Monday, June 20, 2011

King Torta in El Sereno

On the surface, a torta is a simple sandwich-like meal but because there are so many variables, having a "great" torta can be tricky. Artist Clement Hanami and I went to go check out the first show in the newly built Vincent Price Museum at East LA College, which he's in. (plug, plug) On our way back to Downtown LA, he said that the best Torta was at King Torta, 4507 Valley Blvd, LA CA 90032, 323-222-7006. Both being very hungry, we stopped by. He had the carne and I had the al pastor. The bread was perfect, not too soft not too fancy. With fresh ingredients, richly seasoned meat and an initial size that seemed bigger than most, this was a sweet lunch. What throws the whole experience over the top are the Guacamole Fries. I could make a meal with this side alone but you need your veggies. it's not just the delicious-ness of the guac but the fact that the fries are exceptional. Thanks Clement! Another affordable score!

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