Monday, September 30, 2013

Sea Salt Fish Grill in Santa Monica & GLOW 2013

Accompanied by fellow Metro staff, Erina, I ventured the downtown landscape of Santa Monica. Parked my bike at the Santa Monica Bike Station, checked out the new Tongva Park, dinner at Sea Salt with Ms. Erina (Sea Salt 508 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90401) and then the amazing art installations at GLOW. Back to those fish tacos. Holly Cow! DEEEEliciouSSS! The spicing on that breading is wonderful. The oil is fresh so the fried-NESS wasn't greasy but crunchy fresh. I also got the Mexican Coke-a-cola I'd been craving since last week.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good Girls in Highland Park

When artist Jeffery James Mohr told me about this place and how they have a porridge called the Grandfather Porridge, you know KNOW I was on board. The porridge is a connoisseur's porridge. That's all I wanna say about it. You just gotta go. The food was not old school but new school Vietnamese-Highland Park, local LOCO, Know what I mean? 110 N Ave 56, LA CA 90042

Horsethief BBQ at Grand Central Market

WHHHHAAAATTTTT????? How could the brisket be so smokey, tender, juicy and filling coming from a little counter in Downtown LA? What is going on here? That was some of the best brisket I have ever had. I've been telling all my carnivore buddies about this place. The sides are fresh and crisp as well. Mos def going back! 324 S Hill St LA CA (located just outside the main building south of the coffee counter.

Juice in Atwater

J-U-I-C-E, that was delicious Kale drink. What was in that? It's like a primo kitchen back there. They have a way of making the juice that makes it slightly different than other places I've been to. What's their magic? I don't know. That cup of juice lasted the entire sewing machine class i went to next door at Sew LA. It was perfect, i si appreciated the nuance of their beverage. The Juice, 3151 Glendale Blvd, LA CA.

Baristas Society in Downtown LA

Ray at Balconi turned me onto Baristas Society, a newer coffee establishment across the street from the LA Central Library. Baristas is located on the 2nd floor of the US Bank Tower, enter through the huge stairway west of the Towers main entrance. 633 w 5th St 2nd FL LA CA 90071. I ordered the Ethiopian coffee and a salted caramel donut. The donuts are from a local baker by the name of DONUT SNOB. pretty delicious and went well with my smooth and hot coffee. My cup of jo was deeeelicious! They have a premium Match tea drink and also Syphon style coffe I hope to try in the near future. The brainstorm behind this slightly hidden gem is Leo. Very cool dude.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Las Morelianas at Grand Central Market

This place was highly recommended by artist John Valadez. As I walked up to the glass counter displaying all these amazing cooked meats, the guy just slaps some pork on a tortilla and hands it to me. A sampler without asking!!! it was delicious. Now, John had warned me that a taco is actually two tacos but that sampler took me off guard and i ordered three, which is six plus the sampler, that's seven. With the hot sauce melting my marrow about 20 minutes later, I was on a mission to finish taco number seven. i was literally huffing and puffing. Wow, that mountain was high but I made it to the top!

Cha Chas Chili in El Sereno

Swerving around El Sereno, I came across a somewhat unkept fast food place but something about it attracted me, like a greasy magnet. Cha Cha Chili is located at 4625 Valley Ave, LA CA, just east of Plaza Dela Raza (Lincoln Park). So it turns out it's a fusion place; Mexican/Korean. I ordered the Hawaiian Breads Sliders and the Cha Cha Fries. "Killer" food. I've never seen sliders w/ Hawaiian Bread. "You had me at Hawaiian Bread...."