Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dow Jones in Barcelona, an "American" Bar

Walking around Barcelona on what must of been four or five hours, I was a little hungry so this place caught my eye. I thought it was a British Pub at first. Why? it's called Dow Jones? Why did I think it was a Brit Pub? The mind can be so sad sometimes. Literally, I walked in wondering, why is it called Dow Jones, don't they know that's the US? Why are they playing the Detroit/Cleveland game? Don't they have any soccer games playing? Even when the server game, I thought her accent was English. Nope, she's from Australia and this is supposed to be an American Pub. It took me like fifteen minutes to figure this all out. oh, oh. This maybe a mistake. Why did I come halfway around the world to eat in a touristy American bar? Alison, a very beautiful young Aussie who doubles as a hair/make up artist for shoots in the US, was forgiving, kind and charming. She made me feel like Mr. Magoo or Toro-san. Thank you Alison for your compassion and kindness to the OG from LA. Alison had been to LA several times for gigs as recent as April. She leaned over to tell me this is a tourist place. "oh". I ordered a Barcelona beer called Voll-Damm that was very yummy. it saved the meal. It had that dark caramel-like taste followed by this light acidity softness. I ordered the Mix Tapas which was a plate full of fried little things like chicken nuggets, jalapeño rellenos, etc. Stuff I would normally not eat. It was a lot of little crunchy greasy brown things I couldn't finish but it did go well with the beer. I hope to not order anything like that for the rest of my stay here in Barcelona. Alison, without your gracefulness, this meal experience would have been a disaster, thank you for being a perfect host.

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