Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Levon's Deli (Greg's Deli) Downtown LA

The last time I was out on 7th Street, I had noticed a bunch a places I hadn't yet been to so I went blindly for lunch and came across an interesting old school deli i had never noticed before. Great find! The exterior sign says Greg's Deli but the menu say's the place is called Levon's Deli. How can you not love this already? I ordered the Soujouk Sandwich with side Greek salad. The killer was the psychedelic funk pickled cabbage and cauliflower. The owner and very sweet server were very welcoming. I didn't ask any questions but tried to soak it all in without words. There was no "music" playing but the ambient sounds of some tragic soap opera in some language I couldn't understand. Was it Greek? (no), Armenian? was it a Middle Eastern language. I was lost between the multi-ethnic cyclone and reading Demers' "Listening Through The Noise". The soujouk, Armenian sausage, so filled with mysterious spices and history. I felt like I was plopped into a foreign country without a passport. That's a fun way to spend lunchtime.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taco Mundo in the Garment District

Two flats in one morning. I couldn't believe it! A pothole and then a tiny sliver of glass. So for lunch, I went to Maestro in the Garment District using the D Dash. The guys hooked me up instantly which left me with time for lunch. Across the srteet was Taco Mundo, 105 E 8th St, LA CA 90014, 213-622-7240. I got two chicken tacos. There hot sauce was tasty. very quick and very good.

Baby Cakes on Larchmont

Nothing like an extremly delicious vegan cupcake. If only I could eat more than one. Brownie cupcake and this meal like biscuit with tarragon and a bunch of vegetable like goodies. Baby Cakes is expanding!!! Here they are in Larchmont, originating in the Big Apple. 236 Larchmont BL LA CA 90004

Firehouse in Venice

Nothing sweeter than a ride with your bike crew followed by a simple breakfast near the beach. We rode down Venice Blvd from K-Town to Main St in Venice and decided to eat at the Firehouse, 213 Rose Ave Venice CA 90291 310-396-6810. I ordered the huevos rancheros. It was very wesdtside but the food taste better with great friends so it was all good. Next we rode to Bergamont and paid our respects to Track 16, followed by Scoops Westside and then back to K-Town. A good time was had by all.

Organic Homestyle Cafe in Alta Dena

I think this is one of the oldest organic spots in LA County. Organic Home-style cafe is located at 2283 North lake Ave, Altadena CA 91001. It's a great, intimate and local community type market and cafe. It's really known for the soup, which is sure to cure any illness you have or at least it feels like it can. Hearty, fresh and delicious, this soup is amazing.

Coffee Gallery in Alta Dena

The Coffee Gallery, 2029 Lake Street Alta Dena CA, is the front of the Backstage Theater where you can hear great acoustic music. I picked up a jasmine tea to go but there were a lot of people in there for a weekday afternoon; doing work on a lap top or just catching up with a friend.

Sugar Bowl in Covina

it was a cute and vintage downtown we stumbled onto in Covina. Wanting some ice cream, this place was a dream come true. Sugar Bowl is located at 143 N Citrus, Covina CA 626-966-3600. I ordered the hot fudge sundae. They use Thrifty's ice cream so this place is vintage through and through. The sundae was perfect and really hit the spot. The interior is very sugary and for a weekday afternoon, it was filled with local folk and students trying to keep cool.

Novel Cafe in the Arts District

Novel Cafe (formerly Groundworks) is located in the Arts District near Bloom Square at 811 Traction Ave, LA CA 90012. It was nice to be back. I hadn't had a meal there in years. I got the Mediterranean sandwich which was awesome. They still carry Groundworks coffee, including my favorite, Bitches Brew.

Pink's on La Brea

It had been at least four years since my last trip to Pink's. It's not because I don't like Pink's or because I got some major heartburn last time. I love Pink's. My Mom used to bring my little brother and I there for an after school snack. This memory is circa 1976-79. Back then, it wasn't the mega-star hot dog place it is today. There was a family vibe back then and the lines were never really that long. They also had NEHI sodas, which I always got a kick out of. I didn't know of any other place that sold NEHI in Los Angeles. On the television show MASH, the character Radar loved grape NEHI and so that's what i always ordered with my chili dog. I later graduated to the Chicago which remains my favorite. Pictured here is the chili fries and Chicagoan. Pink's Famous Hot Dogs, 709 North La Brea Ave (off Melrose), LA CA 90039

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grassroots in South Pasadena

I met with video producer Mobolaji Olambiwonnu yesterday for lunch and he suggested Grassroots, 1119 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena CA 91030. He recommended the taco salad so that's what I ordered. It has a lot of choices, bean-type, meat or vege-meat, etc. It was huge and it was delicious. I ate all of it while Mobolaji spoke about his next assignment, in the Congo. Hmmm.... He kept repeating, but it's not the side where there's currently war. I also ordered a beet-parsley juice. Wow, is that powerful stuff or is that powerful stuff.

Friday, October 5, 2012

MILK on Beverly Blvd

Finally made it to MILK. It's across the street from Blicks and I had to pick up some art supplies. I ordered an ice cream sandwich; molasses cookes and peanut butter ice cream. It was wonderful. The ice cream is super creamy but overly sugary. The cookie, however, is super intense. I couldn't finish it. It's almost like a hallucinogen. What a wonderful place to get your fix.

Macy's European Coffee House and Bakery in Flagstaff AZ

I couldn't make it to New Mexico in one drive so I decided to stay one night in Flagstaff. The next morning, I walked around the downtown area, which is really vintage and well preserved. i found a coffee shop, Macy's European Coffee House and Bakery, 14 S Beaver St Flagstaff AZ 86001. I had a long drive ahead of me so I ordered big; Double Bohemian, Yougurt & Granola with fruit and a breakfast burrito. Everything was fantastic but the Bohemian was awesome. It was like drinking a chocolate bar.

Cracker Barrel in Kingsman Arizona

On my way to Lightening Field in New Mexico, I had dinner at my very first Cracker Barrel. I first learned about Cracker Barrel when I used to watch this funny show on Comedy Central, "Comedians of Comedy" with Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford and Brian Posehn. They would go into a Cracker Barrel and improvise. It was such a great show. I ordered an arnold-palmer, beef stew and cornbread. In the gift shop I found a Goo Goo Cluster. I bought a whole canister of these a long time ago in Nashville. This would be my dessert. I couldn't finish it. There's way too much sugar in that for me but it sure is fun to try to finish it. I have mixed feelings about Cracker Barrel. I wish the food was better but I sure was happy to be there. The servers were super cool. The bottom line is that it is so aesthetically different from what I am accustomed too that I almost can't find anything wrong with it or right with it.