Monday, February 25, 2013

Rose's Donut Shop in Inglewood

I was a little early for my meeting with artist Michael Massenburg at the Beacon Art Center so I stopped over at that mini mall across the street. I could have gone to the Starbuck's but why pass up the local hero. Rose's Donut Shop, 917 La Brea Ave Inglewood CA 90302. I have never had a good experience with the pastry at Starbucks. Rose's delivered. That chocolate ole fashion was fabuloso!!!!

Fiesta Martin in Inglewood

I heard from several folks that Fiesta Martin, 1330 N La Brea Ave Inglewood CA 90302, had great Mexican food. Family owned and run the food was wonderful. I had a chicken taco and chile relleno combo. DEE_licious!!! I ordered a take out so I could eat it at my computer but I would love to go with some friends one night because it looks like they make a good margarita.....

District Wine in Long Beach

The Wine District is a very cool wine shop. We ordered the wine tasting special which included: Verdejo, Shaya (Spain), Sauvignon Blanc Long Boat (New Zealand), Cote de Rhone (France) and Chianti Classico (Italy). Our fav was the Cote de Rhone, "smooth & supple with berry fruit, licorce and spices. Full, rounded palate with delicate tannins". It kicked butt.

Asha Moroccan Mediterranean Kitchen in Long Beach

This was a fun place Saturday evening in the LBC's East Village. Afterwards, we realized that we probably should have ordered the "more" Moroccan food but opted for two "sampler" plates of common Mediterranean food. Having said that, the Hummus was dream-like, the lamb was fantastic/ juicy and that garlic butter was perfect. We'll have to go back to order the Moroccan cuisine.

San Sui Tei in Little Tokyo

I wanted to love this place. It's competing with all of the great ramen places in Little Tokyo and the crew is so sweet and the location is in the historic area. That Little Tokyo lunch time is rough. It feels like an underdog but the ramen isn't that good. It's alright to be salty as long as the depth of the soup is there but it wasn't so it's mediocre. The salad was delicious though, a tofu salad. 3131 E 1st St LA CA 90012.

La Casita Mexicana in Bell

Ladies and Gentlemen! The fabulous Cindy Herrera!, photographer, artist, teacher and my City of Bell Docent. I'd never been to Bell and she's all about Bell so she met me at La Casita Mexicana, 4030 E. Gage Ave, Bell CA 90201. What an amazing restaurant. They even have a gift shop. We ordered the Three Mole Chicken dish, Chile en Nogada and ended with the House Flan with white corn. All dishes were spectacular. The interior was recently expanded and has a great vibe. They have one wall that reminds me of the Dali Museum in Florida. The servers were awesome and proud. This place is a must if you want to eat some great Mexican food. It's definitely in my top ten.

Pete's Louisiana Brand (links) on Jefferson

I've been trying to find this place open for a while but always seemed to get there at the wrong time so when i saw that open sign last week, I swung around and parked. There's nothing like handmade links; fresh meats, spices are bubbling, and that casing snaps. I got some of the beef links and the beef-jalapeno links. They were out of the pork links and they also had chicken. I've been eating them with sufficient spacing since last week. It's a gift that keeps giving. Amazing find. I highly recommend it but eat them sparingly. A little dab will do you. 3701 W Jefferson Blvd LA CA 90010

Los Anaya in West Adams

Adams, between Crenshaw and La Cienega is quite amazing. At first glance, it just seems like storefront after storefront of church's, party goods, industrial or manufacturer offices and empty rooms but if you slow down enough, there are magical places like Fai Do Do or the Grant Stills Art Center and this place, Los Anaya at 4651 West Adams Bl, LA CA 90016. A two room slightly up scale family Mexican place. I went on a weekday for lunch and the place was packed and there was a consistent stream of customers picking up their take outs. I sat down a small table in the midst of it all. There were families, businessmen in suits, couples, retired folk, young entrepreneurs, and me. I ordered the Fried Quesadilla with chorizo and the Chicken Taco combo. The food was delicious. i think they grill their chicken, which was full of spices and very tender.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fiore Market Cafe in South Pasadena

WOW! This is a really lovely place. Fiore Market Cafe is located at 1000 Fremont Cafe, South Pasadena CA. I ordered the cobb which was fab! I have to go back when I'm really hungry. My salad had roasted chicken, maple glazed bacon, hard boiled egg, blue cheese and oil cured olives with a creamy dill dressing. With a Peligrino, the lunch cost me about $10.25. A little pricey but worth it.

Loteria Grill at Farmer's Market

Loteria Grill is one of my favorite places to go at the Farmer's Market, the original LA Farmer's Market. This time, Sojin Kim was back in town so a bunch of us went bike riding with her and this was our first stop for a brunch. We also went to the Schindler House, that was wonderful. We also went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market and enjoyed a sammie from the Coolhaus truck. What a great time.