Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bidasoa in Barcelona

Bidasoa is located at Carrer d'En Serra, 21, 08002 Barcelona. Authentica y Fabuloso! So when you go to a big city like Barcelona, it's not too crazy that you'll meet people from LA as well, right? Tonight, curator Montse Romani invited me to dinner with her friends from the US, university professors; Z Seedyk and Rachel Mayeri from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont and Gabriel Popescu from Indiana University South Bend. Five foodies, hungry and ready for an experience, the perfect preface to a great book! We had escargot, fried prawns, local Catalan red wine, sausage in gravy with fresh baguette, tiny fried fish with lemon, broiled cod with clams, the house salad, stewed vegetables and amazing desserts; chocolate over bread pudding and glazed pineapple. A good time was had by all. Amazing rich and authentic food representing the soul of Catalan, even the chef took a group shot with us. Lastly, we closed the place!

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