Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mariscos La Paz in Wilimngton

What was I doing in Wilmington? I was visiting Karla Diaz, Mario Ybarra Jr. and crew at Slanguage. These amazing souls have created a community art space in Wilimington, ten years strong, that I have recently discovered. I first heard of them when they did this amazing curation at LACMA and then they were part of the Made In LA exhibit at the Hammer. Recently, I got to meet them at the Subterranean exhibit at the Torrance Art Museum where Karla had a video. It was a short visit but the first of many, no doubt. I wanted a quick bite to eat on my way back to LA and came across Mariscos La Paz at 1227 N Avalon Blvd, Wilimington CA 90744. I ordered the Caldo Pescado or fish soup. It was so delicious and came with tortillas. The wind was a little chilly that day so this quick and warming bowl was just what I needed.

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