Friday, November 23, 2012

USC Galen Center

USC played CSULB a couple of weeks ago. I came from work and didn't have time to eat so I got my dinner at the Galen Center concession stand. A cheese pizza and a hot dog. I hadn't had a hot dog in while, since Pink's I believe, but this was pretty decent. The one slice of pizza was gigantic! I was so hungry so I scarfed it down. It tasted great. CSULB got slaughtered. The game was pretty ugly. I bought my one ticket online and ended up sitting in a chair that is evidently never occupied as was told to me by all of the USC season ticket holders around me. They were very nice to me and I appreciated that. Sometimes, when you're at an away game and you lose, the other team fans can get very cocky but these season ticket holders were very calm and welcoming.

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