Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ginger Market in Pasadena

I am so very blessed (for a Pagan). i have an amazing circle of friends, many who are artists. Iris Yirei Hui is one such soul. She's currently getting her Masters at Columbia and designed a Metro poster celebrating the community of West Hollywood and had a mural at the Bow Tie (Rafa Esparza's project Con Safos) earlier this year. The poster should be in all of the buses and trains later this year. She was in town and had some time to meet me so we had brunch this past Sunday at Ginger Market, which I found out later is a regular hang for her and co-horts. BLT and a salad was shared. Stories were shared. Laughs and tears were shared. Iris is amazing. I feel so lucky. 217 S Michigan Avenue Pasadena CA 91106

Connal Burgers in Pasadena

Driving from one party to another, I was little hungry so we stopped by this place. We saw it on the way and there was a line, always a good sign. Lea and I shared a Philly. The meat could have been more thinly sliced and the cheese wasn't the classic yellow cheese but it was delicious and the bread was great!!! Perfect for an in between party snack. 1505 E Washington Bl Pasadena CA 91104

Revolutionary North African Tacos near USC

Artists Mara Lonner and Michael Gordsky invited us to one of their local favs. Really amazing combo's of ingredients not usually found in tacos. I would just recommend showing up early, really hungry, with friends and ordering everything to sample the diverse spices and meats. The hot sauces are also very delicious. 1436 W Jefferson Blvd LA CA 90007

Hirozen in West Hollywood

I went with my friend Leah. I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 8385 Beverly Blvd LA CA 90048

Dresden on Vermont

Dresden 1760 N Vermont Avenue LA CA 90027 is a C L A S S I C place. we ordered the prime rib and sirloin with an escargot appetizer. We also shared the iceberg wedge salad with ranch dressing. The interior has been used in movies including Good Fellas, i think? The service is fabulous. They treated us wonderfully. There's parking in the back, valet, of course. Classy like an old school mob movie. if you have pinstripes, wear them.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Orleans York on Spring DTLA

I kept riding passed this place on my way home but wouldn't stop because by then I'm in that coasting vibe but this time I was hungry and decided to do a take out. I got the fried catfish po boy and it was amazing. I'm a Little Jewels person but I have to say this place is pretty sweet and for me, very convenient. 333 S Spring St LA CA 90013

Ramen Champ in Chinatown

Perhaps my fav ramen place at this time. Vibe is fabulous, reminds me of Osaka. So I get a little sad because I miss Japan but happy cuz i am eating a hot bowl of ramen. Takoyaki. Wayne Perry joined me and we agreed that there was something special about this place. 727 N Broadway LA CA 90012

Zinque on Melrose

My brother from another mother artist Steven M Irvin's B Day party was so fun. It was at Zinque, 8684 Melrose Ave West Hollywood CA 90069, across from the Blue Whale. THEY HAVE PAN CON TOMATE!!!!! Nuff' said! BOOM!

Villa Italia Ristorante in Duarte

I and the entire Metro Art office got a groovy tour of the new artwork along the newly opened Gold Line to Azusa by the art coordinator Lesley Elwood. At half-time, we ate an Italian place in Duarte. It was old school American-Italian with thick pasta and no-nonsence red sauce. The interior was out of a 70's interpretation of Italia decor via mini-mall. It seemed like a lot of folk of Italian descent where working there and eating there. Did not know that about Duarte. It was very Brown and Venturi.

Endorffeine in Chinatown

The Mandarine Plaza has become the mothership for eats in Chinatown and so of course they needed a coffee shop. This place is badass. Clean, sheeeek, and with high aesthetics, the coffee experience here is fabulous while also resembling a science lab. 727 N Broadway LA CA 90012

Daily Shake on Pico

Across the street from Mike's Bike Shop is a little mini mall and that's where Daily Shake is. I got the Matcha shake and it was delicious. That cold grainy tea ceremony groove. Very sweet. Makes you feel hip, until the cup is empty and then the coach turns into a pumpkin. 5400 W Pico Blvd LA CA 90019

Cafecito Organico

Artist Wayne Perry and I were talking about gentrification, a topic a lot of people have been talking about in LA for several years now. One of the first signs of gentrification is a coffee shop showing up in a neighborhood. Wayne asked if I'd been to Cafecito Organico yet? He said it was a very good place to get a delicious cup of coffee and to see how that part of LA is changing. So, of course I had to go see for myself. It was about 5PM on a weekday and it was packed with 20 somethings with lap tops. It kind of felt like a library at a university. The coffee was delicious thought. 534 N Hoover Street LA CA 90026