garlic. I followed that with the Cracklin Beer Can Chicken with kimchee, a sliced Century Egg and a rojo & verde salsa. That rojo was smokey! The Century Egg was more like a decade but it was tasty. I thought this was going to be fried chicken so I mis-heard during the order. This was healthier but my mind couldn't get over that hump. I attacked the bird anyway and it was gone. Tasty skin but the bird was a little under-cooked in some parts but I figured that helped me not over eat, which is often my challenge. A Frame is located at 12565 Washington Blvd. LA CA many blocks west of the 405 Freeway but not as far as Costco.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Gaby's Mediteranean Food in Culver City

This past Sunday was father's day. Ken came home and actually brought his roommate, Nixon. It was great to see both of them. They ordered take out with my daughter. Greek food from Gaby's Mediterranean Food, 2901 La Cienega Bl. Culver City CA. there are many more in existence but this is convenient for where they were. The food was delicious. even though this is a chain, the quality and preparation care is high. I really appreciate that and I absolutely appreciated the celebration with my kids.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Indus by Saffron at the 7th St Market Pl in Downtown LA

Not sure if this counts because my co-worker Erina ordered it and I just had a taste. Erina was very pleased with this chicken curry bowl. I thought the taste was good but not great. The Garlic Nan was delicious, however. I'll have to go back and actually order a meal to be fair. 735 S Figueroa St. LA CA 90017 I went today for lunch (070513). I ordered the Chicken Marsala plate. It was just so so. The spices seem to be lacking and the garbanzo beans were under cooked.

Fish Only near the County Medical Center

Only Fish is a good name for a seafood place. it caught my eye this week, although it was in mini mall where I have had very poor experiences. 1832 Marengo St LA CA 90033. i ordered a combo with Red Snapper and fried rice. The fish was tough and the rice was basically soy sauce saturated rice that may have been fried in the wok but not for long, evidentially. Soy sauce wet rice, quite odd. Oh well. A miss with no hit.