Friday, February 17, 2012

Shortnin Bread in Long Beach

My daughter had her first art opening in a group show with a group of budding artists from local LA County High Schools. The opening was at the Phantom Galleries in the LBC. Afterwards, I had remembered that across the street at Shortnin Bread during last years Soundwalk, they were giving out mini-cupcakes. We walked over. Unfortunately, the cupcakes are special orders only so she had a strawberry pastry and I had a chocolate dipped strawberry. Both were delicious but I wished they had the cup cakes. This place is really cute and everything has a homemade warmth to it. They are located at 401 E 3rd Street, Long Beach CA 90802, 562-257-0016

Harriet's Cheescakes in Inglewood

This place was recommended to me a year ago when I started working on the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor. Harriet's is located at 1515 Centinela Ave Inglewood CA 90302, 310-419-2259, next door to Phillipe's BBQ and a block west of Spoon House Breakfast. The storefront is in a tiny mini mall. There's parking in the front and just a counter. They had 19 types of cheesecake that day and one special. I was in line with four others who quickly found out it was my first time there. After a lively and colorful discussion, I decided to order the Pralines. As you can see, a "slice" in the world of Harriet is not a normal slice. It's a mini pie for two or three but guess who attempted to eat it all in one sitting? I couldn't finish it. I really tried my best. I pushed it but as my senses started to malfunction and I was feeling faint, i had to stop with about 1/8 of the pie left. This is a legendary status cheesecake. I can't wait to go back and try another flavor. I'm not going to describe the cheesecake because i want you to experience it yourself. It is genius.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Venice Bakery on Venice Blvd

I went on a bike ride yesterday with friends. Don't we look like a happy bunch? On our way toward CLUI and the Museum of Jurassic Technology, we passed by Venice Bakery, 10943 Venice Blvd, LA CA 90034. Heidi said that our boss said that this place has the best coffee in LA. So, the next morning, I drove to this place to try it. They have those wonderful Cuban potato pastries. I didn't try it but the flower jello-flan thing looked amazing. I got the espresso which was "Amazing"!!!! It was quite complicated even though it was served in a Styrofoam cup. There were the tastes of the coffee beans, roast bitters, a sweet back of the tongue taste, brewed water texture and honey after taste; all very distinct and extremely smooth. I got what i believe were empanada's (chicken and cheese with spinach). They had this chili sauce that was kick-butt. It was spicy enough to give me the hiccups. If that coffee isn't the best, it's gotta be in the top ten in LA.

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in Little Tokyo

Thank you (again) to Hiromi and Rick for recommending Kula Revolving Sushi Bar in Little Tokyo. They told me that it's a chain from Kansai so the flavor of all the food is Osaka-style. I dragged Angelene for lunch. She's a good sport and as of two years ago started eating fish again so she's alright with sushi (sort of). Kula Revolving Sushi Bar is located at 333 E 2nd Street LA CA 90012. I really loved this place. Service was great, the sushi was about $2 a plate. I love kaiten sushi. it's fun to watch the sushi revolve around. We also ordered noodles. I got udon. It was good with that Kansai flavor, not as soy sauce based as the Tokyo style. Cheack out all the little plates. Each one was $2. great price!!!! small temaki's but who's going to complain at this price? Besides, with these portion, you can try more things. BTW, check out the wasabi. That's not the powder or regular tube type.

Mel's Diner on Highland in Hollywood

I was subway hoping with my friends and Sean, my friends son, who wanted a burger. He's 4 years old and was getting cranky as we exited the Hollywood Highland Red Line Station. I figured it was either Mickey's Fountain or Mel's Diner. I was afraid I would not be able to resist the banana split at Mickey's Fountain so we went to Mel's at 1650 Highland Ave LA CA 90028. Dana got a traditional cheese burger, Dave and i got the portabello burger (note: no beef patty in the portabello burger) and Sean got a kids menu thing that came in a fold out classic car thing. It was pretty nice. It's kinda Happy Meal-like. I know Mel's is a chain but I keep going back there. It's pricey, trendy-touristy, and the food isn't all that great. I don't know why i keep going back? Sean seemed content and that's all that really mattered. Sugar level back to normal and we went back on the subway. Sean loves riding on the train.

California Endowment Cafe in LA Chinatown

California Endowment is a series of buildings designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios. There's a cool collection of public art there including an Alison Saar piece that reminds me of the projected alien spokesperson with dreads that warns earth of the eminent catastrophe in Buckaroo Banzai. The cafe in the complex, the California Endowment Cafe, is a very non-imaginative cafe, with decent salads and hot meals but what makes the experience is the outdoor courtyard. Bathing in the sun for a bit after spending hours in a cubicle is a bit heaven. It's located at 1000 Alameda St LA CA 90012.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica

I thought I posted this place already but apparently not. This Italian market/deli has been around for a long time and carries a great assortment of Italian goods and not just foods but also coffees and kitchenware. I bought some olive oil and two sandwiches. It's very close to Santa Monica High School where my daughters' team was playing that night. So I bought us sandwiches; meatball and a chicken. Unfortunately, by the time we got home, I was pressed for time and forgot to take pix. They're really good deli foods, nothing fancy, just great inexpedience and wonderful bread. Culver City won that night, bringing their league record to 7 an 0.

Norma's Tacos in Pasadena

Last week, after being hounded with phone calls, emails, smail requests, I went to the red Cross and gave platelets. The closest lab is in Pasadena so I went after work. The people are super nice and you get to watch a movie (small screen and headphones). It was my second time. The first time I watched Kick Ass and this time Constantine. These are action films with a lot of blood. It makes the whole tubes coming out of each arm for ninety minutes-thing kind of colorful. I had eyed Norma's on my way in so after eating all that salt and sugar they have laid out at the Red Cross table, I decided to get carbs and protein at Norma's. Norma's Tacos is located at 1265 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91106, 626-795-1224. It appears to be a renovated early American gasoline stand. The design is really effective and cool looking with a lot of fire engine reds, outdoor seating and a trendy use of screen. The order is taken in front of the outdoor counter and the tacos are made really quick. I got a spicy pollo (chicken) and carne asada (sauteed beef). Of course, I was still light-headed from the Red Cross but it was very good. I think the design of the place overwhelmed my eating experience. I would love to go back and order the other taco styles. It's very Pasadena to me and I think you'd like it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Patrick's Roadhouse on PCH

Even though I'd past this a thousand times, I didn't think about going here until I saw it on a episode of Man VS Food. Patrick's Roadhouse is located at 106 Entrada Drive LA CA 90402 but it faces PCH (just a hop skip & a jump away from the Eames House). Photographer Bill Short and I rode our bikes from Culver City to this place. We felt that we could work most of it off because on Man VS Food, the dishes looked big and hearty. Going through the menu, it was hard to make a decision. It's a huge list of choices. The busboy recommended the Govenator Special ($11.50) named after Arnold. I didn't like him as our govenor so i passed at first but after two glances through the menu, I couldn't resist. I'm glad they didn't call it the grop-e-ranator. So this dish is a bunch of vegetables, egg whites and seasoning. It is good but it wasn't great. Since Terminator, he just isn't happening to me anymore. Bill got the corned beef and hash was good but also not great. The texture was kind of raw. Lastly, we shared the chili fries. The said it was homemade chili but both Bill and I recognized the Hormell a mile away. I still like this place and would try other things on the menu but it wasn't the cool home cooked wild breakfast I thought it was going to be.

Little Dom's on Hillhurst

"Lunchtime! I'm hungry" Jeff asked if I'd ever been to Little Dom's? Nope. Off we went. Little Dom's is located at 2128 Hillhurst Ave LA CA 90027. It's such a well designed place, not too big, personable with a bit of an old world flare. Jeff said it doesn't feel like LA, which I felt was true. It actually has a Brooklyn vibe to it. I walked in thinking light lunch but that sure didn't happen. Check out the photos, enough for four. The buffalo sloppy joe was amazing. i loved those garlic potatoes. The food here is just great. I can't wait to go back. They even have a deli. Very cool experience.