Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eatalian in Gardena but east of the harbor freeway

My buddies Rick Alpers and Hiromi Sato have been praising this place for a while now. "Alan, you have to GOooooo!". You know how food passionate people are? Well my daughter and I planned to go to the North Carolina VS CSULB game last week and so I thought this would be a great opportunity to stop by for dinner on our way to the game in Long Beach. Eatalian is located at 155000 South Broadway Street, Gardena CA 90248. It's located in an odd industrial area just east of the Harbor Freeway. BTW, that new "Express Lane" is still an HOV Lane. The signage is a little confusing and I think people are paranoid that it's only for those who have the little sensor. The HOV lane was empty and it was a Friday night. The interior of Eatalian feels like a culinary institute/ school; high ceiling, almost no decor & industrial lighting but the service is wonderful and dissolves all of those first impressions. Our server was very friendly and welcoming. Evidently, she used to be a lobbyist. From politics to handmade pasta. I'd say that was a step in the right direction. My daughter and I ordered the special, Seafood Linguini. We shared a house salad and Cecco for desserts, the house cake. This is wonderful, high-end Italian food but affordable. Fresh, heartfelt, absolutely delicious pasta, delicate sauce and fun atmosphere, Eatalian is a must for pasta lovers in LA.

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Ear Meal Webcast said...

Sorry folks, my ticket came in the mail today, you do need the sensor. There's a switch on it if you are solo and willing to pay extra or if you are car pooling. Sorry for the misinformation