Thursday, December 15, 2011

M and M on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd off of Crenshaw

Inshrined in Hip Hop songs, M and M is almost soul food royalty. There are two location, I think? Photographer Bill Short and I went yesterday. The address is 3552 MLK Blvd, LA CA 90008, 323-299-1302. I can't say the food was great. it could be, if they went a little easy on the salt, or is that MSG? I'm not sure but within two hours, Bill and I started to feel encrusted in salt. I wish I could love this place but it's hard. I don't think that much salt is healthy for you. The flavor or base-flavor and textures of the food was excellent, it's just the salt-thing was rough.

Colburn Cafe in Downtown Los Angeles

I've been to the Colburn School's Zipper Hall for several concerts. My favorite one was the Mauricio Kagel concert several years ago where during intermission they had 100 bicyclists whizzzz by you on grand Avenue. In back of the main building is the Colburn Cafe, 200 S Grand Ave LA CA 90012. Really, it's a cafeteria for the students at the Colburn but it's upscale enough for outsiders to show up and enjoy a meal. I had the pork loin lunch plate which was very decent and affordable. I think this is a great place if you want something good, fare in price and quick. Adjacent to MOCA and Disney Hall, it's in the midst of great experiences.

Native Food Cafe in Culver City

The day I came home, I was really looking forward to seeing my daughter. It was only for three nights but I am such a wimp dad. I picked her up after her basketball practice and we agreed to go to a place in Downtown Culver City that she had requested a week ago. There's nothing I love more than when my kids suggest a place I've never been to. Native Food Cafe is a LA chain. I ordered the Chicago Dip, which was a fantastic sandwich that reminded me of a Vietnamese pressed sandwich, with the spicy chili, toasty baguette, etc. The au ju was great but not entirely necessary. The seitan strips were seasoned well and yummy. I loved the watermelon fresca. It's a little pricey for what it is but I would consider going again.

Mercury Cafe Organic in Denver CO

I forgot what part of Denver this was in but Mooey Moobau recommended it. I don't think Glenn had been here yet. Mercury Cafe Organic, 2199 California St Denver CO 303-294-9258 is a thematic, flamboyant organic restaurant with flourish lights, a diverse range of lamps, booths, artwork and an over all night garden festive interior. The food was delicious. I went easy. I had the quesadilla, which was melted cheeses in a blue corn tortilla with avocado and fruits. It hit the spot. The watermelon soda, bean soup and chocolate chip pecan pie was dee-li-cious!!! The staff was 2011 groovy, really sweet and helpful. There's also an upstairs where they have live music.

Petes Kitchen in Denver CO

It was the morning of the Denver VS Bears game and Mooey Moobau and I were stoked. We had already determined the night before that we were going to eat breakfast at Pete's Kitchen, 1962 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80206, just blocks away from his apartment. Pete's has been open for 24 hours since 1942. It's a fantastic neighborhood diner where some of the Broncos actually eat on occasion. I ordered hot tea, french toast and potatoes. It was filling and down-home-delicious!!!! All the staff members wore a Broncos jersey, t shirt or hoodie. The anticipation of Tibo Time had already been in full swing when we came through the doors of Pete's Kitchen. I think it's funny how many Bears fans there were in town. One even made it into one of my pix here.

Watercourse Foods in Denver CO

Watercourse Foods, 837 E 17th Ave Denver CO 80218, 303-832-7313, was actually my last dinner in Denver with Mooey Moobau. This place is owned by the same person who owns the City O City. I ordered a yummy bowl of Borscht with homemade rye bread, a hot tea (check out the glass cup with the collar, very DIY) and a chocolate cream pie. Organic, Vegetarian, blah blah blah, it's just great food in a comfortable surrounding. This place was about five blocks from Mooey Moobau's apartment so the walk in the frosty Denver night, navigating the ice on the sidewalk, was a lot of fun.

Tattered Cover Bookstore Denver CO

Tattered Cover Bookstore is a chain bookstore of three in Denver CO. The one I went to was located at 1628 16th Street Denver CO 80202, 303-436-1070, where I ordered a hot cup of tea and brownie to thaw out from the cold weather. I'm sorry but I forgot to take pictures of my snack but this gives me an opportunity to share a couple of cool things around this bookstore that is along or near the "Mall". On the "Mall" where all these artist painted pianos. It's a public art project and anyone can play these instruments. It was so cool to here people playing in the cold. one dude played with his gloves on. That's very impressive. Also, I loved the view out this window near the bathroom at the Tattered Cover. It looks so retro. Lastly, I share with you a very cool recliner, which one could hang out and read a book in the bookstore.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

City O City in Denver Colorado

My first breakfast with Mooey Moobau in Denver CO. We went to Capitol City Bookshop first and then walked over to City O City at 206 East 13th Avenue, Denver CO 80203. MM told me that it is a very popular place. They expanded their facility which doubled the capacity but back in the day you would have to wait for an hour to get a seat during dinner. unfortunately, I was still digesting my carnivore tirade at the Buckhorn Exchange so I only ordered a parfait and tea. Although light, it was delicious. The granola was homemade tasting, freshly baked with spices perfect to the winter morning. The tea was delicious. The service was friendly and sharp. Check out the wacky, Jorge Pardo-like lamps.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sports Authority Field Denver Colorado

Mooey Moobau and I went to Sports Authority Field in Denver Colorado for pretzels and beer. Fat Tire on draft, sweet. It sure is a good beer. I have bought it at Trader Joes before but this was the first time I had it draft. Denver really makes great beers. Coincidentally, there happened to be a football game about to be played, so we stayed to watch it. The game was between the Broncos and Bears. The Broncos won the game in overtime. When did they stop calling it "Sudden Death"? I guess that's not PC. The pretzel was almost crunchy and was delicious in the freezing cold. The beer seemed warm compared to the weather. This Denver quarterback, Teabo is a kind of magician. You could really feel the momentum shift that won the game in the electric mayhem packed house. Also, wanted to share that in Denver, pot is legal or something like that. I got a contact high in the bus and at the game, standing in line for the restroom, which of course gives you the munchies, which of course makes you want to buy another pretzels. This was my first NFL game. When will LA get a team?