Saturday, April 12, 2014

El Nuevo Amancer in Ogden Utah

El Nuevo Amancer Pupuseria Restaurant, 3513 Riverside Road Ogden UT 84405 serves delicious papuses. I also ordered the beef soup which was really delicious as well. It's not a fancy place but really down-home cooking that wil fill you up and put a smile on your face that will last the rest of the day.

Salt Lake Roasters in UT

In SLC, I counted 2 Whole Foods. At one of them, I was picking up local products as gifts for my family. There were two very lovely folk in charge of the cheese section. We got to talking and i asked them where their favorite coffee place was and they said Salt Lake Roasters, 320 E. 400 S, SLC CA 8411. It's a lovely place but like an idiot, I ordered the Kona at 8pm. What a fool! This was the night before my visit to Spiral Jetty. I could not sleep. I think I had three hours sleep total. My my my. At fifty but where's the wisdom?

Crown Burger in Salt Lake City UT

I'm a fan of the old Man VS Food tv shows. When I go to a city I'm not familiar with, I often look up where Adam went to in that town. The Crown Burger episode looked good and there was one very near the place I was renting via AirBNB. Crown Burger, 118 N 300 W SLC UT 84103, is a SLC franchise that is famous for their 1/4 LB burger and pastrami which is dubbed the Crown Burger. They also had the local fav, Fry Sauce, which is basically mayo and ketchup. The meal was great going down but stayed with me for several days. I am not sure if I need to go back. How does Adam do it? Etsuko and Marina who live in UT had never been so we discovered it together. That was very fun.

Oasis Cafe in Salt Lake City

About a month and a half ago, I was discussing with friends, the possibility of having a big party for my 50th B Day. I have gorgeous memories of my 40th which my long time buddy Dana organized. This time around, I thought a trip to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty in Utah would be very cool. This is an earthwork I and millions have studied but not visited. Aandrea Stang helped me gather my plans and the logistics were set. The morning of, I met with belly dancer Etsuko Abe, her daughter singer Marina and S Jetty specialist Hikmet Loe of Westminster College. We met at Oasis Cafe, 151 S 500 E, SLC UT 84102 and had a feast. I asked the server what was the most popular dish and she announced four dishes. PERFECT! We'll have one of each and share we did! Blueberry Oven Baked Pancake was the one that took the show! In three hours or so, Etsuko, Marina and I were at the Jetty, finishing off the rest of the pancake left overs and staring in awe at the Jetty. Smithson kicks ass!!!

California Pita in Downtown LA

Carole Nakano, Metro co-worker and I have lunch on an average of once every three years. Ha! She and I always see each other in the hallway or elevator and say "lunch soon!". So, we finally got a bite to eat at California Pita, 201 N Los Angeles St,Suite 9, LA CA 90012. It's that odd underground area at the ole LA Mall. Someone needs to re-vamp that area to make it nicer and less haunting. It screams "we don't give a damn about the condition of your dining experience". I'd never been to CA Pita before but Carole said it's one of her favorites. The food is moderate and the atmosphere has that middle school cafeteria vibe. All us government workers, putting down our guard and loosening up in the mess hall. I like it. What was really cool was the flat screens were showing a Barca game! I wish I could have stayed to watch the whole game. I miss doing that very much.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rocio's Mole de los Dioses in Sunland CA

Went to an opening in Sunland. I looked up Jonathan Gold's top 101 list and this was the only entry in Sunland. It's a wonderful mole speciality shop. I ordered the Mole Oaxaqueño; 31 ingredients and a pineapple & cactus drink. They said they were in the process of opening a fast food type place in Koreatown. I can't wait! 8255 Sunland Blvd, Sunland CA

Coffee & Food on Melrose

I'd been meaning to go here for quite a long time. I arranged to meet a friend there but got the time wrong, an hour early, which turned out to be an hour before they we're to close. I was able to drink an Americano and ordered a chocolate bar solo. They story of my life. Anyway, across the street is a shop that has awesome furniture including some Eames. Sweet!!! 5630 Melrose Ave LA CA 90038