Monday, May 26, 2014

Bar Amá in Downtown LA

Bar Amá is located at 118 W 4th St LA CA 90013. I ordered the Kale Salad and the Mole Enchilada. The mole, in fact all of the cuisine is Tex Mex style. It's quite different from the Mexican food we generally have in LA. I had the smokey sauce Tex Mex in Dallas and wasn't drawn to it but here at Bar Amá, the Tex Mex is happening.

Garden Room at Los Angeles Trade Technical College

I had the distinct honor to have lunch with artist George Evans in between his classes at LA Trade Tech. We had planned a lunch at the college's culinary institute's restaurant, Garden Room. The special was fried chicken. I ordered a side of greens and mashed potato. this was my second time eating there but it had been over ten years. George is awesome and has a rich history in the LA art scene.

Lily Cafe in Newhall

Within the wonderful genre of diners is the sub-genre of diner at bowling alleys. I found such a place in Newhall recently. I was asked to sit on a panel about public art along with Rene Petropoulos and Marc Pally at the Santa Clarita Public Library. Getting to the area early, I eyed Lily's and stopped by for a quick dinner. The special was liver and onions. How can i say no to liver and onions. it was good. i tend to like the liver cut up into small pieces but they grille the liver in one piece and you have to cut into it like a steak. I loved the interior and the fact that they had two large screens playing the NBA playoffs.

Dos Burritos on Hollywood Blvd

Dos Burritos is located at 4734 Hollywood Blvd LA CA 90027. I think I'd been here before, under the same sort of situation, that is, on my way to an exhibition opening at Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery. This was the C.O.L.A. exhibition, which I had two dear friends presented in; Jessica Rath and Linda Vallejo. Back to Dos Burritos. Walking in, I felt like i was walking into someone's kitchen. Everyone was Latino and they welcomed me, I, the only non-Spanish speaking person. I ordered the Cheese Enchilada Plate, which was with no doubt, hand made that day. What I really found delicious was the refried beans. Incredible!

Flake a pop up shop

Within the co-op environment of the True & Brave Coffee Roasters is Flake, a pop up pie shop, 3245 Casitas Ave LA CA. I had a coffee there and was in between seeing "The Unfinished" by Michael Parker and a dinner with Mooey Moobau. Pie's seemed to be a good present to bring. At the dinner, we ( a gathering of six artists) ate the pies for dessert and they were magnificent. One was a butternut squash and parmesan. The other was an apple ginger pie. Oh my, what a treat or rather, Treat.

True and Brave Coffee Roasters in Atwater

True and Brave Coffee Roasters, 3245 Casitas Ave, LA CA, sort of just appeared as I was driving around Atwater. It's on a street I had never noticed before. Along this neighborhood are also some theaters. I walked in and there was a friendly hipster sort of feel to the place although a kind of unsettled emptiness due to the fact the restaurant they had shared the space with had left and another one was on it's way in. I ordered the Americano. They roast heir own coffee and this one was a Brazil and Yiagacheffe blend. Delicious and comforting. I look forward to going back someday. The restaurant that's on it's way in is Mediterranean food. Should be good.

JiST Cafe in Little Tokyo

Friday, May 9, 2014

Kobawoo in Koreatown

So lately, I've been looking through Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Food Places List and found Kobawoo. I'm finding out that many of my foodie friends already knew about it but the lovely Ms. Jen and I paid a visit last week. WOW!!! the food was amazing. We had the seafood pancake and the pork belly wraps. We couldn't even finish it and Jen took some home. The seafood pancake was filled with flavor. It's savory but not super heavy and fresher than fresh. The pork belly was tender, juicy and incredible. We weren't quite sure how to eat it so the servers told us we take the steamed cabbage (napa-like) leaves and wrap all the other ingredients into it. So good. i highly recommend visiting this place when you are very hungry because there were so many other items I wished I could have tried.

Bourbon Street Cafe in Koreatown

The lovely Ms. Jen and I went to get some coffee at Bourbon Street Cafe in Koreatown, located at 698 S Vermont Ave, LA CA 90005. We both ordered the Guatemalan , siphon. It was pretty good but not excellent. There was little subtlety in the flavors and hardly any depth. I am not sure if the guy who prepared the coffee really knew what he was doing. It makes you appreciate the craftsman in town who really have it down. But who cares when you get to spend time with Ms. Jen.

Street Foods Co. Food Truck at Pershing Square

Fridays at Pershing Square is food truck day!!!! I ordered a burrito from the Street Food Co. truck. This was really delicious and had a kind of Mediterranean flavor to it. The sals with the chips were really tasty and spicy. I'm not a big fan of Pershing Square. I think it's designed for the privileged, unwelcoming and smells like pee all the time. Of course that depends were you stand or sit. Beware of the up-wind. The food trucks know this and stay away from the urban urinal comes there.

Grilled Cheese Truck at Pershing Square Downtown LA

Friday afternoons is food truck lunch time at Pershing Square. We got dessert from the Grilled Cheese Food Truck. The Smores is the classic ingredients in-between two slices of toast. We al felt that there should be more cheese, maybe cream cheese or a sweet creme. It was a little dry as you could imagine. But, the over taste is smokes, so that's good.