Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lemonade at USC

On a job two weeks ago on the Metro Expo Line, I called composer Liam Mooney for lunch. Across the street USC (Metro Expo Park Station) is the Expo Park including the new Shuttle installation as well as the Natural History Museum where Liam works. We met and went to USC's Lemonade. This is a chain, one which exists at MOCA on Grand. Clearly viewed as the "better" place to eat at USC, it was packed. What a great spread of desserts. The sandwiches are pre-made for speed, no doubt and my turkey combo with arugula salad was actually delicious. I got my favorite mint cucumber lemonade and gave into the red velvet cupcake. As Elon Schoenholz, Liam, his co-worker and I sat in the bustling food courtyard, it's clear we tip the age average but the energy there is really cool. All these young minds being molded by academia drinking various blends of lemonade.

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