Friday, May 18, 2012

J R Bistro in Chinatown

Happy National Bike Month!!! We rode to Chinatown to J R Bistro, 750 N Hill St. LA CA 90012.I have never had a sweet and sour pork where the fried pork was still crunchy. How did they do that? The mabo tofu was absolutely delicious and the garlic green beans excellent! It was a short ride but a great lunch!

Hugo's Tacos in Atwater

Tacos, it says tacos in the name but none of us ordered a taco. One bean and cheese burrito, Nachos Grande and I got the Huevos Con Machaca. All of it was excellent, fresh ingredients and delicious to the max. I also ordered a ice cold Tamadind, yummy. Hugo's Tacos is located at 3300 Glebdale Blvd, Atwater Village, LA CA 90039, 323-664-9400. The outdoor seating is cool, especially on a sunny day.

The LAB at USC

I was so excited about this place because I thought it was a molecular gastronomy place, you know, the expensive kitchens that use nitrogen and make foamy masses that taste like filet mignon. NOPE, this is just a burger and salad place. My root beer float was excellent. The burger and salad were alright. We were there for lunch but I think the ideal time is Happy Hour. I saw four house beers on tap. It might be micro-brews, not sure. Anyway, the interior is very lab like not the food. USC, 3500 S. Figueroa St, LA CA 90089 213-743-2078

Scoops West

So proud of Scoops. Till now, the original Heliotrope shop and then they have some of their flavors at Golden State, were the only places I could get my fix. Now the Westside has been blessed with the best Ice Cream in LA. Located in a funky tiny TINY mini mall as 3400 Overland Ave, LA CA 90034, 323-405-7055. This new place, Scoops West, is smaller, the selection is smaller but it also has a art gallery. What it has that the other Scopps doesn't is coffee, Intellegensia's. Well played.

Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica

My goodness. I think it took me 12 years to finally eat here. It's right across the street from the 18th Street Arts Complex, home of Highways, EZTV, 18th Street Gallery and Electronic Cafe. I've performed or exhibited at these venues sometime in the past 2o years and someone always brings this place up and I finally made it. Delicious tacos, great ambiance, good meats and staying power!!! Tacos Por Favor is located at 1408 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404, 310-392-5768.

Serving Spoon in Inglewood

I finally made it to the Serving Spoon located at 1403 Centinela Ave, Inglewood CA 90302, 310-412-3927. It's a cafe style place with a lot of heart. The food is very good, soulful and rich. I loved figuring out what to order with the server. She was awesome, so full of sunshine and care. She really wanted my first experience there a good one. I ordered the fried catfish with mash potato and gravy, greens, salad, corn bread and an ice tea. A little about my fried catfish. The crust was delicious and yet the fish was tender and juicy. I really appreciated that. I can't wait to go back and try something else on the menu. I was too full to order dessert.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Highland Cafe on York Blvd

During lunch today, I was in search of my friends friends new restaurant, that just opened called BA but it's only open for dinner and I was hungry. I saw this place I'd never been to, which is just a couple of storefronts down from Cafe Del Leche called Highland Cafe. It's located on 5010 York Blvd LA CA 323-259-1000. First of all, I must say, this area has really changed in the past 15 years. Every time I drive by, there are new boutiques and restaurants. It's really great. Highland Cafe has a very attractive storefront with a big window, retro lettering like an old general store, and has outdoor seating. I opted to sit inside. The service was great. Really nice and welcoming people work there and the kitchen is filled with Veteranas. I ordered the Chipotle Fish tacos which are filled with fried fish, homemade chipotle sauce, three kinds of grilled/blackened bell peppers, avocado, and lots of cabbage. The tortillas is awesome. I hadn't had tortillas like that since my trip to TJ, small and thin. I really liked the fried fish and sliced cabbage. They also carry Wild Poppy bottled drinks. I got the grapefruit ginger soda, which was deliciously organic and had just enough ginger for a good afternoon kick.

Juicyland at Exposition and Vermont

Jucyland is across the street or road of the Expo/Vermont station.
This is a work in progress. They've been there for a while as Juicyland; as a Juicyland franchise but they are on their way to a makeover and a name change. When we walked in, I think there were invisible cautious question marks over all of our heads. There's something un-inviting about their interior but the moment you meet Angelica, that all melts away. The food here is family-powered. The tortillas are handmade. The juices are freshly created per order. I ordered a huevos rancheros, which came with three hot homemade tortillas, fluffy to the max! They bring salsa and hot sauce upon request. Lastly, the melon fresca was amazing.

Sees Candy on La Cienega

Sees Candy, 3431 S. La Cienega Blvd, LA CA 90016, 310-559-4919, has been there a long LONG long time. I used to go there with my family as a little kid when we went to FEDCO for groceries and stuff, mostly stuff. I'm pretty sure my aunts obsession with mail order catalogs grew once FEDCO closed. It was a membership place for government employees; my aunt. So decades later, I'm on the recently opened Expo Line platform; La Cienega/Jefferson station and a big wind comes and we are saturated with the dream cloud of sugar and butter. So, without missing a beat, Zipporah says, we have to go to Sees. So we, Z, Brian Moss, Bill Short and I walk over. Brian doesn't like chocolate. Isn't that interesting? He seemed really out of place there. Didn't really understand what the fuss was about, the line to the counter, the smiles and laughter and of course the obsessive eyes of everyone in line. This is the mothership for Sees. They make it in the back, the huge warehouse-candy-chocolate-cook shop.